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A New Life With The Wests by e_rose2005
A New Life With The Westsby e_rose2005
Olivia is long term fostered by the West family. And they have 8 sons. How will she cope? Follow Olivia as her whole life is turned upside down as she deals with love, d...
  • boys
  • angst
  • teenfic
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THE MOVE by Dork_Vador
THE MOVEby Dork_Vador
16 year old Jordan Livic have been moving since she was 3, it has always been just her and her mom Jasmine. She is about to move for the 11th time only this time it's...
  • romance
  • bullying
  • lgbtq
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The unstoppable family by destinymorison03
The unstoppable familyby Light Lee
A young girl gets kidnapped and sold into slavery. Her captor however doesn't want her to be his maid he wants her to be his daughter. He raises her like his own. Police...
  • kidnapped
  • newfamily
Their princess  by PurpleSlothStories
Their princess by PurpleSlothStories
Rosabell Lilly Kline has had a bumpy life. Her parents split up when she was 7, her brothers going with her dad and Rose staying with her mum. ...
  • truelove
  • protective
  • overprotectivebrothers
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A New Family by sydnie6624
A New Familyby sydnie6624
(ONGOING) Liliana's family has just suffered the devastating loss of her older brother, Isaac. However, she wasn't as upset as she should have been. There was an inciden...
  • relationships
  • family
  • cooking
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Adopted by Wdw by jazzyandJonah
Adopted by Wdwby Jazzyb💕🌼
Raylynn Gisele Myles is 15 and already has had a heck of a life.What will happen when she finally gets adopted into a loving home. Started:7/24/19 Finished:N/a
  • tour
  • love
  • adoptstory
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The Brothers Lovers by AgirlInPain77
The Brothers Loversby Brea
This story will contain sad,happy,angry,and gory moments.This story will be about a girl names Rosa Asahina but will soon become Rosa Sakamaki.After Running away from th...
  • brotherconflict
  • oldfamily
  • runaway
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Letters From Mom by iheartbooks2005
Letters From Momby iheartbooks2005
Debby Walters' life take a turn into confusion and complication when her mother dies and she moves in with her foster parents. Feeling like her life could finally go b...
  • grief
  • friendship
  • pain
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Miraculous: Tales of Cat Noir and the Trollhunters by Imjustaweirdwriter
Miraculous: Tales of Cat Noir Joniao Folaha
Barbra put a hand on Adrien's shoulder. "Listen, I know we can't replace your family. We never will. We're just trying to give you a home. You'll love it here."...
  • newbrother
  • catnoir
  • newmom
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Royal Charity Project  by love-hunters
Royal Charity Project by love-hunters
"Money, influence, brain, looks. You are required to have at least two of those to be accepted into this academy, the rest always fall into place with time. So how...
  • bestfriends
  • richkids
  • newlife
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Trapped by Vigilant_Schemer
Trappedby Vigilant_Schemer
It started out like any other field trip to a museum, Mr. Aizawa was tiredly explaining the different exhibits to us when there was a sudden rumbling. I remember seeing...
  • trapped
  • claustrophobia
  • myheroacademia
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Stepbrothers. by asoueforever asoueforever
When Evelyn's mum brings home some news her life is changed drastically She's getting married to a man she met on a 'business trip' Oh and that he has seven sons...
  • stepdad
  • family
  • dad
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why me? by ci9rra
why me?by ci9rra
leyla is just another average teenager who has to move schools. She then, met the bad boy from her school who she lives with...unbelievable right? she also met a guy nam...
  • newstart
  • highshool
  • lovestory
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The knight family (sequel to Mr.&Mrs Knight ) by princess_horan_1993
The knight family (sequel to Mr.& princess_horan_1993
The beginning of the sequel of Mr.&Mrs Knight is out! Follow the journey of the Knight family. See what life has in-store for them.
  • babygirl
  • sequel
  • newfamily
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separated  life  by jayasri7
separated life by jayasri7
This story is about shivika life...
  • souls
  • shivika
  • anika
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Jungkook (BTS) by evilgirl1324
Jungkook (BTS)by evilgirl1324
Jungkook never shows any type of weakness, so everyone can't really tell if there's something wrong. Jungkook has been feeling really ill, to the point where he thinks h...
  • hurt
  • jungkook
  • bts
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Family Feud || A Beyoncé & Jay-Z story by sarah-015
Family Feud || A Beyoncé & Jay-Z Helena
After the death of her mother in that terrible accident, Faith at the age of six left Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. 9 years later, she's back in her hometown but not...
  • bringit
  • beyonce
  • sisters
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Gracie  by sl_1428
Gracie by Persephone1428
Grace's life wasn't ordinary at all. She's super small for her age and has no family. She meets a guy at her work who she becomes a good friend of hers. After working th...
  • kidnapped
  • ageplay
  • bullied
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Anybody Have a Map?  by AnxiouslyWaking
Anybody Have a Map? by Idontsleepanymore
Audrey is 17 and newly emancipated from her mother after sending her stepfather to jail for rape. In a small town, news travels fast, and the truth is easily twisted. R...
  • abuse
  • family
  • relationship
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Family Doesn't End in Blood, But it Doesn't Start There Either by supernaturallvr
Family Doesn't End in Blood, But supernaturallvr
Sarah was just a normal girl who won a contest to enter a Supernatural themed competition hosted by J2M. When the actors had a surprise twist at the end even she wasn't...
  • story
  • adoption
  • winchesterbros
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