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Present In Past (MDZS) by wuxilanchen
Present In Past (MDZS)by wuxilanchen
It's my first writing inspired by reading many fanfiction of MDZS . sorry in advance if any grammar error rectify me. This story about Wei ying,Lan zhan ,jiang cheng an...
The Prides of Yunmeng (ON HIATUS) by -RyleeEzrael-
The Prides of Yunmeng (ON HIATUS)by -재화-
Since Wei Wuxian was adopted by the Jiang Family, he grows a strong bond with them. He also insisted on keeping his surname. Wei Wuxian is the youngest in the family, wi...
Watching Mo dao zu shi (ON HOLD) by rianne322008
Watching Mo dao zu shi (ON HOLD)by Jan Rianne Uy
After the fight of jin zixuan and wei wuxian the whole jiang family came and made a meeting to break jiang yanli and jin jixuan marraige after jin guangshan left. the j...
Nostalgia - JFM x LQR fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Nostalgia - JFM x LQR fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Lan Qiren reminisces of his past when he was studying in Cloud Recesses. Doing so, he remembered a man in purple whom he forgot.
Days of Memories Past MDZS fanfic by LotusRose10
Days of Memories Past MDZS fanficby LotusRose
Sooo, this is my take on an mdzs watching the fic/show. I was inspired to make a fic after reading so many of the same books. I'm new to this so if there are anything or...
|| Maybe, But you lost your chance father.|| by Diamond_Clan
|| Maybe, But you lost your chance...by M.A.X
When A-cheng was nine, He stopped talking. No one noticed. He wasnt that important anyways. A short oneshot that I may or may not continue.
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Ying,Jiang Wuxian) by ZWangxianY
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Y...by Janelle
wei wuxian came back to past or should i say different universe what if in this universe he is a girl and a biological daughter of madam yu and fengmian what if she is a...
Lan Ying by Weixian_Yu
Lan Yingby sae
A story that Lan Qiren went back to time, fixing everything that has been messed up. His nephew died by suicidal, because his nephew's wife died by poison.
You are my fate (wangxian) by sarah0759
You are my fate (wangxian)by Sarah0759
Fanfic story of wei ying and lan zhan. Wei ying second prince of jiang kingdom follows strange group who have damaged his country.They lead him to another country when h...
|| °• Back to The Past? •° || by DiamondRose_87
|| °• Back to The Past? •° ||by DiamondRose_87
It's just an AU where when Wei Wuxian fall off from the cliff and thinking he was dead but suddenly he woke up to the past. Now he's trying to keep people that he loved...
Wei Furen by The_Mysterious_Girl_
Wei Furenby Thanuja
What if Wei Wuxian was a girl and is actually betrothed to Lan Wangji when he was just born because their fathers were best friends and sworn brothers along with Jin Gua...
Sufferable Truth by HaveSomeWangXians
Sufferable Truthby Wei YingBB
(This book is no longer active.) The Yiling Patriarch reincarnated into the body of Mo Xuanyu. After the Guanyin Temple events ended, the Yiling Patriarch lived his life...
¡BAMF Jiang Cheng! by AndreaPena5
¡BAMF Jiang Cheng!by Andrea Pena
Serie de One Shots (que pueden convertirse en Fics) Sobre mi personaje favorito (por alguna incomprensible razón) de Mo Dao Zu Shi. (Mis otros favoritos son Mi Señora Yu...
Lan Ying - Gusu's Third Jade {permanent hiatus, no longer being updated} by Cherry_cola05
Lan Ying - Gusu's Third Jade {perm...by Cherry_cola05
Long black and red robes flowed carelessly in the wind as Cangse Sanren skipped cheerfully up the steps of Cloud Recesses. The snowy mid-December weather making the wind...
Happily Ever After by Weixian_Yu
Happily Ever Afterby sae
Wei Ying, the Yiling Patriach who died. And now everyone is in victory' until they were teleported into an unknown room with a source of one light.
MDZS Modern AU fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
MDZS Modern AU fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Everybody was reincarnated. Some had their memory of their past life, some not. How will they deal with their regrets in their past life, more so when the one t...
Ethereal Love by Piccolo178
Ethereal Loveby Piccolo178
Wei Wuxian born differently than the original story. What will happen when he chooses the demonic path as his way for cultivation. Will his family accept him or not ? Wi...
I'm Fine by Hiyori_174
I'm Fineby ひより (晴)
魔道祖师 mo dao zu shi fanfiction Wei Wuxian, who is an orphan adopted by the Jiang family. He grows up with Jiang Cheng and his family. But, he is too kind. He sacrifice...
🌺Love Will Find Away🌺 (The Untamed Harem x Op Modern Oc) by ShiraUbuyashiki
🌺Love Will Find Away🌺 (The Untam...by ShiraUbuyashiki
🌺Original Author writing by Amethyst_Artherton🌺 🌺Amelia Taylor is a typical woman who is kind, care, helpful and beautiful. Not only that, she was a Goddess, a legend...
MDZS Ghost Festival AU  by HaiRyuuKi
MDZS Ghost Festival AU by HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Lan Qiren was in the middle of teaching the GusuLan Sect disciples when he suddenly felt an ominous aura. To his surprise only he can feel this aura! He follow...