Maze Runner Imagines  by Amanda_Panda_Queen
Maze Runner Imagines by Amanda Barrett
All in the title I take requests Disclaimer : I don't own the characters or you. The words, writing and new characters (if there are any) are my own. Thank you 😄
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his girl || tmr ; gally by little_cxtie
his girl || tmr ; gallyby Ally Fonseka
Gally is tough and seen as the bully by everyone but what if one girl shows up and can change everything about who he once was? Thank you to @annah__123 for making the c...
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Imagines by a Glader by AlwaysAGlader
Imagines by a Gladerby AlwaysAGlader
Newt X Reader
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Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines by Meow5470
Thomas Brodie Sangster Imaginesby Meow5470
These are smutty and normal imagines. Thx!
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The Maze Runner Imagines by newtsserum
The Maze Runner Imaginesby newtsserum
I'm going to be posting my imagines from my Instagram @newtsgal as well as taking requests from you guys . DISCLAIMER: I do not own The Maze Runner. Storyline, character...
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Maze Runner Imagines by XxMarkosGirlxX
Maze Runner Imaginesby XxMarkosGirlxX
I been so obsessed over the maze runner : death cure so I'm making imagines for the following: Gally ❤❤ Newt Minho Thomas Others...... Taking requests!!!!!! There wil...
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Maze Runner Preferences and Imagines (Including cast Imagines) by Angel_in_DisguiseXox
Maze Runner Preferences and Angel_In_Disguise
Here are a bunch of Maze Runner imagines and peferences and some imagines will be in real life with the cast. This book will make you cry, laugh and love the cast. I lov...
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The Second Girl // a Newt Maze Runner imagine by heyitslilyb
The Second Girl // a Newt Maze lily b
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters mentioned in this story other than Rosa! I also do not own the setting or the plot this is loosely based on, since I do not own t...
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Broken Hope (Newt fanfic) by Taylah2112
Broken Hope (Newt fanfic)by ~OneLove~
Never lose Hope. That's what the note said when the next greenie came up. Her name was...Hope. No one knew if it meant the only girl in the glade or the thing that peopl...
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Scream: A Newtmas Murder Mystery by 50ShadesOfTumblr
Scream: A Newtmas Murder Mysteryby Master Oogway
[EDIT] THE STORY IS UNDERGOING SOME REVISIONS SO THAT IT WON'T BE CRINGEY. I wrote this three years ago, so cut me some slack people. [EDIT 2] THE STORY HAS BEEN COMPLET...
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Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines by A5BloodyInspired
Thomas Brodie Sangster Imaginesby A5BloodyInspired
Just your average book of mediocre imagines written by an amateur author about an insanely attractive young actor
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Maze Runner Imagines by emiliaclarkesdragons
Maze Runner Imaginesby emiliaclarkesdragons
Imagines dedicated to the film/book series Maze Runner. Including plots from both the books and films of The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. 🏅#5 in...
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the maze runner imagines & preferences ! by mysticul
the maze runner imagines & lily !
in which i write imagines and preferences based off the book series "the maze runner." [REQUESTS; open] note: all characters including in this book are owned b...
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The Maze Runner Imagines+ Preferences (Request always open!) by Meylaro
The Maze Runner Imagines+ Meylaro
Hay! I just want to write some imagines for you guys cause I love writing and... yeah :D Leave some information into the comments and I'll write a lil Story for you :3
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BLOODY INSPIRED  |Maze Runner Gif Series| by -strxngerthings
Just a bunch of maze runner imagines. I'll mostly be doing Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Gally but you can comment or message me anytime and let me know if you want one of th...
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the maze runner » imagines, preferences, oneshots by escapethelabyrinth
the maze runner » imagines, Stephanie
A compilation of The Maze Runner imagines, preferences, and one shots. Pieces include: reader x character, character x character, and AUs. Feel free to request in the co...
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Broken || Maze Runner Fanfiction by shily_alyssa
Broken || Maze Runner Fanfictionby Alyssa/Cassidy/Human
[Imma update slowly so just be patient and read Maze Runner for the 100th time 'kay] ... [Also I'm gonna change the title and cover and stuff later and edit from time t...
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Ready To Run; Maze Runner Imagines by Phoenix_Flier
Ready To Run; Maze Runner Imaginesby professor procrastinator
You're nothing but a puppet in a maze. You're just a pawn in a chess game.
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