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Love [Quick Transmigration] by JPenumbra
Love [Quick Transmigration]by Shiro Yamada
In order to find the missing General Zhou, Su Moxiu pretended to be a bandit and sneaked into the enemy's back, only to be taken by a slurred little white face. People a...
God of Discovery by konstance-kay
God of Discoveryby Konstance Kay
In a realm of shifting magic, D'Argen and Thar unite, facing rumours of ancient demons and unlocking secrets of the past. As uncertainty reigns and legends awaken, their...
Heat - First Chapter by author_namoore
Heat - First Chapterby N. A. Moore
Compilation of one shots and mini stories featuring different characters within this non shifter Omegaverse. Some may cross paths while others live separate lives. Enjoy...
Frozen Hearts (MxM) by gracekcwrites
Frozen Hearts (MxM)by Grace K
Cole Calvino has been my best friend ever since his family moved in across the road when we were six years old. Fast forward fifteen years and we're still thick as thie...
ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴜɴɴʏ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ| Jikook by ShantareNyiramirimo
ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴜɴɴʏ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ| Jikookby hobiiii
Sometimes love arrives in the cutest bundle of fur. Alpha rabbit shifter Jungkook only plans to stretch his legs when he pulls to the side of the road. When a quick shif...
Leave it all Behind - First Chapter by author_namoore
Leave it all Behind - First Chapterby N. A. Moore
He had nothing. Was nothing. Not before them. And for them, he had to give it all up. Without a past or future, there was little hope for him. They gave him a name but n...
The Magpie's Death by LittleLilyLee
The Magpie's Deathby Lily Scott
The Magpie is a rumor and a legend. Cold. Ruthless. The best freelance criminal in the city's underworld. But when a simple job leads to a dead mark, a toddler, and a se...
Now That We're Grown: A Gay Romance Short Story by DuaneSimolke
Now That We're Grown: A Gay Duane Simolke
Gavin Hernandez and Peter Montoya meet before high school. Gavin admires how Peter never complains about being gay or using a wheelchair. During their senior year, Gavin...
Deeper - A story of love [BL] by AngelAdlin
Deeper - A story of love [BL]by Adlin
Love - a momentous spark that changes the definition of happiness. It took just that spark for Korn to fall in love; but little did he know of the struggles of staying i...
Just Hold My Hand by Yansusustories
Just Hold My Handby Yan Su Su
To help his family rise from the ashes, Duan Fang will have to marry into an influential family. He wouldn't mind if only Young Master Li proposed to him. But Li Hong ha...
È solo amore by ArtemideWaleys
È solo amoreby Artemide Waleys
Arrivato a quarant'anni il professor Cole Davis ha una vita e un matrimonio perfetti... Almeno all'apparenza, perché da quando il suo nuovo assistente Nate è entrato nel...
The Garden of Fibs and Sin (Filthy Fibbers, Prequel) by AuthorJLloyd
The Garden of Fibs and Sin ( Jason Lloyd
This garden of fibs and sin has roses that are red with blood. Daniel Patrick Darling II is gorgeous, rich, conceited, with just the right amount of bitch. You may think...
Wish me luck by Writeitlikeyoumeanit
Wish me luckby A.L. Miller
After just getting dumped right before his birthday, Eric takes comfort in an old internet friend he met online years ago and their talks become different than they eve...
His Beast by NRScott
His Beastby NRScott
Leo was lost in a storm deep in the woods when he came upon shelter in the form of a castle. Not long after arriving, he realizes there's more at play than just what loo...
The Mercy of Love's Blade  by ch231564
The Mercy of Love's Blade by Qwertyxfncgmzdg
17-year-old Darius is exited by the prospect of the approaching war. His simple life has become to little for his growing and curious mind. He seeks to fight for somethi...
Taming Justice by clarissabrightauthor
Taming Justiceby Clarissa Bright
Deadly games with dangerous men are my only hope. The Miami Knives, the city's most dangerous criminals, have stolen my best friend. And I'm going to get her back. Growi...
Wolf In Gucci || Vope by ShantareNyiramirimo
Wolf In Gucci || Vopeby hobiiii
Socialite Kim Taehyung wants someone to love who will love him back - an impossibility for a gay, half-human, half-werewolf. Too aggressive for humans, too gay for wolve...
The Dark Fae  by BestWishes1986
The Dark Fae by BestWishes1986
In the modern age living among humans are Fairies. Banished from the world of Fae these people live, forever never growing older. Cut off from magic and deprived the tr...
Is this a dream? by YorgosKC
Is this a dream?by Yorgos KC
Sometimes, love might be difficult to find, and might take time to grow from a plain attraction to love. But, sometimes, it might come as naturally and easily as is if i...