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A Face in the Crowd by janesbiotch
A Face in the Crowdby Latoya
There's been a horrible accident that will change the way Jane looks at things forever. Can Lisbon see him through? In a world from of strangers, Lisbon is the only...
The Red Stars {Book One} The Mentalist by Copercurlz
The Red Stars {Book One} The Master Angst
When Missy Thomas' mother and sister are killed, she is asked to join the team at the CBI to help with the case. Will love flourish between her and a certain someone tha...
Caged. by FailingFlame
#3 Non-Binary Badass
Lila has spent her whole life in a cage, living off of bread and water. She has never set foot outside, never seen the sky or the grass. All she knows about the world co...
Are You Mine? [Mentalist Jane Lisbon Story] by ColdBastilleMusic
Are You Mine? [Mentalist Jane Taylor
Once Lisbon tells Jane she's going thinking about going to DC all the good memories start to flood his mind. This is what leads up to him saying the words I love you. Ho...
I DONT NEED SAVING by themeentalist
I DONT NEED SAVINGby themeentalist
Lisbon suffers and accident, and jane agrees to take care of her, they have a wonderfull night together... will this bring cosequences? will this leave Lisbon in a terri...
the mentalist | niklaus mikaelson by CrissBiancaPuffy
the mentalist | niklaus mikaelsonby Bianca
❝My name is Athena Jane. It is my business to know what other people do not know.❞
Red Hearts by shmuffinjiggle17
Red Heartsby a lunatic that likes to write...
Who is braver? Jane or Lisbon? Most people would say Lisbon, and rightfully so. But what about in emotional things, like telling the other one how they feel? Then they'r...
Sixteen Letters [COMPLETED] by KateBeckett41319
Sixteen Letters [COMPLETED]by Samantha | peggy carter
[WINNER OF BEST UNFINISHED FANFICTION IN THE MENTALIST FANFICTION AWARDS 2014!!] "Whatever her faults were, Teresa Lisbon was a good person. That's why she'd writ...
Bittersweet Memories by irishcupcake17
Bittersweet Memoriesby —————-
It's the five year anniversary of Angela and Charlotte's death. But when Jane takes the day for himself, can it begin to be too much? With The Devils Cherry in his posse...
The Bleeding Hearts on a Soft White Cloud by FS159VictoriaS
The Bleeding Hearts on a Soft FS159VictoriaS
Jane and Lisbon have a two week vacation ever since Jane disrupted the plane's schedule. All alone in Florida, in the Blue Bird Hotel, what happens when two people who a...
Asagiri Gen x Reader by FuyuThePun
Asagiri Gen x Readerby FuyuThePun
How on earth is there no ff about Gen x Oc/Reader!? That's why I gonna write one now _(:3」∠ )_ ⚠️ Could contain minors spoilers for anime only watchers! ⚠️ You are a you...
Entre el amor y el odio by MariaTsak
Entre el amor y el odioby Maria Tsak
AU: Patrick Jane is a famous phychic in California. he is good-looking and he begins to slepping around. All the women want to het their hands on him. Teresa Lisbon is a...
rosewood by itslexipedia
rosewoodby ♡
Marcus Pike finds a box with letters at Teresa's Lisbon house, but, who are they from? Once he finds out, everything goes downhill.
SUDDEN DESIRE    marcus pike by benbxrnes
SUDDEN DESIRE marcus pikeby a
don't know if i can deny a sudden desire THE MENTALIST agent marcus pike x oc
Un nouveau départ avec elle Tome 2 by Espoire170
Un nouveau départ avec elle Tome 2by Espoire170
A présent chacun de leurs cotés, ils doivent tout les deux gérer leurs problèmes et leurs tristesses. Jane se retrouve confronté a une quête qui le mènera dans les tréfo...
Red wedding by MariaTsak
Red weddingby Maria Tsak
Set after 6x01.Jane and Lisbon are getting married and someone from the past came to destroy their happiness.
Scarlet Tea by Razzl3
Scarlet Teaby Razzl3
The CBI team has some very tough cases, but for Jane and Lisbon, it's hard to focus. In a moment of sheer panic, while trapped in Lisbon's car rocks from an avalanche, t...
Run by thementalistgirl
Runby thementalistgirl
The entire CBI is convinced that Jane is Red John! But instead of attacking him directly, they take it out on Lisbon instead. ( don't worry the team is good)