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Feels Good To Be Bad by izzysalt
Feels Good To Be Badby Izzy’s stories
Meet Mrs. Bat and her role in the bad guys is being the eyes in the sky. When Mr. Wolf wants to go good she isn't happy about it at all
The Bad Guys (my version) by Rally9933
The Bad Guys (my version)by I.M. Rally
Six reformed yet misunderstood criminal animals attempt to become good, with some disastrous results along the way (OC insert).
The Bad Guys: Mr. Komodo. by ReptileEdge
The Bad Guys: Mr. ReptileEdge
Everyone knows about the group known as 'the bad guys.' Notorious thieves who have a knack for showing off during their heists. That is until a heist goes wrong, and mus...
The Bads Guys by JonahHex5
The Bads Guysby Adam T. Harper
In a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist, cool-headed pickpocket and robber Mr. Wolf leads The Bad Guys, a gang of infamous criminal animals known fo...
Was it a good choice? [EN] by Superowianka
Was it a good choice? [EN]by Superowianka
This book is about some fictional characters from several universes. They may be different, but one thing connects them - the need to make a CHOICE. But not a normal, da...
A Snake's Tears by GachaWolfieBloom
A Snake's Tearsby GachaWolfieBloom
Ever since The Bad Guys have been let out of jail, Snake has been feeling real unsure of things lately. He has always been seen as a monster and isn't sure if he can be...
The Bad Guys 2: Marmalade's Revenge (fan sequel to the movie) by LenaMorningstar0603
The Bad Guys 2: Marmalade's Lena Morningstar
After Diane decided to give Marmalade a chance like how she gave the Bad Guys a chance, it backfired because the little guinea pig wanted revenge on everyone as he plann...
Taking the Throne: A Daniel Tiger Tragedy by Yayblahh
Taking the Throne: A Daniel Stupid Coffee Bean
When the neighborhood goes on a camping trip, Prince Wednesday, now 10 years old, makes a move that changes the neighborhood forever... ----- This is completely ironic a...
Baron Lamram x you imagine by melodylangdon
Baron Lamram x you imagineby melodylangdon
oneshot of Marmalades Baron Lamram and fem reader
New York State of Mind (A Ryder Lynn Love Story) by RyleyBridges
New York State of Mind (A Ryder [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
*THIRD BOOK IN THE SUPERMAN SERIES* Ryley Bridges, Ryder Lynn, Marley Rose and Jake Puckerman have finally left McKinley behind them. It's time for their new starts at J...
The outsiders fancfiction eee by imacoolkid123p
The outsiders fancfiction eeeby imacoolkid123p
Love story ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ReeeeeeeeeerRrRReEEeeeeeEeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEeeEeeEe
Orange Marmalade by selenophilessi
Orange Marmaladeby selenophilessi
how would you describe the sunset to a blind person?
The bad guys 2 reversion  by gingerlover1235
The bad guys 2 reversion by nikki mckay
When nikki parents kicked nikki out and abuse in her pirhana saw what was going on as he saw her crying he took her in along with bad guys /good guys but what will her f...
The Bad Guys 2 (Mr  Wolf's Father) by AmayaFanfic
The Bad Guys 2 (Mr Wolf's Father)by Faith
well have u ever thought about the backstories of the bad guys why did they join they evil side wel it's here now
Not All Monster's Are Evil by EmmaColeman3
Not All Monster's Are Evilby Emma Coleman
A sweet monster meets a nice girl. If you like be sure to like and follow me. Enjoy!