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The Peregrines by xXFeathersXx
The Peregrinesby .+*Feathers*+.
ALL BOOKS INCLUDED + SPECIAL EXTRA =================================== =================================== The descriptions are in Chapter 1 of each new book/series. ===...
Your Thoughts Are Mine by Liz25Con
Your Thoughts Are Mineby Liz25Con
Olivia Elephanta, twin sister to Olive Elephanta, always feels left out. Her peculiar sister who could light things up with the touch of her fingers attracted all the at...
~My Anchor~ Enoch O'Conner x Fem!Reader by DiaDaisey2
~My Anchor~ Enoch O'Conner x Fem!R...by
(Slow updates) They were bestfriends, inseparable since they met. Y/n's peculiarity gave her the power to control the weather... well, her emotions can control the weat...
The Headmistress by RosielleJackson
The Headmistressby A Donna Tartt Character
Olivia James stumbles upon Miss Peregrines' loop after spending many years of her life isolated in a house with other girls. May Olivia's life be more peculiar than the...
queen of hearts / enoch o'connor / on hiatus by -harana
queen of hearts / enoch o'connor...by 𝙚𝙢𝙢𝙚
Just your typical cannibal and a dead-riser. What could go wrong? Everything. Started on June 5, 2018
Blue bird by Ezraelle_Peregrine
Blue birdby Alma_peregrines.wife
Alma Lefay Peregrine x female reader Alma Lefay peregrine the head mistress of a loop in wales is one day met with a mysterious Knock on the door leading to a new beginn...
Let me Help! by Ezraelle_Peregrine
Let me Help!by Alma_peregrines.wife
Y/n Adilene Blanchet, is living a peaceful life in a loop close to wales. Life is perfect and she never minds helping the Ymbryne with the children along with her girlfr...
My Dear Birdie by Phoenix_young
My Dear Birdieby Phoenix young
Y/n and Jake portman have their lives tipped over when their grandfather dies eventual that falls apart too but they are able to get back to them with help of a new frie...
Christmas in the loop by Ezraelle_Peregrine
Christmas in the loopby Alma_peregrines.wife
Y/n had discovered a loop -of a dashing Ymbryne- at the age of 27 and had been living in the loop, ever since. She had the power to control weather which gave Alma Pereg...
❝We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high.❞ ||Preferences about peculiar children from the 1940's NOTE: I'm pretty sure I ori...
Book Two: Hollow City (My Remake) by 28ShadesOfBlue
Book Two: Hollow City (My Remake)by placid youth
The sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (My Remake), after their loop slipped and Miss Peregrine is left in arrest as a bird, the peculiar children mus...
A Helping Hand - MPHfPC by slvt4pain
A Helping Hand - MPHfPCby Emma <3
Patricia is a maid and nanny for Miss Peregrine's loop. She was created by Miss Peregrine for the sole purpose of supporting her when looking after the children. Patrici...
Forbidden  by Phoenix_young
Forbidden by Phoenix young
Alma Peregrine has been alone for the last 70 years and like anyone she feels lonely until she meets y/n but will the world keep these star-cross lovers apart or will th...
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar's Back Stories by bnullings3
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar's Back S...by Someone
All of Miss Peregrine's peculiars have back stories... now you're actually going to hear them!
Mrs. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children: The Hollow by Headphones5568
Mrs. Peregrines Home for Peculiar...by Marvel's Scriptwriter
Jacob has been going to the Peregrine home to visit the peculiar children for almost a year now and Ms. Peregrine believes he can be trusted with an important secret: Th...
Mixed Feelings (Enoch X Reader) ON HOLD by Sierra_is_Brooke5
Mixed Feelings (Enoch X Reader) ON...by FanFiction galore
Enoch O Conner x Reader. Enoch has hated you since you and Jacob since you've joined the loop. He never cared for you, or at least showed any signs of it. Jacob starts...
Everything works out in the end||E.O'Conner ✔️ by VAMPYRES4EVA
Everything works out in the end||E...by ___
This is a cringey story that I wrote when I was like eleven. I'll have better stories in the future but for now I'll be trying to push through and finish this ! 🎖️ #95...
MPHFPC Instagram  by Truthbro
MPHFPC Instagram by Truthbro
If you add this book to you library, I'm so sorry because this bitch is gonna be chaotic. Jemma Enorace Fugh Jacob has brothers!
NIGHT OF THE OCEAN ⁺˚*☾- (MPHFPC Fanfic ) [EDITING] by Pastel-Candy
NIGHT OF THE OCEAN ⁺˚*☾- (MPHFPC F...by ❀dreamcatcher❀
NIGHT OF THE OCEAN is a short story Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction. Some characters rightfully belong to Ransom Riggs. This fan-fiction is a mix b...