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How we met  by sweetbay420
How we met by sweetbay420
Hello guys !! I've got a few things to say I'm re writing this because I re read it and it didn't seem to be worded they way I wanted .. I mean I wrote it but I rushed t...
He's Mine by BooperDooperBby
He's Mineby ✨Naomi ✨
Dark has always been in the inner depths of Mark's mind watching, waiting. But now he sees something he has to have; the green haired boy with sparking blue eyes. Will h...
The way you manipulate me (a Actor and Septic story) by Markiplier_not_real
The way you manipulate me (a Actor...by Markiplier_not_real
They met in the manor. He was insane, could kill anyone in his way. He was the last of his kind, and loved his family. how did they fall in love? (Caution, swearing and...
Danti and septiplier smuts and fluffs by deavil666dead
Danti and septiplier smuts and flu...by Cats
Just a random book with random ideas for septiplier and danti
Darkiplier × AntiSepticeye: Hostage Situation by Howliplier
Darkiplier × AntiSepticeye: Hostag...by Anon
Jack thinks their Dark and Anti selves have gained life from who knows what power, but Mark is refusing to believe until their world starts to unfold around them. Then w...
(( Tortured Into Love )) by Brokuto-Kotaro
(( Tortured Into Love ))by !! hey hey hey !!
AntiSepticEye is one of the most feared demons on Earth. He is constantly kept in cages and under watch. After so many time of switching guards, he gets put with a well...
Danti one shots v.2 by spookyeevee2
Danti one shots v.2by I no longer write
So hey . This is Spookyeevee's new account , and I'm probably only really going to continue this book for now until i get the motivation back to write , but i hope you e...
Our Little Demons by Nightdemon13
Our Little Demonsby Night
Dark and Anti have been married for a while, and eventually they both feel like taking the next step: babies. Follow the story of the Danti family! Septiplier included a...
Shock collar (Danti) by blueflamespirit1
Shock collar (Danti)by blueflamespirit
yaoi (boyxboy) smut don't like. don't read
Not the same (Ipliers and Septiceyes x child!Reader) by DazzleDuskk
Not the same (Ipliers and Septicey...by DDuskk
[ REWRITTEN VERSION IS ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT, MORE INFO IN THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER ] You were an 11 / 12-year-old girl with (h/l), (h/c) hair. You ran away from your father...
Demon Dads (DarkiplierXAntisepticeyeXIdkAnymore,Someone) by thisismyspoon
Demon Dads (DarkiplierXAntiseptice...by iamspoon
Dark and Anti owe a man a debt, and to repay it, they adopt his daughter... Cover's not mine, I can't draw. I kinda stole it. https://neomi-trix.deviantart.com/art/Dark...
Septiplier/Antiseptiplier One-Shots by HanahakiAnti
Septiplier/Antiseptiplier One-Shotsby 💫IᑎᐯᗩᗪEᖇ ᘔIᗰ💫
Tons of Antispetiplier and Septiplier smuts! Just a bunch of one-shots that popped into my head late at night. I also take suggestions! There will be mostly bottom!Jack...
What You Make Of Yourself: Darkiplier's Story by graphic-hawk
What You Make Of Yourself: Darkipl...by graphic-hawk
Ever wonder who you're supposed to be? If who you think you are is the version of yourself you want to be? Or are you just being the person you think other people want...
Septiplier and Danti smuts by TobyTheBookGerm
Septiplier and Danti smutsby Toby
Warnings: SMUT SHIT TON OF SWEARING BOYXBOY I will do: Jack X Mark Anti X Dark Jack X Dark Mark X Anti Jack X Anti Mark X Dark
Uncle Anti by graphic-hawk
Uncle Antiby graphic-hawk
The Septic egos and Anti fight a lot. Anti has always been a prick but now. . . he might have gone too far. Intent on messing with Chase's life along with all the other'...
Adopted by Jacksepticeye ( COMPLETED! ) by FakeAntiseptieye
Adopted by Jacksepticeye ( COMPLET...by Booper dooper! ~Jacksepticeye
Luna is a 10 year old,she was abused as a child,she still has the cuts on her arms,from her childhood,and she stills cuts till this day,but one day Luna finds her lucky...
Broken Love (AntisepticeyeXDarkiplier)  by suganoga_ewa
Broken Love (AntisepticeyeXDarkipl...by 🖤K🖤
This is a collab story that I did with @nightwolf12345678910 it's a AntisepticeyeXDarkiplier story. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to show night wolf some love!
The Foursome by FartcakeBananas
The Foursomeby Noneofyourbussiness
⚠WARNING⚠ There will be smut! (most likely the purpose of this book) (Ohmygoodnesss I'm so sorry, this was made a long time ago-) There is noncon(no consent), violence...
Dark bois chat by Cyyesz
Dark bois chatby Cy
I just update this whenever I'm bored :') INCLUDES SHIPPING Another ego thingy cause that's all I write about.
Anti and Dark: Misjudged by graphic-hawk
Anti and Dark: Misjudgedby graphic-hawk
Dark and Anti both have problems trying to fit in with the other egos. They are perceived as evil without given a chance to prove otherwise. Enjoy! :) Please don't ste...