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Malec One Shots by tvtrash23
Malec One Shotsby tvtrash23
This is a series of one shots, that all have to do with the lovely pairing that is Malec. I DO NOT OWN THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES AND I DO NOT OWN SHADOWHUNTERS!!!
  • magnusbanexaleclightwood
  • shadowhunter
  • alexandergideonlightwood
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Infelicitous | f. odair by sleepdeprived
Infelicitous | f. odairby steph
❝Loving you was the most exquisite form of self destruction.❞ [catching fire and so forth] © 2016 sleepdeprived all rights reserved. #1 in the hungergames tag (thank you...
  • katnisseverdeen
  • love
  • wiress
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RUINS ( FINNICK ODAIR ) by -voidlegends
RUINS ( FINNICK ODAIR )by ˗ˏˋ 𝕔𝕙𝕝𝕠𝕖 ˊˎ˗
❝A HUMBLE PAWN CAN BRING KINGDOMS DOWN❞ ( hunger games franchise ) ( catching fire - the mockingjay ) ( finnick odair x oc ) ( © -voidlegends )
  • katnisseverdeen
  • galehawthorne
  • peetamellark
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The Eleventh Hunger Games~ A Mags Fanfic by ninjafranbow
The Eleventh Hunger Games~ A ninjafranbow
It's the Eleventh annual Hunger Games, and 16-year-old Mags Flanagan is selected as the girl tribute from District Four. Find out how she won her Games, and how she beca...
  • mags
  • capitol
  • hunger-games
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girlxgirl oneshots by -jamlessjungkook
girlxgirl oneshotsby .。*゚ doubt +.*.。
So, here's a book full of random ships, I do absolutely anybody, even you and someone else :) sooo just message me whatcha want and I'll get on it WARNINGS: -smut -tim b...
  • wattys2016
  • lesbian
  • mahogany
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The Unkown Sister: A Hunger Games Fanfiction {ON HOLD} by HopeEG
The Unkown Sister: A Hunger Hope
What if someone had volunteered to save Annie Cresta? What if she never went crazy? This is the story of Skyler Odair, Finnick's little sister. She grew up fearing the H...
  • presidentsnow
  • mockingjay
  • johannamason
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𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐓𝐎𝐖 ཻུ۪۪༄ ☆‧₊. ° ❝ some people search their whole lives ...
  • peetamellark
  • quarterquell
  • thehungergames
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The 25th Hunger Games by everything_author
The 25th Hunger Gamesby The Everything Author
I thought about the odds now. Maybe they weren't so great, but after all I had been through, I knew something had to be in my favor. Noah Albedo was perfectly fine with...
  • fanfic
  • hunger-games
  • mockingjay
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Marigold Everdeen, the darling of district twelve. The girl who every boy wanted, and every girl wanted to be. After her sister won the Hunger Games and brought the came...
  • presidentsnow
  • primroseeverdeen
  • peetamellark
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WASTELAND ━ FINNICK ODAIRby ─ queen of wakanda.
WASTELAND. ❛ There's nothing left for us. ❜ Loving Panem's greatest sex symbol was a challenge. But one girl thought it wa...
  • districtfour
  • galehawthorne
  • johannamason
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Finnick's Games - 65th Hunger Games by the_1chlo
Finnick's Games - 65th Hunger Gamesby Chloe
"It took about a week for his competitors to realize that he was the one to kill, but it was too late." Everyone has heard Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark'...
  • victor
  • finnickodair
  • mockingjaypart1
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Hidden In Plain Sight | Finnick Odair. by dauntlessera
Hidden In Plain Sight | Finnick dauntlessera
"Mairen, that boy will kill you before you're even dead." PSA- *The start of this story sets up Mairen. don't worry, Finnick comes well in the limelight soon w...
  • thg
  • careertributes
  • reaping
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SINKING [Finnick Odair] by prettylittleorig1nal
SINKING [Finnick Odair]by Ria-May
The first time Emeraude Cohen met Finnick Odair she was six. A little girl who admired the sunset upon the sea, the seemingly unbelievably tall boy who told her all abou...
  • 75thhungergames
  • adventure
  • victor
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Corde Maris {A Hunger Games Fanfiction} by CharlieLottieRose
Corde Maris {A Hunger Games Charlotte Rose
The youngest contestant ever to win the dreaded Hunger Games was a little twelve-year-old girl called Zara Shinn from District Four. Five years later she is chosen again...
  • prim
  • peeta
  • love
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The 66th Annual Hunger Games by ShawnnWolf
The 66th Annual Hunger Gamesby Shawn N. Wolf
Evryn is thirteen when she is reaped for the 66th Hunger Games. The small girl's age will hinder any possibility of survival, and her District status will do nothing to...
  • odair
  • mags
  • caves
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Killed In Young Blood << Cato Hadley Love Story by LetsBeAloneTogether5
Killed In Young Blood << Cato A.T. Hill
Kamryn has been chosen for a death lottery. As the strongest girl in District 4, she has no choice but to compete in the Hunger Games. She's been trying to outrun her fa...
  • clove
  • clato
  • anniecresta
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The Hunger Games: Finnick Odair  by Queen1sa
The Hunger Games: Finnick Odair by Queen1sa
Finnick Odair was the youngest Victor is Hunger Games history. He charmed the people of the Capitol and, trident in hand, made history. But how did one young boy change...
  • fanfiction
  • thecapitol
  • suzannecollins
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The Hunger Games: Annie Cresta by katpry
The Hunger Games: Annie Crestaby katpry
We all know that Annie Cresta is the victor who went crazy inside the arena, and is the person that Finnick Odair loves the most. What is her story though? Who was she b...
  • tribute
  • victor
  • team
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When the Darkness Comes ▹ Finnick Odair  by mockingjaytributes
When the Darkness Comes ▹ 𝖆𝖚𝖇𝖘
❝When you're feeling lost I'll leave my love, hidden in the sun. For when the darkness comes.❞ {S.U.} Hey guys so I just decided to make a Finnick fanfiction, because wh...
  • mockingjay
  • mags
  • effie
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