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Tricking The Mentalist by SherLion
Tricking The Mentalistby SherLion
It's basically the story of Patrick Jane, our favourite Mentalist of all time, falling in love with a complicated 17 years old girl. This story takes place before killin...
A Face in the Crowd by janesbiotch
A Face in the Crowdby Latoya
There's been a horrible accident that will change the way Jane looks at things forever. Can Lisbon see him through? In a world from of strangers, Lisbon is the only...
From Victim To Hero: A Criminal Minds Multi-Fandom FanFic by EllaSeven
From Victim To Hero: A Criminal EllaSeven
Erica Whitler is a recent collage graduate who all the proffesors hold in their highest regards. But is she good enough for the BAU? Does she meet Hotch's standards? And...
Scarlet Tea by Razzl3
Scarlet Teaby Razzl3
The CBI team has some very tough cases, but for Jane and Lisbon, it's hard to focus. In a moment of sheer panic, while trapped in Lisbon's car rocks from an avalanche, t...
Asagiri Gen x Reader by FuyuThePun
Asagiri Gen x Readerby FuyuThePun
How on earth is there no ff about Gen x Oc/Reader!? That's why I gonna write one now _(:3」∠ )_ ⚠️ Could contain minors spoilers for anime only watchers! ⚠️ You are a you...
I DONT NEED SAVING by themeentalist
I DONT NEED SAVINGby themeentalist
Lisbon suffers and accident, and jane agrees to take care of her, they have a wonderfull night together... will this bring cosequences? will this leave Lisbon in a terri...
Red Raging Rapids (Sequel) by Razzl3
Red Raging Rapids (Sequel)by Razzl3
More tough cases, more awkward scenes, more hilarious moments. Everything couldn't be better. Except for the small fact that they've discovered a CAMERA placed by RED JO...
The Bleeding Hearts on a Soft White Cloud by FS159VictoriaS
The Bleeding Hearts on a Soft FS159VictoriaS
Jane and Lisbon have a two week vacation ever since Jane disrupted the plane's schedule. All alone in Florida, in the Blue Bird Hotel, what happens when two people who a...
My Magician (Gen Asagiri X Fem Reader) by 123QueenLol
My Magician (Gen Asagiri X Fem WeebQueen
He's a mentalist. You're a model. Destiny binds the two of you with a string. A string.....A rope will describe it more, a strong firm rope. A rope connected to him yo...
Entre el amor y el odio by MariaTsak
Entre el amor y el odioby Maria Tsak
AU: Patrick Jane is a famous phychic in California. he is good-looking and he begins to slepping around. All the women want to het their hands on him. Teresa Lisbon is a...
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction) by Skyrezo
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction)by inactive !
The team is so close to catch Red John. Too close. That's why Red John kidnaps Teresa Lisbon. Jane's world is falling apart. Red John has killed his wife and daughter a...
rosewood by itslexipedia
rosewoodby sofia
Marcus Pike finds a box with letters at Teresa's Lisbon house, but, who are they from? Once he finds out, everything goes downhill.
MBTI and Fictional Characters by Team-SRDS
MBTI and Fictional Charactersby Team SRDS
Highest rank: #14 in Analysis I'll be typing some fictional characters using the MBTI (I know it has its weaknesses, but it's still quite useful). (I DO NOT take credit...
Red Hearts by shmuffinjiggle17
Red Heartsby a lunatic that likes to write...
Who is braver? Jane or Lisbon? Most people would say Lisbon, and rightfully so. But what about in emotional things, like telling the other one how they feel? Then they'r...
The Mute Siren by fanatic_squared
The Mute Sirenby Fanatic Squared
Patrick Jane had two daughters, Syrena Jane and Charlotte Anne Jane. Syrena Jane is the eldest of the two. Patrick called her his little siren, as her voice could draw a...
Crimes of coincidence? (Castle&Mentalist) by Movies-music-latte
Crimes of coincidence? (Castle& Movies-music-latte
A woman went missing.On the other side,a man got hit by something on his head that made him fall into a coma in his flat on the same day when the woman was last seen.Was...
An Unchaste Affair: Part One by Momito
An Unchaste Affair: Part Oneby Momito
Before his family died, Patrick Jane loved living life as if it were to end the next day. He loved having fun at the expense of others. In mid-2002, Jane gets more than...
Ronnie Masters | the MENTALIST by _thewinterwriter_
Ronnie Masters | the MENTALISTby The Winter Writer
#1 in MENTALIST It's The Mentalist but slightly to the left; shifting the spotlight to Kimball Cho and original character Ronnie Masters. Starts from S1E1, includes all...
Foundations to Miracles Vol 1 by Jackniko
Foundations to Miracles Vol 1by Max Masteller
This book contains the long process of what magic is. I will break down slight of hand. Do routines and also some tutorials.