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Unexpected by Mrs_Write
Unexpectedby Steph
For recent law school grad Charlotte Maxwell, real life has never been so good. On a post-graduation vacation with her best friend, the last thing Charlie is thinking ab...
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The Most Dangerous Game by TheAmazingBritney
The Most Dangerous Gameby TheAmazingBritney
Austin is the schools biggest nerd. He has his whole life planned out for him and there is nothing keeping him from finally living the life he's always dreamed of. Then...
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Camille  by Kenton_Bell
Camille by Kayla Burnim
Camille use to live in her father's library when he was away on trading, and wait till he was back. Her mother never approved of her being stuck in books. But when her f...
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Ace of Hearts - All We Are Series [NaNoWriMo 2014] [#JustWriteIt] by CoolBlueRat13
Ace of Hearts - All We Are Series...by Sonia
Sometimes the greatest beauties come from within. Meet Anaya Beth Parker: ~A 28 year old manager at Better Bathroom Business. ~A cheerful friend. ~A dedicated daughter. ...
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Little Red Wolf by soliloquizer
Little Red Wolfby Alli
In a sleepy little village caught between the mountains and the forest a legend circles. The legend of the girl, her grandmother and the wolf. The legend says that when...
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I'm Home. by Kid_Watterson
I'm Home.by Raphael Martinez
Penny Fitzgerald Is a Tomboyish Girl Who Wants Her Life To Be Perfect When Suddenly She Runaway From Her Abusive, Alcoholic Mother. Nicole. Who Only Abuse Penny Everynig...
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What Are You? by evalyn88
What Are You?by annalyn//
I am 16 years old and finally will have a life out the home I have know for so long. I will be going to a school. The leaders of our city will be picking which school I...
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Dead Channel #JustWriteIt by angelwingsmat
Dead Channel #JustWriteItby M.A.Trev
Eighteen year old Becky Blanc has a secret. She is in-tuned with the Outside, a world full of secrets and life destroying revelations. Becky doesn't know that though. Al...
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Burning and Crashing by anAnnoyedViolinist
Burning and Crashingby Virtuoso? Eh.
Aaron Woods, a prisoner on the Second Ark. It's been over four hundred years since the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, which sent what was left of the human race flying back...
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Coded(on hold) by feildhockey27
Coded(on hold)by Ally
Sophie does everything herself. From speaking up for herself, to cooking, to babysitting. She doesn't need a partner in crime. She can play both rolls. But when the lett...
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Treasure Hunt by DakotaLauren
Treasure Huntby DakotaLauren
Abandoned on a cold porch step with a soggy piece of notebook paper and not even a goodbye, Treasure has learned to rely on no one but herself. At 4 feet 10 inches, she'...
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French For Beginners by GlobalLeader
French For Beginnersby Pejch
"You see, it's pretty simple." I took a drag. My feet were dangling from the edge, the water shining bellow. "You fall in love, you fall out of it. The...
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Reasons to Live by Mikayla_koch
Reasons to Liveby Mikayla Koch
Being strong is hard enough daily for Jessa. She finds herself thinking that life is worthless and she can't go on. However, a boy enters her life that she never expecte...
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Into the Darkness by Myseri
Into the Darknessby Jonathan Martin
Stories Are Magical (Book of Short Stories) by kishwrites
Stories Are Magical (Book of Short...by Kish
This is a compilation of numerous short stories I have written. Please vote for your favorite(s). Thank you, enjoy!
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Never Let Me Go by Marissa_Snyder
Never Let Me Goby Marissa_Snyder
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Raven by SixRaven
Ravenby SixRaven
A group of assassins work together to destroy some of the greatest villains of all time. But sometimes, even the experts make mistakes.
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A New Beginning (A Walking Dead fan fiction) by jet1227
A New Beginning (A Walking Dead fa...by Jenna Thomas
Surviving is all Violet has, Protecting her sister is another mission she has. Violet will meet the love of her life... will they last? will she survive? all these ques...
20 Days To Save Your Life by ParkerLeon
20 Days To Save Your Lifeby Parker Leon Stone
Wolves. They've lived in Brooklyn Woods for as long as Willow can remember. She was always enchanted by them, the sincere gaze they always held. But looks can be deceivi...
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