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Anti x child reader by Ichmagbaconover9000
Anti x child readerby Anti
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
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Game Over by StitchedIvy
Game Overby You decide lolz
(~The cover took WAY to long to make lol~) Don't have a description yet lols... But basically, Anti gets hit to much magic. The two blasts merge, creating a warped c...
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We're Inevitable-A Broadway High School AU by Hamiltrash3
We're Inevitable-A Broadway High Sam
Laurens and Hamilton just transferred into a new high school in New York, where things get ... interesting. Jared and Michael's hopeless crushes on their best friends le...
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The Small Evil by KureikoJashinowa
The Small Evilby Kureiko
Darkiplier Cold. Serious. Intimidating. Dangerous. A master of manipulation. And the leader of the Iplier egos. Now imagine: What if the dark ego was suddenly turned int...
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Falsettos Oneshots by Lizzybow
Falsettos Oneshotsby Lizzybow
A bunch of random oneshots! Please enjoy!
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Orlando by LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Orlandoby LOVEISBLINDatorlando
A week after Marvin kicks Whizzer out of the house, Whizzer finally decides it's time to reach out to someone he hasn't talked to in a while hoping for help. Meanwhile...
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oneshots//falsettos by -holywaterr
oneshots//falsettosby davy jones
read the title. (everything is properly capitalized, it's only lowercase here for the aesthetic, lol)
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Highschool Love (Danti) by AlexMakerJr
Highschool Love (Danti)by AlexMaker Jr.
Anti and his brother, Marvin are in high school, Anti being in his second year of high school and Marvin just beginning to go to the Campus. Everything seems to be going...
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G/T JSE Egos RP And Short Stories by nightfurygirl123a
G/T JSE Egos RP And Short Storiesby nightfurygirl123a
I'm always up for roleplaying! So if you want to rp with me, just send in a comment on which Septic!Ego you wanna play as and the scenario! Also you can request stories...
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What is Normal? (Falsettos High School AU) by musicalmother
What is Normal? (Falsettos High musicalmother
A fun little project to improve my writing skills :) The story centers around Marvin trying to figure out who he's going to be while dealing with love, loss, and of cour...
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Life's A Sham - Sequel to We're Inevitable by Hamiltrash3
Life's A Sham - Sequel to We're Sam
Book 2, Following the events in "We're Inevitable". Our six mormon boys are off to Uganda, Whizzer and Marvin handle a long-distance relationship, The newsboys...
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Anti and Dark: Misjudged by graphic-hawk
Anti and Dark: Misjudgedby graphic-hawk
Dark and Anti both have problems trying to fit in with the other egos. They are perceived as evil without given a chance to prove otherwise. Enjoy! :) Please don't ste...
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Jacksepticeye ego Scenarios by LizzyTuffy2
Jacksepticeye ego Scenariosby Lizzy Tuffy
Just some scenarios with Jack's egos. Enjoy! *Fan art doesn't belong to me, but the owners*
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The Biggest Family (Egos x Child!Reader) (Rewrite!) by SnatchYourWig101
The Biggest Family (Egos x Child! Fanboy or fangirl- I'm still...
(Art made by me!) After waking up in an abandoned library with no recall of their past, young Y/n tries their hardest to figure out who they are by reading. But not wit...
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un souhait de mort // whizzvin by jayquxck
un souhait de mort // whizzvinby jayquxck
"You know, those are gonna kill you." Whizzer laughed breathily. "La vie en rose, Marvin." -- or when a sleep deprived teenager falls in love with...
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The Adventures of Marvin Jr. by acornlovsthecronch
The Adventures of Marvin G
i need to go chug holy water now RIP
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SepticEgo Imagines by QueenDominion
SepticEgo Imaginesby QueenDominion
People have been requesting some SepticEgo x readers in my Anti Imagines, but because it was an ANTI imagines book I decided to make this book dedicated to other egos. T...
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Find the Box That's Gay-Bonus Content by Hamiltrash3
Find the Box That's Gay-Bonus Sam
Here's a whole lotta bonus content for my series.
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Take It or Leave It | Falsettos Fanfiction by katethewriter_
Take It or Leave It | Falsettos katethewriter_
Whizzer is a gay man who works for a high end business in the late 70s. His boyfriend cheated on him, and now he's crushing on a married man who protected him from a th...
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Saving Jacksepticeye (Jacksepticeye x child/orphan reader) by average_person09
Saving Jacksepticeye ( average_person
You are a 13-year-old girl (sorry if your older or a male) and you were an orphan. You lived at the cruelest orphanage in Brighton when you decided to escape. You met on...
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