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Used to the Cage by graphic-hawk
Used to the Cageby graphic-hawk
Working with Dark was never easy for Anti. Then again, being put in a jail cell and being taunted by the other Septics isn't exactly easy for him, either. Don't repost...
Little Means Everything by DOGERMAN123
Little Means Everythingby DOGERMAN123
Anti's been a very closed and quiet demon ever since something happened, till one day one of his gifts for Marvin turns them all into children, right before Jack needs t...
Childish by graphic-hawk
Childishby graphic-hawk
Antisepticeye's always gotten whatever he wanted. He never had anyone he respected tell him no and if anyone did, they wouldn't live long enough to apologize. But what h...
Not You... by EgoNation
Not You...by 𝐷𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑒𝑛
The classic soulmate shipping thing. First time I'm writing something with soulmates though :) MUSIC IN EVERY CHAPTER DON'T LIKE IT? Leave.
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He's Mine by BooperDooperBby
He's Mineby ✨Naomi ✨
Dark has always been in the inner depths of Mark's mind watching, waiting. But now he sees something he has to have; the green haired boy with sparking blue eyes. Will h...
What A Beauty by EgoNation
What A Beautyby 𝐷𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑒𝑛
Just a normal day, just a normal announcement to the Jacksepticeye egos, just Marvin being excited about the new spell he taught himself, and then you just happened to h...
ego ships oneshots by MICRO_MIXER_XD
ego ships oneshotsby MICRO_MIXER_XD
only jacksepticeye and markiplier egos :3
Egos meet the Sides by bikibi
Egos meet the Sidesby bikibi
Mark, Jack, and Felix's egos meet Thomas's Sides. Will they work together to defeat the evil that vows to kill all of them. Pairings- Danti Prinxiety Logicality Septi...
The Darkness Inside by TheMostInsane
The Darkness Insideby TheMostInsane
Jack has been fighting it for months, but one can only go so far. Antisepticeye finally comes out, and who will he go after first? Of course it would be Mark, Anti has b...
Anti and Dark: Misjudged by graphic-hawk
Anti and Dark: Misjudgedby graphic-hawk
Dark and Anti both have problems trying to fit in with the other egos. They are perceived as evil without given a chance to prove otherwise. Enjoy! :) Please don't ste...
k̲͏̵̸e͎̙͏e̸̛͘͟p͚̭̳̀͘͟ ̶͙̀͢m̷̦̗̫̺͏̸͟ȩ̴͉͚̘͚͘͢ ~Danti~ *paused* by KaizenShipsAll
k̲͏̵̸e͎̙͏e̸̛͘͟p͚̭̳̀͘͟ ̶͙̀͢m̷̦̗̫̺͏̸...by KaizenShipsAll
A world where going crazy is the most sane thing to do He hates him he loves him he wants him.....
Danti~one shots~ by Iron_Ass
Danti~one shots~by Iron_Ass
We back in business, you all know the drill. Suggest, comment, and I will do the rest. 👌
✨ Danti smut ✨ by AntiSenpai_uwu
✨ Danti smut ✨by Blank
You still shipping danti in 2022? Don't worry me too :)
Kitty Lovers (Danti & Septiplier) by CloudyAnimeAddict
Kitty Lovers (Danti & Septiplier)by Devil’s Kitsune
A little Neko named Anti is found and taken in. A few people care for him but one in general has a connection with him. Along with another one who has a stronger care fo...
Do You Believe Me Now? (Danti Smut)  by Adeykirbs
Do You Believe Me Now? (Danti Smut...by AdeyKirbs
After four years of rivalry Antisepticeye has come to terms that he has a crush on the manipulative heartbreaker Darkiplier. He'll never date him because of the stories...
What You Make Of Yourself: Darkiplier's Story by graphic-hawk
What You Make Of Yourself: Darkipl...by graphic-hawk
Ever wonder who you're supposed to be? If who you think you are is the version of yourself you want to be? Or are you just being the person you think other people want...
Random Smut  by XxshavonnexX
Random Smut by XxshavonnexX
basically all the smut i thought of but just couldent make a full story out of veddie,billdip,H2Ovanoss,Minicat, Evan batjokes! all the smut i have to
Danti/Antiseptiplier - Smut and Fluff by TheShipIsReal969
Danti/Antiseptiplier - Smut and Fl...by Markus
One shots.gayness. Dont read if you dont like. Hope you enjoy ^-^ ??? Anti(septiceye) is a young demon with a boyfriend called Dark(iplier). They are deeply in love. Bun...
You Know by EgoNation
You Knowby 𝐷𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑒𝑛
Basically I cannot stop writing these Danti books (this is my third one) and I unpublished my FNAF book. But I think I'm gonna write in AND this book AND in my FNAF book...
Dark x Anti Smut by AntiMonica02
Dark x Anti Smutby AntiMonica02
Dark and Anti have been sexual for a long time, we all know this... But how sexual is the real question