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Netflix and Chill by Jmyoldmello
Netflix and Chillby Jmyoldmello
Straight up smut I wrote at 4:21 AM on a Wednesday night without editing 😀 about 200 grammar errors but you didn't ask for proper English ☺️ you asked for smut. But rea...
Step Brother by imaginestories20
Step Brotherby Imagine!!🌈
You want to relax but you step brother ruins that.
Eating pussy like a boss by Smellingurpanties
Eating pussy like a bossby Nella
My brother tells me he has a pussy appointment tonight but he doesn't know how to eat pussy. So I call my girl over and we demonstrate. My girl asked him to practice ea...
Motherly Love by GreenEggsalad
Motherly Loveby GreenEggsalad
Harry gets sad sometimes, he can't help it. He's constantly thinking about his dead parents, and what life would have been like if they were here. It really gets him dow...
Exploring My Gay Side (TaeKook/Vkook) (Completed Short Story)  by CatNipplesCollector
Exploring My Gay Side (TaeKook/ Mo
"I broke our kiss and started working my way down his neck, as I pushed him back and climbed on top of him....." (Completed)
Him and I by Zack796
Him and Iby Zack796
Its ur senior yr in high school and u seem to hv a lot of questions that only a certain man can answer
Tom Holland Smut by dh11ch15K
Tom Holland Smutby dh11ch15K
Clue is in the title
Karlnap Oneshots by Mentally_Anxious
Karlnap Oneshotsby Socially 気になる
HEADS UP, IT GETS STEAMY IN CERTAIN PARTS SO BE AWARE!!! Obviously, I am shipping the characters from the SMP, not the real people if that's still not your cup of tea th...
Sex Player(liskook) by JKLSM278
Sex Player(liskook)by LKJL
this story is not allowed to 18 below readers 👍🙂 warning!!! some chapter are allot of smut!!!! fantasy story
𝕸𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖑 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖆𝖓 by ELFairevil
𝕸𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖑 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖆𝖓by 𝑬̲̅𝑳̲̅ 𝑭̲̅𝒂̲̅𝒊̲̅𝒓̲̅𝒆̲̅...
EXCELSA EDITION Leapin' lizards! Basically, the tale started when you have to sex more frequently... ...Nevertheless, what will happen if you can't get out of that exac...
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳😳😳 by dirtblock_
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳� dirblock
you ars surrOunDED by hot af countrys, what could possibly happen?!😳😳👀👀👀 this is a joke this is a joke please don't take this seriously please im just bored and no...
Smuts by YourBiSneakyLink
Smutsby YourBiSneakyLink
It's another smut story cause the other one got taken down I'm also bored And I guess
Earned it. (S.M.C Spinoff) by Alexismisfit_
Earned it. (S.M.C Spinoff)by Alexis
This is spinoff for "she moans chresanto" it's not really a spin off but more so an alternate ending. You do not have to read the first book for you to be able...
We are ONE by xokoleac
We are ONEby xokoleac
The story of two siblings named Maxji and Ark and their unexpected forbidden relationship with a shocking revelation of their Father has changed their lives.
daddy issues. (Gordon Ramsay) by a_simp_lol
daddy issues. (Gordon Ramsay)by a_simp_lol
a girl who has daddy issues and a good chef in a famous restaurant called "Summary" but little did she know that someone is visiting her... [~I've been watchin...
~dabihawks smut~  by tomtordXshipper
~dabihawks smut~ by Tord Larsson
this is a dabi hawks smut and maybe if u feel generous I will do other ships lol
the re-upload of hq smut by radipadi
the re-upload of hq smutby mnv
hello! this is the original hq smut, written by radipadi that was taken down, i'm going to try to redo it at least but with more precaution, please be patient; it took m...