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malignant (Natasha X Reader) by dexnumber
malignant (Natasha X Reader)by dexnumber
/məˈlɪɡnənt/ adjective 1. evil in nature or effect; malevolent. What happens when a ruthless ex-hydra experiment gets captured by the Avengers? Natasha x fem reader Disc...
FROST (Natasha Romanoff x female reader) by WandaringAlong
FROST (Natasha Romanoff x female WandaringAlong
Mara Morozov (codename FROST) is a trained assassin who escaped Hydra after SHIELD caused the organisation to fall apart. Now she is a contract killer for the highest bi...
Last Son | Natasha Romanoff x Male Reader by IHateYoutubeAds
Last Son | Natasha Romanoff x IHateYoutubeAds
Y/N Kent was found in an alien ship that crash landed on a farm in Smallville, Kansas. He came to discover that he has extraordinary powers which he uses for good. Follo...
Here For You by SuperMarvelLocked
Here For Youby Trixter Nyx
You, Summer, are taken in with the Avengers. After you meet Natasha, it gets a bit better. But- it took some time, but during some game, you find out you're actually tra...
Professor Romanoff by freromanoff
Professor Romanoffby livjourney
After you've broken up with your boyfriend you definitely need a distraction. And the distraction you need comes in the form of a red headed, hot Russian Avenger, who ma...
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshots by emerson_writes18
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshotsby emerson_writes18
these are all from my tumblr @/natsfirecat all are written with the intent of fem reader but some don't use any gendered pronouns for reader aNYWAYS enjoy besties :D
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff x fem reader by g0lden_pages
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff g0lden_pages
A slowburn, Natasha Romanoff/ Black widow x Fem! Reader. Through the events of Captain America Civil war - post endgame! [Note, not all chapters are spell checked so pl...
what happens when love is stronger ||Natasha Romanoff|| by romznoffwife
what happens when love is @widowife
what happens when y/n, an old friend of Natasha Romanoff, resurfaces in her life. But but not the same way she hope. Caught younger by hydra and a mission to kill them...
See You Again by Cherrybomb4444
See You Againby CHERRY BOMB
You are The violet death, daughter of Loki, Red Room student, Y/N. You met Natasha in the Red Room and became friends with her witch evolved into something more. You hav...
Flufftober 2022 by FunVibesAndSexyTimes
Flufftober 2022by FunVibesAndSexyTimes
Prompts from flufftober I decided to do! Couldn't do all of them due to time and Kinktober works as well.
More Than A Hero by Dalilahshigaraki
More Than A Heroby Dalilahshigaraki
REQUESTS ARE OPEN I JUST MIGHT BE SLOW Marvel Characters X Reader One Shots Any gender!
Marvel Women  One-Shots by alwayssuperman27
Marvel Women One-Shotsby Always superman
just a collection of one-shots and drabble I've written and am writing for the amazing female characters of the MCU. ***Book cover is not my artwork full credit to the c...
Natasha Romanoff Imagines  by ILoveNatashaRomanoff
Natasha Romanoff Imagines by NatashaIsMyWife
They aren't enough Natasha one-shot books out there so I thought. Hey, why not make one myself?
natasha romanoff oneshots by marvel-mcu-3000
natasha romanoff oneshotsby marvel-mcu-3000
natasha x reader oneshots lmk if you have any requests, even tho i have so many half finished stories. i need to start updating more often lmao.
Avenger x Law and order crossover x TVD/TO by Blackwidow2630
Avenger x Law and order jennaya
Getting kidnapped, turned into an assassin, caught by another organization, unlocking powers. What else could possibly go wrong for Katerina/Casey , Oh yeah, getting in...
Marvel Women One-Shots by jaurnals
Marvel Women One-Shotsby ㅤangel
A series of One-Shots about Marvel Women (mostly Wanda, Nat, and Carol). Hope you enjoy! :D
Natasha x reader oneshots by Cherrybomb4444
Natasha x reader oneshotsby CHERRY BOMB
Natasha x reader oneshots. No smut. No swearing. Most likely has some cringe. Enjoy! I will do a cover latter
Natasha Romanoff x Reader - Blurbs Collection (PG) by abimess_
Natasha Romanoff x Reader - abimess_
Collection of blurbs of Natasha Romanoff x Reader stories from my Tumblr @abimess
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!  by Margo-li-brown
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT! by marvolo_mara
Birthday special cuz Natasha deserves to spend a nice day with her family and all the galaxy 🤧😍😍 (Its December 3th now- her birthday,so Happy birthday my darling!)
marvel x reader one shots by nasaarthoe
marvel x reader one shotsby nasaarthoe
One shots full of fluff, angst and your favourite marvel characters!! Requests open!! ✨options✨ • tony stark • captain America • black widow • hawkeye • bruce banner...