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Star by breeze_airi
Starby breeze_airi
Another heiress is in town and she's about to change people's lives, the most important one being Logan Huntzberger's. Maybe having a society approved wife might not be...
Texting an idiot |  Minsung by Chocolxit
Texting an idiot | Minsungby Nutty
"Imagine all the unholy things we could do." In which Jisung gets text by a horny fuck.
Mr. Shepherd by pagingdmpeoo
Mr. Shepherdby Pompeosgreys
In this story Derek Shepherd Retired and became a Dirty teacher to his highschool students. (Meredith and Addison) creds to @MerDersPlusOne :)
tale of a private lesson teacher (strictly 🔞)  by exibit_creator
tale of a private lesson teacher (...by exibit_creator
A story of a lesson teacher who was hire to tutor a student, fell in love with her, had an affair with her, had an affair with their maid and had an affair with the moth...
The Cocking-Chair by hotgirlthatreadssmut
The Cocking-Chairby Grandmother petunia
Short smut Story, very dirty, about a Grandmother and her Nephew, includes Cock - chairs (dildos)
დასასრული🔞 by sociopath13
დასასრული🔞by sociopath13
გიბრუნდებით ჩვეული სისასტიკით ისიამოვნეთ🔞 (პრინცესავ , შენ გიძღვნი ამ ამბავს . არ დამივიწყო)
ChaeLisa oneshots by jendeukfiles
ChaeLisa oneshotsby jendeukfiles
Converting some of my old stories into Chaelisa ones because it sounds like a good idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ranking: #2 in chaelisa - 23.03.2020 Whaaat?!
შიში •J.JK• by bts_txt10
შიში •J.JK•by jeon__mari
ფიკში იქნება 🔞🔞 სცენებიც და არ იქნება დაცული ცენზურა 😁 ფიკი გოგოზეა რომელსაც ყველა ძალიან ადამიანის დაკარგვის ეშინია რადგან..... დაწყებული-2022.06.11 დამთავრებული-2...
Love's a Drug (Cedric Diggory Fan fiction)   by Skropfer_159
Love's a Drug (Cedric Diggory Fan...by Savanna Cropfer
This books is a jaw dropping fan fiction romance about a character from the Harry Potter series named Cedric Diggory. Hannah James is the new girl at Hogwarts who transf...
Love me (A Cedric Diggory Fan fic) by Skropfer_159
Love me (A Cedric Diggory Fan fic)by Savanna Cropfer
Angelica Boivin who is 1/4 Veela and Metamorphosis is attending her first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Angelica transferred from Beauxbatons Academ...
50 shades of grayson by graysongubler
50 shades of graysonby well hi🙈
This is going to be 50 chapters of smut for Grayson hope you enjoy ⚠️ Warning⚠️ dont read if you don't like smut
🍋KNY lemons (definitely not fake) 🍋 by ShinobuKocho_reader
🍋KNY lemons (definitely not fake)...by ShinobuKocho_reader
You actually reading this🤨 sorry pls no hate this is meant to be a joke please no hate if you don't like it pls leave immediately
Random a** smuts by Aseneth_baddie
Random a** smutsby Aseneth_baddie
Please don't come at me, I'm new to this
If I was in Demon slayer by pittylover44
If I was in Demon slayerby pittylover44
this is a story inspired by Thedylanarmy's story if I was in demon slayer
Whispers of thief by Alexlinurs
Whispers of thiefby Alex Linurs
Is it alright to be selfish? It was supposed to be a mission like every other one, nothing they didn't do before. But one miscalculation led to one deal with an enemy...
Harry Potter Smut by tonystrauma
Harry Potter Smutby tonystrauma
I get bored sometimes so I write shi that won't ever happen to me <3
Call Me Dirty Minded by RebelleMysteries
Call Me Dirty Mindedby Rebelle Mysteries➶
Highest Rank #5 in Humour - Skye Einstein isn't your particular girl, even if she's the great grandchild of Albert Einstein. But don't let the last name fool you, she wa...
Coming Clean... by Sol4rDr0p_0f-Hon3y
Coming Clean...by ClydeMoral_TheSimp
ignore the cover, I chose smth random. I will expose myself in this book. don't hate me pls <3
Dirty Minds Updated Weekly by LoganSharp998
Dirty Minds Updated Weeklyby Logan Sharp
A collection of poems and short stories for the dirty minded MATURE All fiction enjoy <3
solangelo smut! <3 by kityycat
solangelo smut! <3by Keith
hi guys so as the title says this is solangelo smut.....oh and BTW this is based of of a role play I am doing with a friend soooooooo why smut! Oh I almost forgot some o...