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Lost and Found #Myhandmaidstale by Emmythelandmermaid
Lost and Found #Myhandmaidstaleby Emmy Doherty
"I, Dylan O'Conner, vowed to save handmaids' from execution. We're allowed to do that, because we're men. We have the right to bargain the right price and numbers i...
The Eye and the Sparrow by dageek87
The Eye and the Sparrowby dageek87
In Gilead, there are Marthas. Marthas are a class of women unseen. I am a Martha. This is my story.
Avenue for Hope by SarahPerlmutter
Avenue for Hopeby Sarah Perlmutter
A Carrier's job is to be a surrogate for genetically engineered babies, created to be perfect members of society. They are society's hope, and all Carriers must do is ac...
The Handmaid's Tale by Hulu
The Handmaid's Taleby Hulu
An excerpt from Margaret Atwood's classic story, The Handmaid's Tale. This is a word of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. First...
Distant Dreams & High Hopes by Mystic_Seer
Distant Dreams & High Hopesby Peculiar Pisces
This is for the Handmaid's tale contest. :3 --------------------------------------------------------- Marianne one night ponders that there possibly is a guarantee for f...
Her Only Option///My HandmaidsTale by NSP2003
Her Only Option///My HandmaidsTaleby Nikita Persaud
It was a cold, rainy night. The wind blew swiftly as I put my wedding dress on. Usually people would be happy on their wedding day, but I'm not. I am getting married to...
The Second Time by SempiternalStars
The Second Timeby Kelsy Spangler
This is a contest entry for #myhandmaidstale All rights for the photo do not belong to the author.
Remain Visible by Hoppykinz
Remain Visibleby Hoppykinz
Each time that Marianne is judged if she is worthy to be seen, she learns a little more about her audience. -flash fiction- -My Handmaid's Tale- -inspired by Marga...
My Name by tlhbwyoming
My Nameby Toni L.H. Boughton
In a Red Center, a woman has to decide which path her life will take. #MyHandmaidsTale
En Español by KayWritesStuff
En Españolby KayWritesStuff
This is my second entry in the #MyHandmaidsTale Contest The chosen few handmaids of Gilead await their new lives in what was once O'Hare Airport. They are to be the firs...
Amy's Run #MyHandmaidsTale by thelowlytumbleweed
Amy's Run #MyHandmaidsTaleby M&M
After a devastating nuclear attack on the United States, Amy must leave everything she knows behind in order to escape the Death Platoon.
The Daughters of Olofi: A Spiritual Rebellion by ShaVaughnElle
The Daughters of Olofi: A ShaVaughn Elle
In 2027, a European collective of monarchs called The Royals, have overthrown the American government and changed its name to "Ishmael." Under the Ishmaelic ru...
Taken #MyHandmaidsTale by Always_Quidditchgirl
Taken #MyHandmaidsTaleby Katie J. Bell
Jennifer is taken from her family just like all the other eighteen year olds, but her twin sister stays behind because she is useless to them.
In Honor by dragonlots
In Honorby Dragonlots
An unseen observer mourns the loss of the Handmaid
The Econowife Dorcas, Called Tibby by DCWilliamsromance
The Econowife Dorcas, Called Tibbyby DCWilliamsromance
I first read 'The Handmaid's Tale' many, many years ago, when it was first published. There isn't a lot of detail about Econowives, but the novel as a whole made an impr...
Soft Red Flowers by satan_in_trouble
Soft Red Flowersby guy
This is why we want to run.
Everything Ends by LacieSemenovich
Everything Endsby Lacie Semenovich
In a world where war is never ending, two menopausal breeders mourn the loss of a son.
Living Trapped  by MagneticWarrior
Living Trapped by Gricelda Aguilar
Entry to the #MyHandmaidsTale contest.
Sold #Myhandmaidstale by Emmythelandmermaid
Sold #Myhandmaidstaleby Emmy Doherty
You heard stories when you were little and you thought they were make believe until the day that your father signs your life away and makes you a slave to Master Tucker...
the real world by 18legend
the real worldby 18legend
A story about taken away right