The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13&14) Complete

The Roaming Archer (NaNoWrimo13&14) Complete

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There was a kingdom, A kingdom full of life.   But that was before. Fatenturia, a kingdom once filled with hope, peace, and love, is now destroyed by Greanger, a kingdom that did not want peace anymore, but power.  Alleyal, a friend of Fatenturia, turned their backs and joined Greanger. Because of the war, many retreated and joined the enemy for a sure victory.  Fatenturia was destroyed, but hope can never be destroyed.  Overtaken.. Defeated.. Broken.. But hope was still among them.  Fatenturia will fight back.  The good will stand for right.  Fatenturia's kingdom is taken, but the people's spirit of hope and peace is still there.  They will come back..soon.

NOTE: This book is currently being rewritten. You may read ahead as it is finished, however, it will not be as vivid and edited as I go through the upcoming steps of writing. The story is finished and may still be read. ^_^

Book covers original pic and youtube music videos goes to credit to rightful owners.

Enjoy! :)

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