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A Merthur Cinderella Story by Pendragoner
A Merthur Cinderella Storyby Pendragoner
In an AU LGBTQ+ accepting Camelot, anybody can love anybody. King Arthur throws a Ball to try and find a romantic companion among his kingdom to make his Queen or King C...
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A Light Like the Sun (Merthur fanfic) by Pendragoner
A Light Like the Sun (Merthur Pendragoner
It's been over a thousand years since Arthur's demise and Merlin has been patiently awaiting his return. He's traveled the world and gained a talented apprentice, Ellie...
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When you least expect it - A Merthur Fanfic by the_dollophead
When you least expect it - A the_dollophead
Merlin and Arthur are their usual sarcastic selves, and with a little help from Gwaine and Leon, learn about feelings for each other that they didn't know they had. But...
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Weaving Crowns by magicalmischel
Weaving Crownsby Michaela
Merthur Kiss Fest 2019 collection - First fic summary: Now that Merlin and Arthur are both kings and married, they hardly have time for each other anymore. Merlin's deci...
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Someone Take Me Home //ON HOLD by Simply_Problematic
Someone Take Me Home //ON HOLDby Aesthetic
Years after his death, Arthur returns to Camelot. But will everything and be everyone be as he expects? Merlin had waited years for this moment. But will it be like he p...
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The Return of King Arthur by hphangirls
The Return of King Arthurby 베카와 둠
It's been 1000 years since the battle of Cammlan. Merlin is working as a surgeon in 'Dragon Claw Hospital'. Despite having adapted to life in modern day London, Merlin...
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His Heart, His Home by magicalmischel
His Heart, His Homeby Michaela
It's Arthur's first Christmas after coming back from Avalon, and he's finally found the best gift for Merlin. The gift is so perfect that it might just make Merlin cry. ...
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In a land of Myth... by Alextrex28
In a land of Alexander
This is my first story since like 2 years ago... Its Merlin not Solangelo... But I think people should get a kick out of it. *** At some point there will be a smut sce...
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Merlinktober 2019 by magicalmischel
Merlinktober 2019by Michaela
Collection of my short fics written for Merlinktober 2019 - art available on ao3. Merthur :) Series on ao3:
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Merthur~All You Need Is A Little Magic by FunnyMary
Merthur~All You Need Is A Little Loveable Anime Girl
Merlin is a Warlock,a Dragonlord, a Best Friend,and most of all a servant. But Merlin is also Prince Arthur's secret admirer. Nobody knows his secret that he is in love...
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Touch Me (When I'm Afraid to Ask) by magicalmischel
Touch Me (When I'm Afraid to Ask)by Michaela
After the almost-hug in 2x06, Merlin is determined to find out why exactly Arthur avoids touching him. Is it because of him? Or is it just Arthur being a prat? Merlin de...
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In Your Shoes, in Your Heart by magicalmischel
In Your Shoes, in Your Heartby Michaela
Merlin's favourite Camelot tradition is the one according to which all servants and their masters switch roles for a day, thus allowing Merlin to have a day off and enjo...
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w h o   y o u   b e c o m e  (a merthur oneshot) by tolkienswardrobe
w h o y o u b e c o m e (a tolkienswardrobe
What do you do when your lovers away? When you realise that he was never here to stay? The coffee stains on the carpet, the pen in your hand Carry out the stories of a d...
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Merlin Memory Month 2019 by magicalmischel
Merlin Memory Month 2019by Michaela
A series of oneshots for #MerlinMemoryMonth on tumblr, which is a prompt fest to remember and celebrate the british tv show Merlin (BBC). Prompt Days are every Thursday...
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First Words by magicalmischel
First Wordsby Michaela
Aithusa's very excited when she learns her first words, but it only causes problems when she follows Merlin back to Camelot to share her talents with him. Especially whe...
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