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Bittersweet by TiffanyBuffbarbieUSO
Bittersweetby Ariana Bieber
sex, injuries, Smackdown,
Among Stars by Anna--V
Among Starsby Anna Vahtera
A story following a spaceship pilot and explorer when she's returning from a ten-year expedition from the outer reaches of the galaxy and finds all kinds of stuff on the...
Without You: A Story about Pedro Madrigal's Life by solanjali1
Without You: A Story about Pedro Moss
What if Abuela Madrigal (Alma) was the one to die instead of Pedro? How would Pedro raise his kids differently? Would they be happier? Find out in this Encanto fanfic.
Factual Songbook by Switcher13
Factual Songbookby Switcher13
Find my fictional songs separate;I will be doing All My Songs too though.
Subtle And Sudden. by heyakankshaaa
Subtle And heyakankshaaa
This write up would involve some short paragraphs, about the very common and subjective things. So this is just my perspective.
The Stolen Kiss by YinTheYang
The Stolen Kissby YinTheYang
~The description is in the first'chapter~
The moon by Rkoopa
The moonby Rkoopa
Don't look at the moon. (Cover coming soon)
Life at the pond: the adventures of stupid kids by bluefrog77
Life at the pond: the adventures bluefrog77
This is all based off of my life and the crazy events. These aren't the actually names of people or places. I changed them all so people won't know it's me. I hop euphor...
Family Drifting Execution (family au) by ApolloTheRealOne1
Family Drifting Execution ( AbulaSuloot
Y/n Pronouns are she/her for this story. Y/ns name in this is Luna Minecraft. Techoblade, dream, Phil, and Luna. Her family has a dark secret that she didn't know...
How a stranger changed my life by GeekilyCute29
How a stranger changed my lifeby GeekilyCute29
After a terrible accident in Alices past she struggles to trust anyone even herself. Who knew one stranger could change her life so much. None of it would've ever happen...
Once Upon A Time by Rainy_Daisys
Once Upon A Timeby Rainy_Daisys
We now report live from Central County, as we sit here and think about our lives. Ha. Comedy Central. Hahahaa get it?? ( oh and emojis are just Trashy LOSER )
When The Waves Hit   jj x oc female by bookobbesionest
When The Waves Hit jj x oc femaleby ilovefictionalmen
One minute i was in England. The other minute i was in the outer banks doing some dangerous ass shit with people who i can now call my friends. And between al the danger...
My life so far by xsamanthafdx
My life so farby xsamanthafdx
The title is quite self explanatory, I've had a confusing, weird life and I'd like to get every detail of my chest.
The cute guys next door by out_standing_dolan
The cute guys next doorby pinapel
it all started when you moved to L.A you got there all your stuff would be there by tomorrow they you meet the people how live right next to you one of them may or may n...
JUPARTH by Frhomosexual
A short love story about the planet earth and Jupiter, such wonderfulness. (SATIRE)
A Royale Massacre: The Rise and Fall of The Bastards Cult by 19HodgesKD
A Royale Massacre: The Rise and Kurtis Hodges
This is just a taste of our sorry, I hope you all enjoy it.
Into Beyond by Mattb04
Into Beyondby Mattb04
Leader of ship 24460 Astronaut Joshua Blue and his team are sent far into the galaxy hoping to find extra terrestrial life beyond our solar system, attempting to land on...