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Bird of a Wing (Bow 1) by Hiddenhearts93
Bird of a Wing (Bow 1)by E. Dale
A long time ago Ryraso worked for a race known as the K'nairi. When war broke out he was forced to leave. But the k'nairi don't let the people they view as valuable go s...
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Bird of a Flock (Bow 2) by Hiddenhearts93
Bird of a Flock (Bow 2)by E. Dale
The sequel to Bird of a Wing. Kidnapped and now in Navat, Ryraso has to cope with his impending doom and protect his foster son from the people who claim to love him. Wh...
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Bird of a Nest  (bow 3) by Hiddenhearts93
Bird of a Nest (bow 3)by E. Dale
With the brand impeding, Ryraso is feeling calmer with the world. Eyeri is no longer facing the brand and he is very firmly in the Royal's hearts. Only things are never...
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Exophobic by FeatheredNutCase
Exophobicby FeatheredNutCase
A Choose your own with monsters. You lived in a town where there was a deep rooted and unfounded hate towards anyone who wasn't human. You however, are quite the opposit...
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Sea and Sky  by SesameHazza
Sea and Sky by Keep Smiling and Stuff
Stumbling through the woods he flapped his useless wings as he went, desperately trying get liftoff, to outdistance the angry presence behind him, yelling insults and th...
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Inktober 2018 by FeatheredNutCase
Inktober 2018by FeatheredNutCase
Writing prompts from October 2018 that all have some form of relationships with lovely monsters
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If I Could Fly by alessandra
If I Could Flyby Alessandra
If the sea can meet the sky agreeably at the horizon, how much harder can it truly be for feathers and fins? Is the water not drawn naturally to the shore? Does the sun...
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A Male Neko [Working On] by user71706638
A Male Neko [Working On]by Ace626
One day a Kuroko was minding her business when she heard a child crying.
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Sonora's Wings by TheEmptyAuthor
Sonora's Wingsby TheEmptyAuthor
A rare male harpy wants to become to become an adventurer, little does he know he's about to dive into an adventure he'll never forget.
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Bleeding Color by Inked_Insane
Bleeding Colorby Inked
The human race has destroyed the planet. Years of pollution triggered a global climatic change that slowly ticked on the Doomsday Clock. The countdown to midnight seemed...
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Monster musume x American high schooler [Working On] by user71706638
Monster musume x American high sch...by Ace626
Jamie is a junior in high school in America, and his life is about to turn upside down. One boy in a house full of seven women, what could go wrong
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A Home for Lost Boys by KnittedKneeHighs
A Home for Lost Boysby KnittedKneeHighs
In the middle of the forest, far away from any human civilization, there's a hidden home. It usually reveals itself to those in need of sanctuary, and is named similarly...
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Beyond the Glow by mermika
Beyond the Glowby Mg
Kept in a golden box, able to see everything happening around you, but unable to respond, locked away for their entertainment. Watch as everything you know collapses aro...
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Kimihito's Brother [ Working On] by user71706638
Kimihito's Brother [ Working On]by Ace626
What if Kimihito has a teenage brother in this crazy thing that's their life
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Monster Crystal by SailorFini
Monster Crystalby Sailor Infinicorn
In a world where monsters and humans are living separated, there are many things that could wrong. Now the humans have had enough of these foul beasts and are waging a w...
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The Titan Woods  by SebastianTHJ
The Titan Woods by Seb
(Re-writing) As the recipient of strange powers bestowed during a chance meeting with a fleeing god, Seth finds himself bound by the duty of the Librarian. That is, to p...
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The D'art Harpies by Shewolf454
The D'art Harpiesby Amy Wonacott
My name is Alex. Not Alexi, not Alexandra, just Alex. This is my story, and I am falling.
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Monster Lover Oneshots by WordPornxxx
Monster Lover Oneshotsby WordPornxxx
A collection of short SFW monster x reader one shots for all your monster needs. Updates are next to never so don't hold your breath.
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Illusion and Ink  by QueenDerptato
Illusion and Ink by Madison
"Could you just kill him already? Goddamn," Everest cursed, her spear impaling deeply into another creature's heart as it wailed. "You're no fun," I...
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Yanderes x harpy reader by LordOfTheBiches
Yanderes x harpy readerby LordOfTheBiches
You are a part of a group of people chosen for an experiment that is successful. Due to the fact that you are no longer human and have signed your rights to your govern...
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