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Ansatsu kyoushitsu Oneshots/Scenarios by HallucinatingFangirl
Ansatsu kyoushitsu Oneshots/Scenar...by HallucinatingFangirl
So this is for all those of you who love (or even like) Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (and Karma) like me! I think I'm a passable writer, so judge for yourself. A compliation of on...
  • akabanekarma
  • love
  • assclass
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Shadow Snake  by animemyreality
Shadow Snake by Tiana-chi
Assassin AU What if the innocent little blueberry was actually an infamous snake. What would happen if he pretended to be the 'she' everyone saw at first sight. How woul...
  • assassinau
  • karmaakabane
  • assassinationclassroom
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Cold Tentacles[DISCONTINUED] by OtakuMess
Cold Tentacles[DISCONTINUED]by
"The tentacles asked me what I wanted, but I didn't answer." (Y/n) had just transferred from 2-B-class to 3-E-class. You have been transferred, because of your...
  • tentacles
  • shiota
  • kayano
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Assassins at Ouran by animewolf-ej
Assassins at Ouranby animewolf-ej
I'm really, really bad at descriptions , so read to find out. ohshc x assassination classroom crossover enjoy my best attempt at fanfc :3 i wish i own...
  • karma
  • hurhui
  • assassination
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Shiota Nagisa! You idiot! (Nagisa x Akari/ Kayano Fanfiction) by Last_Assassin
Shiota Nagisa! You idiot! (Nagisa...by Love_Myself
Well...What should I say? This is my third story, I don't want to write my second story anymore, plus, this story IS NOT ass class. This is a story about Nagisa, not a g...
  • humor
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fanfic) by Raika-sama
NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fan...by Raika-chan
They graduated Jr. high with success. On assassination of their target, academics, even Nagisa's parents were successful to be together again.They left each other. They...
  • ryonosukechiba
  • asanoxnakamura
  • karmanami
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I See You (Assassination Classroom FF) by R_Aesu_
I See You (Assassination Classroom...by N/A
What would the E class do when someone found herself living in that particular classroom? when that person's demeanor is even more of a mystery than of Koro-sensei's? wh...
  • sensei
  • anime
  • classroom
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ♡Memories - Picture Book♡ by Himuro_Yukina
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ♡Memories - Pic...by Yukina
Hello! I made a picture book of everyone from assassination classroom. This anime was truly one of the best I've ever seen, so I made a little something. Enjoy! (^o^)/
  • e-class
  • picture
  • neverforgotten
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Karma's little sister by RandomMochi
Karma's little sisterby RandomMochi
Karma's little sister comes and visits him during school and gets involved with the assasination!? Inspired by a fanfic called "Karma has a what?" (If you wan...
  • korosensei
  • anime
  • karma
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Fear not the Blue Python by TheKnownGirl123
Fear not the Blue Pythonby Multi-fandom trash
"A true assassin never reveals its secrets." "Even your friends doesn't even know your second blade!" "Afraid of not being...afraid." These...
  • tadaomikarasuma
  • lovro
  • e-class
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❝ᴀsᴋ ᴋᴀʀᴍᴀ❞ by Karma_Bakabane
❝ᴀsᴋ ᴋᴀʀᴍᴀ❞by ♥ Dat Dude ♥
⇾ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛ ʙᴏx: Open Highest Ranking(s): -315 in Humor -189/2.32K in #ask Some other characters may appear as guests: -Asano -Any E - Class Student or Teacher -Me/Author...
  • e-class
  • ask
  • karma
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The secret of Karma Akabane  by JaeHyunPark1
The secret of Karma Akabane by JaeHyunPark1
"There's a secret that not many know, I'm Karma Akabane and I am a girl." (Sorry for the sucky description)
  • gakushuu
  • nagisa
  • assassination
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Never Forget (Karma x Nagisa)(finished for good) by Angel3975
Never Forget (Karma x Nagisa)(fini...by Angel213
Nagisa is your average cinnamon roll who meets the rich, cunning (and might i say handsome) Karma Akabane. They don't always meet eyes to eye but they are best friends...
  • karmagisa
  • karmaxnagisa
  • ummmstuff
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I Have ways {Assassination Classroom Fanfiction} by YuriiGuinto
I Have ways {Assassination Classro...by Raysco3323
Hi, My name is Hikui kyoki I am someone who was homeschooled.. for 4 years.. I didn't really have a chance to continue any participation in school related events.. Ahem...
  • karma
  • ansatsu
  • assassinationclassroom
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Korosenseis Confessions (By: Korosensei) by -Hiroko-
Korosenseis Confessions (By: Koros...by -Hiroko-
Confessions I must make!
  • korosensei
  • kunugigaoka
  • school
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A Wish Come True (Nagisa Shiota x Reader) (DISCONTINUED FOR NOW)  by Clear_As_Rain
A Wish Come True (Nagisa Shiota x...by Clear_As_Rain
You were always the creative type. Drawing , writing , and daydreaming in class. And that, was exactly how you got into E-class. [DISCLAIMER] -this is pretty much for...
  • e-class
  • ansatsukyōshitsu
  • nagisashiota
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Misunderstood  (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) by TheLegendary1
Misunderstood (Assassination Clas...by TheLegendary1
Liam is the top student above Asano and in a-class but what happens when he suddenly appears in e-class? Is he there to make a fool of them? Will he be a team player or...
  • animeworld
  • drama
  • teachers
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Love Target  ||Assassination Classroom (Karma Akabane FF) by SirenSweetheart
Love Target ||Assassination Class...by Reveliara
  • akabanekarma
  • assassinationclassroom
  • endclass
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Assassin's Love (Karma x OC, Nagisa x OC, and Itona x OC) by Otakugirls2931
Assassin's Love (Karma x OC, Nagis...by Rin/Aki
3 Girls were being experimented on, when finally a guy takes them In and trains them to be assassins. When they finally find out about their parents who just so happens...
  • manami
  • itonahoribe
  • nagisa
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You'll always be right here (Sickfic) by SadisticFangirl-Nori
You'll always be right here (Sickf...by Nori Sora (Nickname)
On a cloudy day Korosensei drags himself to school, while he's sick, but the students Can,t really see it. He himself always says, that he's fine, when the students ask...
  • bonding
  • sick
  • pain
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