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Até mais. by acfgomes
Até Acf.Gomes
Eu sou yin, você é yang, tu é alma, eu sou sangue E a nossa hora vai ser outra, não adianta bater cabeça Minhas promessas não foram falsas, talvez precipitadas Mas você...
The Way Back Morro x Reader (Ninjago) by Chickengirl250
The Way Back Morro x Reader ( ShadowRabbit
When Morro kidnaps you, you're understandably upset, though you're immediately smitten with him, which complicates things. But soon, you realize that there is more to...
(ON HOLD) Brothers AU -Ninjago- by Sahara_The_Hybrid
(ON HOLD) Brothers AU -Ninjago-by Sahara_The_Hybrid
This AU was inspired by the Fanfiction series "Brother of Wind" on Wattpad. Instead though I put my own spin of it. I hope you enjoy reading. #6 on the Morro t...
The Oni and The Ghost by justareallytinyweeb
The Oni and The Ghostby justareallytinyweeb
Lloyd's life hits a turn for the worse when he starts to begin his Oni puberty. Will he be able to stop this dilemma before it gets serious? Will his secret be revealed...
First wind by MariaOT51816
First windby I’mObsessedwithcole
Wu had found a little boy outside his monastery... not knowing his life was about to change for the better and for the worse... (Ninjago: A Morro story) ( Written By: @n...
Evil Kai AU - Kai and Morro by Nr1KaiStan
Evil Kai AU - Kai and Morroby Nr1KaiStan lol
!!Lavashipping!! What if the ninja hadn't seperated Kai from Lloyd/Morro when he was trying to help Lloyd gain control over his body again?
||An Extinct Element|| Ninjago x Reader (Discontinued) by Bluejay379
||An Extinct Element|| Ninjago x Bluejay379
Thousands of years ago, an element created by the first spinjitzu master, an element that was created to bring joy, only brought fear. He destroyed the holder of the ele...
A nova Psicóloga no Presídio by apenasnossoscontos
A nova Psicóloga no Presídioby Contos da Natália
Dois caminhos diferentes, se encontram numa mesma direção. Ela - Começou um novo trabalho e com isso começou a desenvolver sentimentos desconhecidos. Ele - Cumpre a su...
The Little One AU《Ninjago》 by KeityDevil
The Little One AU《Ninjago》by Keity Devil
A serious loss, a big one. And who would have thought that someone would come back to life from it? A small and innocent child, scared and with poor memories. Attacked b...
Father and Son  by Eris345
Father and Son by Fiona_Fox_Afton
Art NOT mine! What if Wu saved Morro from dying? Everything would change...but the question is, would it be for the better, or for the worst?
Taking Care Of A Garmadon  by LegoNinjagofan1
Taking Care Of A Garmadon by LegoNinjagofan1
Credit to @RavenKnight3035 for letting me adopt this plot bunny. Thank you @RavenKnight3035! 😊 There's always been an invisible person watching over him. He has been ca...
No alto do alemão by Xiixlolas
No alto do alemãoby Xiixlolas
Mariana é uma jovem de 19 anos e está no primeiro ano de Odontologia. Ela mora com seus pais, seu pai é um dos empreeendedores mais ricos de sua cidade. Ele não aprova...
PREGNANT WITH WHO'S BABY?! (Ninjago Morro Fanfic) (SLOW UPDATES) by Nikko_Morro
PREGNANT WITH WHO'S BABY?! ( Morro's Daughter
Nikko loves Morro and they were just hanging out, till one night in his cabin in the mountains changed both their lives, read to find out what happens to them
Morro and Lloyd oneshots! by GachaWolf_Studios
Morro and Lloyd oneshots!by Noah
Some oneshots from two of my favorite Ninjago characters! Feel free to leave requests! Don't worry, no lemons or swearing, also cover is not mine!
Storm Warning by NinjagoZaneFan14
Storm Warningby NZF14
(Ninjago Fanfiction) A story of what happened if Morro survived his sacrifice and the aftermath. The story of his redemption and his past, some of which he has yet to di...
[ENG] Morro's return [BOOK 1] by Evil_Hurma
[ENG] Morro's return [BOOK 1]by Evil_Hurma
[TRANSLATION] A story about the ninjas, how Morro returned to their world. They had to do a lot of work, to defeat Morro again and return him back to the cursed realm...
A nova vida no morro🍃 by YasmimGabriele167
A nova vida no morro🍃by Mimalgl
+16||"Ela é da zona sul e eu sou criar do morro,ela fala que me ama mais não me engana" (A NOVA VIDA NO MORRO🍃) "SAMANTHA E VT" Plágio e crime
{COMPLETED!} ✔️A Ninjago short story: The Ninjas meet their future selves!✔️ by thatsmolgrape
{COMPLETED!} ✔️A Ninjago short 忐忑不安
The ninjas are in the middle of a fight with Morro (at the end of season 5) when Morro uses the Realm Crystal and sends the ninja to the future! (The march of the Oni, s...
The Brought by DeerJoey
The Broughtby DeerJoey
What if the battle of the ninja versus the preeminent had gone different? What if Lloyd had cut the chains that bounded his father? What if Morro had been saved by Sense...