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TMNT x Reader Imagines // Book Two. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT x Reader Imagines // Book Nan
This is a collection of my smut, so be warned! There is adult content in this one! 18+ is ahead!
rise! leo x reader oneshots by vanichee
rise! leo x reader oneshotsby vani~
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] This book contains a series of Leo x Reader stories. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing them <3
ROTTMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by RaspberryLemonGuts
ROTTMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Unicorn-Butt
Says it in the title! I do not have a update schedule yet, but I try to upload as much as I can! I have a solid Idea where I want to take the stories and how I want to c...
ROTTMNT Turtle Romance Scenario 💙❤️💜🧡  by MadamVonRyan
ROTTMNT Turtle Romance Scenario 💙 Purple💜Plastron
Hello all! This is going to be a singular story line, but each singular chapter will have 4 branches! Each branch will cater to one of our four mutant hero's, Raphael, L...
TMNT Oneshot by I-write-4-fun-XD
TMNT Oneshotby Milky
Oneshots from my previous x reader book and brand new ones. REQUESTS ARE... ❌ Open ✅ Closed
TMNT Imagines // Donatello x Reader. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT Imagines // Donatello x Nan
A collection of Donatello x Reader imagines! A big book devoted to the technical genius.
TMNT Imagines // Leonardo x Reader by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT Imagines // Leonardo x Readerby Nan
My collection of Leonardo x Reader imagines. A big book devoted to the leader in blue.
TMNT 2012 Oneshots/Boyfriend Scenarios by GoldenEagleFlyer22
TMNT 2012 Oneshots/Boyfriend YesniWriting
Heyo! This is a One-Shot series for the lovely 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I've always loved the 2012 version. It has so much depth and action! This will include...
TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenarios by moonmusiic
TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenariosby ☾
One can tell what this is but if you don't know.......... ITS A TMNT BOYFRIEND SCENARIOS BOOK! Hope you like reading it! Started: 10/29/15 Ended: 1/29/18
ROTTMNT X READER [oneshots & scenarios] by nyancoripup
okay so like, new hyperfixation lmaoo t-cest / proshippers dni.
ROTTMNT Preferences :) by bbyforlife
ROTTMNT Preferences :)by Bea <3
This is a x any gender reader! I hope you all enjoy this book! It has taken me over a year to write it and I will continue to put out more rottmnt content!! ❤ Request ar...
TMNT: Little Sister [complete] by Author-Dayo
TMNT: Little Sister [complete]by Author-Dayo
TMNT 2012: growing up in the sewers you spend a good portion of your life with your family up until an unexpected accident rips you apart from your family. Together wit...
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔ by someanonwriter
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔by anon
SMUT/LOVESTORY: A girl accidentally sees Raphael and his brothers along the sewer while she was casually hanging around her apartment's rooftop. Raphael being himself, t...
TMNT x Reader Raphael [ complete ] by Author-Dayo
TMNT x Reader Raphael [ complete ]by Author-Dayo
It's a you and Raph love story With drama, action, romance and some fun additions This is my 2nd tmnt work hope you like it.
TMNT Imagines // Raphael x Reader. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT Imagines // Raphael x Nan
A collection of Raphael x Reader imagines! a big book devoted to our violent teddy bear.
TMNT X Reader Imagines // Book One. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT X Reader Imagines // Book Nan
A collection of my TMNT x Reader imagines, including my requests and some of my AU's!!
\\ Bayverse 2014-2016 TMNT \\ Raphael BF Scenarios \\ by TMNT2014FanGirl
\\ Bayverse 2014-2016 TMNT \\ Angelic
just a book of BF or other scenarios with Raphael our lovable hot headed teddy bear
Brains And Brawn (TMNT Donatello Love Story) by blackberrybirdie
Brains And Brawn (TMNT Donatello birdie
After living in NYC all her life, Andy Trotters feels her life is finally set on track as she pursues her last year of high school with the excitement of her upcoming fo...
Tmnt Reactions :) by FroppyEllis
Tmnt Reactions :)by Froppyboyo
Lol I'm doing this for fun, I'd completely understand if it's trashy but this is just for fun :) also the reader is under the trans umbrella if you don't like it then yo...