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A Heart Frozen Over by HerioKillugonwriter
A Heart Frozen Overby Noodles (Alt ac)
Gon sat alone, legs dangling off the edge of a branch. It's...all gone. A tear rolled down his cheek, yet his face didn't show a single emotion. Everything he had ever k...
Hunters Or Heroes? // (HxH X Bnha) by west-side-slytherins
Hunters Or Heroes? // (HxH X Bnha)by west-side-slytherins
(HxH bnha crossover with killua centered) After a certain incident killua got his ass kicked into another universe. With no way home, he soon discovers that things were...
Hunters X Heroes (MHA X HxH) by xXHeriotzaXx
Hunters X Heroes (MHA X HxH)by Noodles
Gon blinked a couple times, before sitting up. "hello?" he called, examining the alleyway he had fallen in. Gon had no idea where he was but at least it was a...
Huh? Another Universe?! - MHA x HxH Crossover by not_a_devoured_weeb
Huh? Another Universe?! - MHA x 🌀- Min -⚡️
Gon and Killua have just finished clearing the game Greed Island, and they were on their way to finding Ging. But then a weird purple portal appeared in front of them, a...
"My Past..." []HxH x MHA[] by Nohatemeant
"My Past..." []HxH x MHA[]by Belle-Bear
"Two years.... It's been two full year since me and Killua spilt up. I miss him so much. Though it was annoying how he would always eat all the sweets, it was also...
Across Dimensions (HxH x MHA crossover) by MochaLemonn
Across Dimensions (HxH x MHA MochaLemonn
One year after Gon and Killua split up, Gon gets sent to the MHA universe. Characters won't be 100% canon and I apologize for that. SHIPS (most will be somewhat implied)...
Secrets about us... (Killua as Deku) by KAKEYEO
Secrets about us... (Killua as KAKEYEO
Killua has been hiding his true identity for a while. Right now, he's known as some pushover named Izuku Midoriya. One day, Jiro and Kaminari sneak into Killua's room. T...
A Hunter's past (hxh x mha) by Fuutaro63
A Hunter's past (hxh x mha)by
Izuku Freecss that is the name i go by. I am a 2 star Ruins Hunter. Explorer of lake mobius in the Dark continent. A freecss. Friend of a Zoldyck and a Kurta. And right...
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The Way The Ball Bounces (Mha x HxH) by Nohatemeant
The Way The Ball Bounces (Mha x Belle-Bear
What would happen if Gon was transported to the My Hero world? Would he make himself a life? When will he see Killua again? How different will Killua be? How different w...
Greed Island Part II (hxhxmha) by EGGS3135
Greed Island Part II (hxhxmha)by EGGS
Gon, Killua and Bisky agree to do part 2 of Greed Island. Part 2 proves to be very different from the original game.
Missing... (Mha X Hxh ) by ilovebiskyyy
Missing... (Mha X Hxh )by woahhhh
Yeah so it's a crossover with mha and hxh, yes there will be killugon because yes. If you don't like it, you can leave 💙💚💙💚 Soo uhm.. yes it is cringe because I myse...
The Assassin Hero (MHA x HXH) by AmyJackson03
The Assassin Hero (MHA x HXH)by Nightshade
Heroes? Hah. The idea was absolutely absurd to Killua. In his old world, heroes hadn't existed. People fought and risked their lives for their own benefit, not for other...
Gon As Deku (Rewrite) by xXHeriotzaXx
Gon As Deku (Rewrite)by Noodles
Gon hid his sadness under smiles and cheerfulness. Under a sweet and calm personality. But he wasn't. no, he hadn't been happy for years. He was for a short while after...
Do I Know You? by xXHeriotzaXx
Do I Know You?by Noodles
"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Killua said. Gon blinked in confusion. "Yes? it's me? Gon? your best friend?" Killua squinted a little, then shrugged. &q...
Delineate | MHA x Reader x HxH by cianalikesbeans
Delineate | MHA x Reader x HxHby Ciana
"I never thought of how important imagination could be..." "Well now you know, it's the only thing what will save us all."
Monstrous by xXHeriotzaXx
Monstrousby Noodles
Gon always said he wanted to be like Killua. He was strong, fearless, badass, amazing. But as he slashed another person's throat with his claws, Gon realized how awful h...
From Hunter to Hero (MHA X HXH) by Knerd14
From Hunter to Hero (MHA X HXH)by K Nerd
Killua is somehow transported into the MHA universe. Will he be able to find a way back home? Will he ever see Alluka and Gon ever again? Read to find out This story is...
Monstrous by HerioKillugonwriter
Monstrousby Noodles (Alt ac)
Gon always said he wanted to be like Killua. He was strong, fearless, badass, amazing. But as he slashed another person's throat with his claws, Gon realized how awful h...
Izuku as Gon (mha x hxh)  by Anne_Happygirl
Izuku as Gon (mha x hxh) by Anne
Gon is in another universe, The my hero universe..
home || hxh x mha by neonxd_
home || hxh x mhaby neon
Katsuki and Shoto, after being hit by a villain's Quirk, find themselves in a dimension completely foreign to them. In a tricky tunnel system, in which the 287th Hunter...