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Starship Armstrong - Season 1 by CharlesSmith9
Starship Armstrong - Season 1by Charles Smith
It's the dawn of a new era for humankind, and the Huxley Foundation has sent out a fleet of exploratory vessels on a mission of peace. The FSS Armstrong, one of the most...
Finding Friendship (Bleach Fanfic) by yemihikari
Finding Friendship (Bleach Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Soul Society was ripped apart by the war with the Quincy. The war ends up having a profound effect on the children on both sides. The solution the adults come up with to...
The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13&14) Complete by tg7angel
The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13& tg7angel
There was a kingdom, A kingdom full of life. But that was before. Fatenturia, a kingdom once filled with hope, peace, and love, is now destroyed by Greanger, a kingdom...
Twenty For A Dozen by BehindTheNiqab
Twenty For A Dozenby vanilla price
When birthday planner Kira Joy volunteers at a kissing booth to support her brother's high school prom, she is paid a dozen hundred dollars by a very handsome stranger...
The Blast by SarahPerlmutter
The Blastby Sarah Perlmutter
A devastating blast destroys civilization as Beatrice knows it, forcing her to face an entirely new kind of life. But life after the blast has more wonder and hope in it...
Finding Friendship: Cuts (Bleach Fanfic) by yemihikari
Finding Friendship: Cuts (Bleach Yemi Hikari
These are parts that are cut from Finding Friendship because they didn't work. Disclaimer - I don't own Bleach.
Every Waking Moment [NaNoWriMo14] by nkf350
Every Waking Moment [NaNoWriMo14]by florence
[NaNoWriMo14] ☂ Lochlan + Avery = Forever. He was extraordinary. No one ever thought so; all they ever saw was what was tainted by his unfortuna...
Færie Tales // First draft by Kiiwwi
Færie Tales // First draftby Consu
The war on fae has been going since the beginning. Only the hunters are left to fight them, and for that yhey give their lives. After a mission that goes not-so-good Lís...
Percy Jackson: Right Hand Man of Chaos...2 by dorylover1
Percy Jackson: Right Hand Man of dorylover1
Life could be going well for Annabeth and Percy, but of course something had to get in the way.
Natural Born (NaNoWriMo 14) (#JustWriteIt2014) by AngelaWrite
Natural Born (NaNoWriMo 14) ( Angela
As a Natural Born she is one of them. She had no choice in the matter. She thinks like them, acts like them, eats like them, but can she kill like them? Jana finds she i...
Chainsaw by dukeoprunes
Chainsawby John DeBacher
What do you do if you're a forlorn American in an old Mexican town and meet up with a friendly older American? What if he's happy to take you under his wing? What if you...
Over the Wall: A Collection of Short Stories (NaNoWriMo 2014) by emmernemmer
Over the Wall: A Collection of Emma
This year for NaNoWriMo, I am writing a short story anthology. It will feature thirty or so short stories (my hope is to write one per day to fulfill my 1,667 per day wo...
Not our time by CatchMeIfYouCan1
Not our timeby CatchMeIfYouCan1
"I believe one has to escape oneself to discover oneself." After dreadful accident in her family, Willow decided to help by doing the only thing she knows. Run...
The Golden Gates [NaNoWriMo] by mydearwatson
The Golden Gates [NaNoWriMo]by Naomi
Once upon a time in a land above the clouds but a place below the stars existed a whole new world where threats lurked and mysteries crept. The Golden Gates, situated on...
The Little Things That Count by TheLegendstoriesInc
The Little Things That Countby TheLegendstoriesInc
Jennifer Fay's life has always been a glass. Clearcut with only a few smudges but nothing to ruin it's perfection. She has it all.A loving family, the greatest bestfrien...
Guardians by Art-of-creativity
Guardiansby Giovanna E.
Guardian: It's my job to protect the unruly haired boy, named Newt. Whilst my beautiful utopia reveals itself to be corrupt and unjust. So i must fight against what use...
rain. by IwillbetheMockingjay
#17 -->>->---A-R-I-N-A--M-A-R-T-I...
A man who has lost his entire family must live with the fact that there was nothing he could do to save them. The plane crash was two years ago, but Thomas Wood can't co...