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The Maze Runner Imagines by newtsserum
The Maze Runner Imaginesby newtsserum
I'm going to be posting my imagines from my Instagram @newtsgal as well as taking requests from you guys . DISCLAIMER: I do not own The Maze Runner. Storyline, character...
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Hope || Newt x Reader by sincerelygabriel
Hope || Newt x Readerby Trickster
❝But now I know that wherever we are, or whatever we're doing, we'll always have each other.❞ You woke up in the Maze two years ago with no memories, except your name. W...
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Maze Runner Imagines by futureauthor300
Maze Runner Imaginesby futureauthor300
Just imagine this. YOU IN THE MAZE RUNNER SERIES! I take requests! Credit to James Dashner because he made the awesome characters and the Glade!
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The Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences by anatagadaisuki
The Maze Runner Imagines and hello
Imagines and preferences of your favorite gladers. My imagines stretch throughout the whole series (it includes imagines for TST and TDC) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACT...
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Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines by Meow5470
Thomas Brodie Sangster Imaginesby Meow5470
These are smutty and normal imagines. Thx!
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Maze Runner Preferences and Imagines (Including cast Imagines) by Angel_in_DisguiseXox
Maze Runner Preferences and Infires me
Here are a bunch of Maze Runner imagines and peferences and some imagines will be in real life with the cast. This book will make you cry, laugh and love the cast. I lov...
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Broken Hope (Newt fanfic) by Taylah2112
Broken Hope (Newt fanfic)by ~OneLove~
Never lose Hope. That's what the note said when the next greenie came up. Her name was...Hope. No one knew if it meant the only girl in the glade or the thing that peopl...
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The Maze Runner (Newt x Reader) by Luneaux
The Maze Runner (Newt x Reader)by Luneaux
A bunch of our loved Second-in-Command's Newt (TMR) Imagines ❤️ ▪️I neither own pictures/gifs of Newt nor characters I use in this fanfiction, all credits to their creat...
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The Maze Runner by dislated
The Maze Runnerby 17
The maze runner imagines and preferences Includes: Newt Thomas Minho And sometimes Gally Enjoy! Request: open
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The Maze Runner imagines (previously Newt Imagine #1) by NewtandGallylove
The Maze Runner imagines ( Definition of fangirl
Hello I am not new to writing imagines but this is my first TMR one. I will do imagines, let me know! I do not own anything in the stories, credit to James Dashner!
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Imagines by a Glader by AlwaysAGlader
Imagines by a Gladerby AlwaysAGlader
Newt X Reader
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The Maze Runner Imagines!!! by JustLarryTrashhh
The Maze Runner Imagines!!!by JustLARRYTrash
MAZERUNNER imagines -Gally -Newt -Thomas -Minho
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Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines by A5BloodyInspired
Thomas Brodie Sangster Imaginesby A5BloodyInspired
Just your average book of mediocre imagines written by an amateur author about an insanely attractive young actor
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BLOODY INSPIRED  |Maze Runner Gif Series| by -strxngerthings
Just a bunch of maze runner imagines. I'll mostly be doing Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Gally but you can comment or message me anytime and let me know if you want one of th...
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Alone Together by imaginenewt
Alone Togetherby imaginenewt ☁️
paige's pov ••• How did you know I was pregnant?" Paige whispers to Clint and Jeff looking down. "Well, wicked sent these." She looks up to see Jeff hold...
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The Maze Runner Imagines+ Preferences (Request always open!) by Meylaro
The Maze Runner Imagines+ Meylaro
Hay! I just want to write some imagines for you guys cause I love writing and... yeah :D Leave some information into the comments and I'll write a lil Story for you :3
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Soulmate. by newtsangsters
#17 :):)
You live at home with your abusive father, your mother died when you were younger. You go to school everyday to see your crush Dylan, but is he really your crush? inspir...
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the maze runner » imagines, preferences, oneshots by escapethelabyrinth
the maze runner » imagines, Stephanie
A compilation of The Maze Runner imagines, preferences, and one shots. Pieces include: reader x character, character x character, and AUs. Feel free to request in the co...
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Her and I by broyouwish
Her and Iby broyouwish
So I know you guys have probably read a lot like my story, but please give me a chance 😅. I'm new to this and I'm trying my hardest. I really hope you enjoy reading it...
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Mine - A Newt Imagine by xlettie
Mine - A Newt Imagineby babydoll
You and Newt are seemingly made for each other, you made it through raw torture together and fought like hell to stay that way. But life rarely plays so fair. Some probl...
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