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Leather Jacket [Rosa Diaz] by NoiceParker
Leather Jacket [Rosa Diaz]by j a s
Detective Y/N Y/L/N, a talented and adventurous cop with the best abilities, has been away from the Nine-Nine working undercover. Now being back Rosa Diaz, a girl with n...
Hold On To Me by oldladyanarchy
Hold On To Meby Marili
A former Ranger Lieutenant up and left Boston to be with her best friend in Chicago. She falls in love with a gorgeous detective. Everything is going well until her past...
Saint (Kelly Severide Fan Fiction) by Big_turd_blossom
Saint (Kelly Severide Fan Fiction)by <3 Kacey <3
"Sunny, I want to be honest with you." He took his hand off of hers. "I'm not good with relationships that are more than friends, and half the time I can'...
The Alpha Of Darkness by justyourordinarynerd
The Alpha Of Darknessby Allie
Cruel, vindictive and murderous. His name lingered in every wolves' mind, the bitter hatred, all consuming. Tales of his victims were told to children all across the l...
For You, A Promise by oldladyanarchy
For You, A Promiseby Marili
Meeting the love of your life when you're in the hospital with a GSW is not conventional. But for Kate and Antonio it's the start of the perfect love story. Chicago PD F...
Bad Girls [slow updates] by boyss_
Bad Girls [slow updates]by boyss_
Lana and Annie were always the handful twins that Beth and Ruby had to take care of. Now with a gang involved it's harder to keep Lana from putting herself in danger, es...
Paper Cut |Jim Halpert| by Melaninaide
Paper Cut |Jim Halpert|by Taylor
A girl, a guy and an office job. Maxine is just your average 20-something who has no idea how she ended in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Dunder Mifflin for that matter. All...
History by tinfoilhat1786
Historyby Sophia <3
Kelly Severides little sister works as a firefighter at 51. But she finds out that her old flame Jay Halstead works in Chicago as a detective. What happens when the two...
Ride or die by brujitaa17
Ride or dieby brujitaa17
Taking a turn on favorite ship Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. From the moment they first meet...or so.
Questions And Answers... by NikkityNakNoo
Questions And Answers...by NikkityNakNoo
A collection of stand alone chapters of what, if, when and why's of Chicago Fire episodes that have left more questions than answers for Severide and Kidd..... Disclaim...
Sebastian Stan (+ characters) Oneshots by SWLBarnes
Sebastian Stan (+ characters) Ones...by Katie
A collection of (mostly) gender neutral (they/them pronouns used) character x reader oneshots featuring: -Sebastian Stan -Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier -Dr. Chri...
One Chicago Imagines by baetheslay333
One Chicago Imaginesby mar
Chicago Med and Chicago PD character and possibly cast imagines and one-shots ! Hope you enjoy, my love !! (there will be fire ones eventually but i haven't seen it yet...
The Girl with a secret Life (A Sonny Carisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
The Girl with a secret Life (A Son...by CherrySkul818
Mia Martinez is a 12 year old girl with a big shot attorney father. Looks can be deceiving though, Mia on the outside sometimes can look and seen Normal but on the insid...
The Sergeant's Daughter  by NauticalAnchor
The Sergeant's Daughter by Yak.
Jordan Voight a former Marine comes home for the first time in 7 years. Highest Ranking Awards So Far #4 in #kevinatwater (11/8/21) #3 in #nbc (9/27/2020-9/28/2020) #...
Chicago PD: Dani Ruzek by Quinnfanfic15
Chicago PD: Dani Ruzekby Quinnfanfic15
What really happens when Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess have a baby. It's the moment everyone has been waiting for, but what when she's a teenager years later. What challeng...
A One Night Stand by brujitaa17
A One Night Standby brujitaa17
After a call turned out worse than expected Stella is left feeling worthless. She tries to escape reality while making mistakes that she'll regret later.
Treacherous. by CEsquivel1999
Treacherous.by Mo
She was a good girl, he could see that. She did her taxes. He laundered money. She paid her school loans. He shoots people for fun. She had a good job. He uses good peop...
Adopted By Kelly Severide by wagarswagger
Adopted By Kelly Severideby wagarswagger
Liv has big dreams, especially for a 13 year old foster girl. According to her foster parent she had 0% chance at being adopted, especially because she was not as cute a...
Falling for Detective Dawson by tinfoilhat1786
Falling for Detective Dawsonby Sophia <3
This is basically just gonna be a story where you fall in love with Antonio Dawson from Chicago pd. All the rights to the characters go to wolf entertainment and Chicago...
Chicago med imagines  by chicagomadison
Chicago med imagines by Madison
My collection of Chicago med imagines, smut, fluff, head cannons, Etc. Requests are open. I do mainly Chicago med character X Female but will do other perspectives via...