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All I Need Is You   by isabellaangel417
All I Need Is You by isabellaangel417
Stella and Kelly have been dating for over a year now. But what will happen when Stella gets some news, just one word, can she handle the news? Will Kelly? How can one w...
Ride or die by brujitaa17
Ride or dieby brujitaa17
Taking a turn on favorite ship Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. From the moment they first meet...or so.
An Unexpected Family Reunion: Book 1 by AllieLu105
An Unexpected Family Reunion:
Three years after Benny's passing Kelly learn's he has another little sister, a 13 year old little sister, and he is now her legal guardian. They learn to live as a fami...
Stellaride: The Club by emmajanex0x
Stellaride: The Clubby EmmaJanexo
A night out with couples from the firehouse, focusing on Stella & Kelly. Are things going to get heated?👀 Had this in my draft from months ago-
Baby Severide by Stella45678
Baby Severideby Stella45678
What if Kelly Severide had a young daughter? This is the story of his little family and shows another side of Lieutenant Serveride. I hope you enjoy. Please go check out...
Questions And Answers... by NikkityNakNoo
Questions And NikkityNakNoo
A collection of stand alone chapters of what, if, when and why's of Chicago Fire episodes that have left more questions than answers for Severide and Kidd..... Disclaim...
Stellaride one shots by lcvqstellaride_
Stellaride one shotsby Mads
Some one shots between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide
Stellaride/Chicago Fire Oneshots by has5245-827
Stellaride/Chicago Fire Oneshotsby has5245-827
One shots of my favorite Chicago Fire couple and the firehouse we all love! Some of the stories may be based off of songs. Some may just be random snap shots of their l...
Forever and Always (Stellaride) by OneChicago20
Forever and Always (Stellaride)by OneChicago20
Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide fan fiction. Dick Wolf owns all the characters you recognize all the characters you don't recognize I made up.
Searching for Home.  by chicagokiddx
Searching for Home. by Chicago.Kiddx
Kiana is just 16 and she's pregnant. She's on the search for her birth mother who was in the same boat she was just 16 years ago. All Kiana has is a photo and a firehous...
An Unexpected Family Reunion: Book 2 by AllieLu105
An Unexpected Family Reunion:
The continued story of siblings Kelly and Sadie Severide. With two Severides, there's always double the trouble. As they face new challenges Firehouse 51, CPD and the s...
Stellaride Forever by mrvl-bucky0310
Stellaride Foreverby mrvl-bucky0310
Kelly and Stella are in love and plan on spending the rest of their lives together. How will they handle everything life throws their way? How will they do as parents ra...
Traction by Chicago_PD_
Tractionby Chicago_PD_
"What the hell did that bastard say to you Brooke" "That he was going to kill you if I talked Hank" ----------- After years of terrible relationship...
The love of my life Kelly Severide by lcvqstellaride_
The love of my life Kelly Severideby Mads
Stella Kidd had a seven year old daughter named Layla Kidd. Stella had been working at firehouse 51 for a month. Kelly had feelings for her but Grant was still in the pi...
Old Friend by xCharlDancerx
Old Friendby Charlotte
Set 2 years after the Stellaride Wedding. The story starts when an old friend who both Stella and Kelly shares a special bond with joins the firehouse. Casey is Chief of...
A Family Affair by h_i_234
A Family Affairby upstead
It had been almost a decade since Jay had first noticed the drastic and sudden change of attitude coming at him from his niece Olivia, and still to this present day Jay...
So That Just Happened...(BEING REWRITTEN AND REPUBLISHED) by e-wilky
So That Just Happened...(BEING wilky14chicago
One Chicago AU. Kelly Severide's little sister is a paramedic on Ambo 61 at Firehouse 51. She starts to get close to an Intelligence detective, Jay Halstead. Well, this...
Something New by brujitaa17
Something Newby brujitaa17
Severide hadn't been on the job for now a total of three years. Of course he was missing being on Squad but, there was something or moreso someone who deserved to have h...
Breaking The Bro Code by Winehouse69
Breaking The Bro Codeby Cindy K
Kelly Severide and Matt Casey are best friends who live by the Bro Code. But when Matt's little sister comes to town. Will their friendship be tested? Will Kelly be able...
Love, Dad | Joe Cruz by LexiWrites200
Love, Dad | Joe Cruzby Lex
Being a firefighter is a dangerous job. Everyone knows this, no more than the men and women who do the job. But for one 9-year-old girl in Chicago she knows just how dev...