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Demon🦇🖤 by DemonVonn
Demon🦇🖤by 🦇🖤
Fuck Wimme I'm Da Fastest 💨
Marrying the Houseboy by freaklessplump
Marrying the Houseboyby ⸻peace
He leaned near my face, his face convulsed to the same seducer ones. "Darling", he pressed his body against mine, "What did you call me today?" I was...
so what will you do by billyuncle
so what will you doby Billyuncle
A girl had a crush on a guy in her childhood she got married to him but he was not interested at all he was a workaholic man Its about there life and circumstances face...
Forever My CEO by luv_waud
Forever My CEOby I_need_wauder
"As my personal assistant I like things to be organized 24/7. I would also like you to be focused on your work and not paying attention to some pretty bird outside...
sky tower by _faithjojo
sky towerby FaithJojo
Let us go on this great adventure with Helena, the first child of her single mother, as she works for the gorgeous, generous but annoying CEO, Mr Sky and see what this...
MR.CEO FAKE WIFE!!! by shynnie_heart18
This is the story of a girl who needs to live a normal life but this is will be happens at him..... Being a fake wife of mr ceo but in the real she is assistant of mr ce...
Love Vs Betrayal by LondonzzM2
Love Vs Betrayalby Skylar_Jade
Meet Ciera Williams a 22 year old trying to make ends meet after her mothers supposedly death and her brother ran away and her father abandoned her when he learned she f...
Ceo Is My Only Ex!?  by jakemmols
Ceo Is My Only Ex!? by jakemmols
Working at the Cruz company but there was a problem, the Ceo was actually my ex?! After years they met again, what was the reaction of Read and find out more of...
Mr.Ceo (yoonmin) by -chqn-
Mr.Ceo (yoonmin)by -chqn-
(This story is still being wrote) Jimin just got hired to the ceo mr.min, who happens to be a pervert to the assistant. The workers Jin,namjoon,Jungkook,J-hope,and taehy...
Billionaires ex Wife by MusuJaiteh
Billionaires ex Wifeby QUEEN_CRAY-CRAY
Kimora is a beautiful independent woman who is loved by everyone but if you get her mad she can be a real bitch and she's married To Mr CEO aka Mr Billionaires I what...
MR. CEO (KIM TAEHYUNG X Y/N) by zinibts
MR. CEO (KIM TAEHYUNG X Y/N)by zinibts
Kim Taehyung : ceo of kim industry (rich,cold,kind,no mercy for who hurt his close people ) Y/N : A simple girl who works in a cafe (sweet , kind , bubbly , love a lot t...
IT'S MY BABY !! S.G X T.M by papillonwang_94
" Mommy why don't i have daddy while all the other kids have " little five year old Grace asked to her mommy Selena watching the kids and their parents laughin...
His Secretary (COMPLETED) by njelmey
His Secretary (COMPLETED)by miss a
Gabriel Rodriguez, the CEO of his dad's company. A strict CEO and a hardworking one. Will look for a new secretary since the others resigned from their work. "Gwapo...
L A D Y L I K E | by Waves_n_layla
L A D Y L I K E |by Waves_n_layla
" Ms. Park, its not ladylike to curse, especially to your boss. " "Well Mr. Leroux, please tell me who the fuck told you I'm ladylike? "
A Story Night With Him(On Going)  by Itsmeeedian
A Story Night With Him(On Going) by Yanyan
"Buntis ako" "Alam ko" "Paano 'to?! hindi pa ako handa maging ina!" "kakayanin natin' to!" "Ikaw kaya mo ako, hindi! Dahil h...
The Aloof CEO by itsrealme_81
The Aloof CEOby Jhane SC
Abbey Hernandez, is a 20 year old graduating college student with a simple life and excellent grades. She always has things planned out ahead of time. She never had a bo...