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Some Teacher by RaaorQtpbpdy
Some Teacherby Raaor!
"Nagisa-sensei, why did you decide to be a teacher?" Kirasaya asked. "It was in middle school," Nagisa said fondly, "I had an amazing teacher...
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  • assassinationclassroom
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Say Goodbye by Sugar_Sachi
Say Goodbyeby Sachi
(It's KarmaXNagisa, but that's not the main focus) Nagisa is sick. He was rushed to the hospital one night after coughing up blood, and diagnosed with a deadly disease...
  • kayano
  • nagisa
  • fanfiction
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assassination classroom-Nagisa's classroom by Messing_with_Jack
assassination classroom-Nagisa's c...by Jack the Ripper lives
what happens after nagisa challenges his students? do they succeed? does nagisa get together with someone. so many questions, and yet no answers... till now.
  • karmaxnagisa
  • classroom
  • nagisa
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The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Fanfiction) by --Starling--
The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Fa...by Aiko Kiya
Nagisa Shiota is a girly boy who has an unnatural ability to scare people with a single look. The innocent act he's got has fooled everyone around him into thinking all...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • nagisashiota
  • karma
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his bottom lip. by Fairly_Soulless
his bottom lip.by Fairy Soul
Nagisa Shiota isn't normal. His mother is abusive towards him, and he has terrifying bloodlust. However, Nagisa's life has just changed at an alarming rate. Karma Akaba...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • karunagi
  • angst
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kuroko no assassination  by YukiFoxyLuna
kuroko no assassination by Yuki,LunaAndFoxy
no one known that Nagisa had a big brother and a little sister. Nagisa doesn't talk about his family that much so when his class saw him talking to a little girl and a t...
  • boyxboy
  • nagisa
  • assassinationclassroom
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Runaway ~Karma X Nagisa~ [Short Story] by Pluto_E
Runaway ~Karma X Nagisa~ [Short St...by . H A B I T S .
~Nagisa is on the run, he's tired of his mothers tormenting he runs away to find a better life, his mother is angry at him for running away. And what makes it harder he...
  • karma
  • fluff
  • boyxboy
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Blood Slave (Karmagisa) by kinomotoryousuke
Blood Slave (Karmagisa)by Kinomoto Ryousuke
It was a shock for Nagisa when his childhood friend, Karma, who he didn't meet for years, became a new member of class 3-E. Later on, they became close friends, continui...
  • manga
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Karmagisa, Bloodlust by emilyvicha7272
Karmagisa, Bloodlustby Panic!Phanic
Nagisa is an assassin and he has been for about a year, and with that comes seeing a lot of death, it doesn't affect him as much anymore he's killed so many people, from...
  • yoai
  • karma
  • karmaxnagisa
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Be mine and mine alone  by Cupcakebunny1234
Be mine and mine alone by Cupcakebunny1234
When Karma finally had enough of people trying to steal Nagisa away,he ends up taking some drastic measures to ensure that Nagisa will never want to leave him for anyone...
  • suginoxnagisa
  • karmaxnagisa
  • assassinationclassroomnagisa
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Leave 301 by sinful100
Leave 301by sinful
"Do not let them take you." "Who?" "You'll find out soon..."
  • karunagi
  • boyxboy
  • assassinationclassroom
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Sexual Harassment (karmagisa) by aoreo_yaoi
Sexual Harassment (karmagisa)by Tododeku_yaoi
Karma sexually harasses Nagisa, karma is super over protective of Nagisa, karma gets jealous when nagisa talks to anyone but him. ( Warning: their is going to be some l...
  • fanfiction
  • yaoi
  • assassinationclassroom
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KaruNagi ! short stories ! by Titania1078
KaruNagi ! short stories !by Titania1078
Welcome to my book filled with KaruNagi oneshots from fluff and sweetness to the obsessed feelings one feels for the other. I try to make the story concepts as intersti...
  • oneshots
  • karunagi
  • fluff
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Assassination classroom crossover Ouran high school host club by Dark_secrets_
Assassination classroom crossover...by Darkmoon light
Nagisa and karma are both assassin when they both already kill korosensei,they did not need to go to school since the goverment pays them enough money and they both have...
  • karmaxnagisa
  • hostclub
  • fanfic
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Me and my Romeo by Emo-Cupcake
Me and my Romeoby Alice Stitches
A love letter fanfic between Karma and Nagisa (Assassination Classroom) #JustWriteIt #LoveLetters I do not own any characters or music just the words
  • shortstory
  • loveletters
  • otaku
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Karma & Gakushuu x Reader |♡| Oneshots by cavityies
Karma & Gakushuu x Reader |♡| Ones...by cavityies
Gotta love the best boys. Quite slow updates, at least one new oneshot a week! Unless there's an overload of requests that is -3- Check out my more regularly updated Ka...
  • hajime
  • assassinationclassroomcosplay
  • manga
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Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmagisa) by HungryGoofball
Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmag...by HungryGoofball
This is a Karma x Nagisa story. Hope you enjoy it my little Goofballs ^_^ I don't own anything from Assassination Classroom. I don't own the picture used as a cover. I...
  • yaoi
  • nagisa
  • yaoianime
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Karmagisa || I'm Trouble (Still Working On) by XxX__Anime__XxX
Karmagisa || I'm Trouble (Still Wo...by XxX__Anime__XxX
(SMUT) Karma has a crush on Nagisa but doesn't want to be in a relationship since he thinks it's going to effect Nagisa's school/home life. Nagisa really wants a relatio...
  • assassintionclassroom
  • karmaakabane
  • karmaxnagisa
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50 Shades of Karmagisa by animeshipperr
50 Shades of Karmagisaby z
  • fabulous
  • nagisaxkarma
  • karma
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Dear Diary by FiveYenForOtakus
Dear Diaryby Cinnamon Protection Squad
"I've fallen into a dark pit that I've dug myself." Karma is a delinquent and is well known by every kid in the prefecture. Known for his sharp tongue and roug...
  • fanfiction
  • classroom
  • femnagisa
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