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Subject-59 by Bioshockgrl
Subject-59by B. Shock
Containment has been breached. "It's all in my head...i can't distinguish reality from this fantasy...maybe because in the end i'm the only monster here." A.C...
Hell's Fire by calamity-queen
Hell's Fireby 💖Blair💖
Briar comes from a lineage of noble knights, and, though she is not one herself, she has been trained well by her renowned brother, Sir Peterkin the Mighty. One day, a r...
The Apple Of My Eye (Ryuk X Light Yagami) by L1ttlec1nnamonr0ll
The Apple Of My Eye (Ryuk X L1ttlec1nnamonr0ll
The two spent hours alone in Lights room. Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes?
Pico's School: Love Attracts All (Picandra) by that_one_fella
Pico's School: Love Attracts All ( tibbies
WARNING: DARK THEMES As prom gets closer, strange things begin to happen. Cassandra's suspicious activity concerns Pico, yet it drives them closer together. They still h...
If You Won't Marry Him, I Will. by Lunatic_Loser
If You Won't Marry Him, I Shipping Cesspool
((All art not mine just adorable!!) When Princess Peach denied their love, they just got it from each other.
Fox Pearls | Tales from Ireland: Galway #1 by JayWolverton
Fox Pearls | Tales from Ireland: Jules Wolverton-Hyde
Dae-Hyun spends his days at the bakery where Sinead works, writing the hours away and providing company to the girl and vice versa. However, one day he shows up in a bre...
Splattered by conwcha29
Splatteredby conwcha29
In the picturesque town of Cielo Colorato, young Beatrice, or Bea, moves from New York back to Italy to care for her ailing grandmother, Nonna. Beatrice viewed being in...
The Maiden with a green tail by ChampionLaura20
The Maiden with a green tailby Championlaura
Humanoid fish women who lure men to their ends. Every pirate knows of these creatures, including the sailing master of The Dragon's Wing ship, Hermia Rosewater. One day...
Brave Together by ParisPerez0
Brave Togetherby Dr.Green
This a story about classmates learning to survive in a game called the Bendy and the Ink Machine, some people know it some don't unless you are Green. *Bendy and the In...
Short Story by 0690Asher0690
Short Storyby ASH
so in class we have to make multiple short stories based off a character we created so I decided to post mine and see how it does, Details- maincharecter- Emarie these...
Away From You... by MakeMeStop
Away From Bella
a Juliet and Romeo spin off short story I actually wrote this for a teacher as my work thought it might do good here. *Cover photo picture I use is not mine*
An unconventional fairytale  by Lucille745
An unconventional fairytale by Dolly
A prince in love with a sweet yet feared local monster girl, a princess in a relationship with a kindhearted witch, an arranged marriage between the two royals and both...