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Brother in Laws ||Mo Dao Zu Shi|| by Fan_Girl_101_
Brother in Laws ||Mo Dao Zu Shi||by FanGirl101
Jiang Cheng and Lan WangJi.... They do NOT get along. Even after Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi marry, even after Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian talk with one another about every...
Once upon a lifetime by zLanWuxian
Once upon a lifetimeby ☁️A-Zhan☁️
Wei Ying's last memory was of his tragic end at Nightless city. Upon awakening, he found himself in Lotus Pier. For an unknown reason, he seems to have lost fragments...
The unrestrained by wallflower1112000
The unrestrainedby Aleena Maria Joseph
This work is based on the book mo dao zu shi ...the storyline follows Lan Wangji's perspective...please vote and support ☺️☺️☺️ before that most credits belong to the au...
Sweet And Sour Love {YiZhan FF} by The_Untamed_Addict
Sweet And Sour Love {YiZhan FF}by BJYX
What if two of the biggest and richest families of Asia who are also known as rivals', youngest sons fall in love with each other? Yibo, a cold yet kind boy who doesn't...
No Words Can Explain | WangXian FanFic by yoonhyori
No Words Can Explain | WangXian Fa...by Astoria Chalamet
Lan Wangji, a happy-go-lucky boy came to visit Yunmeng for his and Jiang Yanli's engagement party. But what happens when he bumped onto a mute servant named Wei Wuxian? ...
I'm Fine by Hiyori_174
I'm Fineby ひより (晴)
魔道祖师 mo dao zu shi fanfiction Wei Wuxian, who is an orphan adopted by the Jiang family. He grows up with Jiang Cheng and his family. But, he is too kind. He sacrifice...
Love, your unknown lover by Tenguu_
Love, your unknown loverby Tengu
'Baba, where are you?' 'Wei Ying. Where are you?' 'A-Xian please come back home.' Modern wangxian Mdzs was not mine and all credit to original author and image also not...
WangXian: Third Time a Chance by 18lex20
WangXian: Third Time a Chanceby Jessica Alexis Tan
What happened if things didn't go as planned in the temple and Wei Ying was banished from the whole cultivating world and everyone including Lan Zhan turned their backs...
MDZS ART TALES  by salguez
MDZS ART TALES by Shinguez
Romance between bunny Wei Ying and wolf Lan Zhan , Cuteness of naughty Wei Ying and adorable Lan Zhan, Brother XiChen and angry lotus, Nie brothers being third wheels...
The Untamed Love[HIATUS] by nomin123456789
The Untamed Love[HIATUS]by Wangxian_nct
Follows the aftermath of the end of the drama The Untamed. However this post-canon fanfiction involves the book - Mo dao zu shi as well. The daily life of the sect leade...
Of Future's Past / WangXian / The Untamed by wangxian-
Of Future's Past / WangXian / The...by kayla “mantis”
Wei WuXian falls. He's not supposed to live through the backlash of destroying the Amulet. He's not supposed to land in one piece. But he does. Five years in the past. ⊱...
My Bunny | WangXian by Wyb0508_
My Bunny | WangXianby Xiǎo tùzǐ
Wei WuXian "reincarnates" as a black bunny or has a second chance in life (once he finds his body). I do not own that cover photo - just a fanart I found onli...
The Purple Spider's Second Chance by kate_mrgn
The Purple Spider's Second Chanceby Kate Morgan
My name is Yu Ziyuan.I am known by many names: Madame Yu,the wife of the sect leader of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect, but the name I'm most proud of is the Purple Spider. My j...
BROKEN by Nrittisha
BROKENby Nrittisha
I'm alone in this cruel world, You said you loved me, yet you left me. You said you would grow old with me, yet you left me. Please come back to me my love, I have no de...
Watching Mo dao zu shi (ON HOLD) by rianne322008
Watching Mo dao zu shi (ON HOLD)by Jan rianne
After the fight of jin zixuan and wei wuxian the whole jiang family came and made a meeting to break jiang yanli and jin jixuan marraige after jin guangshan left. the j...
You've Changed | Wangxian | by inevitably_broken
You've Changed | Wangxian |by ...
"What happened to you?"... "Why are you so cold?"... "Who hurt you?"... Wei Ying is missing, the sunshot campaign is struggling and on the...
I KISSED OUR TEACHER ✓ by ms_moonlyght
I KISSED OUR TEACHER ✓by мσσηℓуgнт🍒✨
When Wang yibo Kissed their TEACHER Book 2 titled: Teaching You STATUS: book 1 | COMPLETED | edited ENTRIES: 5 CHAPTERS STARTED: MARCH 28, 2020 ENDED: MARCH 30, 2020 EDI...
Behind the Smile |Wangxian| by HopeIsHard
Behind the Smile |Wangxian|by HopeIsHard
They all stilled in their place, staring at the green field. On the edge, only about a yard away from the start of the bleachers, was the source of the laughter. Oh, tha...
The Third Jade [MDZS Fanfic] by LanZhu
The Third Jade [MDZS Fanfic]by Lan Lihua
[Jiang Cheng x OC] Lan Zhu, courtesy name Lihua, is the younger twin sister of Lan Wangji, younger sister of Lan Xichen and the pride of the Lan Clan, after her two elde...
Silent in his Obedience by bunniesace
Silent in his Obedienceby Ace.hd
The moment Madam Yu saw Wei Ying, she knew he'd grow up to be like his mother. He'd grow up to be a unruly bitch that Madam Yu would loathe the sight of. His mother stol...