Holy crap, The Second To Last Human Alive is currently (as I write this, not necessarily as you read it) number 6 in science fiction. I'm running out of ways to express my disbelief.

I'm going to stop talking about what I'm going to write next and, in so doing, stop constantly making a liar out of myself.

I feel compelled to point out that the reason I have so many unfinished stories is because City of Sinister Angles, Starship Armstrong, and World Wulin are open-ended anthologies with no endgame that will likely never be listed as "complete".

If you're here because you liked Second To Last Human Alive and want to read something similar, Everything You Know Is Wrong is its close cousin. They're both picaresque comedic time travel parodies, but Everything You Know is a parody of conspiracy theories and alternate history instead of science fiction (although both of those things contain science fiction elements, so...). There are deliberate parallels between them (especially in A Fly In The Ointment) and I consider them sister works. City of Sinister Angles also has a similar sense of humor, but a darker tone and a fantasy setting.

I'm fond of strange fiction, that odd umbrella category from the days of the pulps that was eventually broken up into science fiction, fantasy, et al. I also love tiny highly specific genres like wuxia, gothic-punk or weird westerns. My own writing tends towards either science fiction or wuxia (and my sci-fi skews comic) but I've been known to wet my beak in fantasy.

I do critique stories by request but I am pedantic and mean, not necessarily in that order. I'm the man you come to when you're willing to have your feelings hurt in order to improve your writing, not the man you come to when you want your ego stroked or for a backdoor way to get extra reads.

I'm also always interested in reading wuxia stories, so feel free to recommend any (even your own). Please have an understanding of what the genre entails first, though.
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I hate to use this for this, but my roommate (who is only 31) had a stroke a few months ago and I need to get the word out about his GoFundMe. If you're interested follow the link, if not I apologize...
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