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Time to Move On - (Hatsune Miku X Male Reader) (AU) by CrazyPlatinum1899
Time to Move On - (Hatsune Miku X...by AJMasion1937
In an original timeline, (Y/N) (L/N) loved Hatsune Miku from the bottom of his heart since they were kids. However, Miku couldn't notice (Y/N)'s love for her so his love...
Dating the King of Minuses! What could go wrong? by MCPELuisTuican
Dating the King of Minuses! What c...by MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi after so misadventures has returned home in Tengu city. Things were as peacefull as could be with him, until he found out he needs to save tge world by f...
Eres Mío T/N X Miku Nakano YANDERE by freysonam
Eres Mío T/N X Miku Nakano YANDEREby Freysonman
Despues de 8 años volviste a japón para tener una mejor vida y terminar tu preparatoria y ademas tambien para cumplir la promesa que le hiciste a una niña cuando tenias...
"I'm... annoying..?" by I_Write_Stories12356
"I'm... annoying..?"by I_Write_Stories12356
Tsukasa angst 😈😈😈 Picture from catboy>:3 on pinterest
Even You is Split in Fifths (A quintessential quintuplets fanfic) by Kazuya_Fish
Even You is Split in Fifths (A qui...by Kazuya
What if Fuutarou never gave his answer... What if he didn't visit any of the girls at the festival... What would have happened... Thats what Fuutarou Uesugi wonders. Aft...
Would You Mind? [nakano miku x male OC]  by ShinTooru
Would You Mind? [nakano miku x mal...by Shin~
"Would you mind if I be the one that help you to socialize again?" She asked the boy. "Sure" the boy said, smiling at her... Kenji shizuki a boy who...
I love you..... Goodbye by XDEATH_21
I love you..... Goodbyeby XDEATH
"I'm sorry... Please don't leave me" "I'm sorry too... I shouldn't have fallen for you" "NO!!!" "I love you... Goodbye" DISCLAIME...
The Quintuplets And Eren Jeager by BanJoestar
The Quintuplets And Eren Jeagerby BanJoestar
After dying from completing the rumbling, Eren thought he would surely go to hell. But to be surprised he wakes up in an alternate universe where titans don't exsit and...
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫 by Redwoulfe
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫by Red
Y/N, a young engineer has been granted a Vocaloid Prototype from his company. Hatsune Miku Model 1, will he fall head over heels with a pop star or simply discard her as...
Others anime and cote reacts to Ayanokoji  by HarenaAntoine
Others anime and cote reacts to Ay...by Arrakis
it is (the continuation) of the Wattpad of Shadowmonarch325 because I really like the concept with now all the school of oreigaru QQ Cote ... as well as perhaps other pe...
Being the Traveler, literally (Date a Live x Destiny 2 fanfiction) by UppaUppaNo
Being the Traveler, literally (Dat...by UppaUppaWOAH
(Two Week Updates) (Light of Ruin - Arc) Shut-in lazy(Hard-Working sometimes) Y/N who still lives with his parents, dies of extreme body fatigue but reincarnates as The...
Date A Fate (Date A Live fanfiction) by gogeta0702
Date A Fate (Date A Live fanfictio...by Gogeta Saiyan
(Date A Live X OC) "You think being a Spirit is not a good thing? Think again, because I have my best life on Earth. Sure, being a Spirit also means you're being hu...
Multiple Anime reacts to COTE by shadowmonarch325
Multiple Anime reacts to COTEby 綾小路清隆
As I said , quintessential quintuplets, Oregairu, Kaguya sama: Love is war, Hyouka, Rascal does not dream of bunny senpai will react to Ayanogod and his life in ANHS Th...
Doki Doki (Ichika Nakano x Male Reader) by Paul_0918
Doki Doki (Ichika Nakano x Male Re...by Chovy
Ichika Nakano's life changed when she met that boy As you can see in the title its a Ichika Nakano x Male Reader story. I pick Ichika because of something happened in th...
Date a Fortress 2 (Date a Live x TF2 Sniper) by Kazamachi
Date a Fortress 2 (Date a Live x T...by Kazamachi
The Sniper, goes by the alias John Mundy is your average sniper. One day, his friend Jeremy introduced him an anime that caught his interest since all he have done is do...
Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader | Tear Me Down by -Ephemer
Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader | Te...by -Ephemer
✬[Highschool AU | Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader ] Four years ago, you called the boy next door your best friend. Now, you call him a stranger. Buried under the expectat...
Little Devil (Quintessential Quintuplets x Child Reader) by Creepsies
Little Devil (Quintessential Quint...by Creepsies
The quints have a cute younger brother. Wait, a cute younger brother? ___________________________________________________________________ There are absolutely no stories...
Date A Live: Red Crown Chaplain by K_Korvus_Korvac
Date A Live: Red Crown Chaplainby Kelvin K. Korvac
If I was destined to be nothing, why have I been called up for such an ending? The Crown is mine, yet there are none to rule. But if I could bring you back, I would do i...
The Quintessential quintuplets in ANHS by shadowmonarch325
The Quintessential quintuplets in...by 綾小路清隆
I am including Kiyo x Quints here. He will tutor them and slowly they will fall in love with him Kiyo will be some OC here. And, also I am removing Kei. No offence Kei s...
The Matchmaker - A Quintessential Quintuplets x Male OC Fanfic by LeavePromUnattended
The Matchmaker - A Quintessential...by Leave Prom Unattended
One day, one memory. Her first love, his mission. Tokugawa Daisuke had a memorable encounter with a girl that changed his life forever. Two years later, they have fi...