The Puppet Master [One Piece]

The Puppet Master [One Piece]

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Ashley By XxScarletMaidenxX Updated Jul 28

Echo comes from the island Funesto deep in the Grandline, an island of Devil Fruit cultivators. She possesses the knowledge passed down to her from generations of Devil Fruit cultivators to grow, harvest and even manipulate Devil Fruits. After a massacre of her homeland, Echo is the sole survivor and last of the Devil Fruit cultivators in the world.The World Government is desperately trying to get their hands on the sole survivor of the Funesto massacre, a single girl who has the knowledge and quite possibly the ability to bring the World Government down on her own. Can the government catch and execute Echo before time runs out?

[On a side note.... this is starting out around the same time Luffy is starting to gather himself a crew]
So as of the beginning of the story Luffy is about 17 for those who were wondering... I'll let you all do the rest of the math on that haha

[Another side note]
Music may be totally random and have absolutely nothing to do with the story, mainly whatever I'm rocking out to at the time of posting haha ^-^

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Julesmarie14 Julesmarie14 Jun 05, 2017
First chapter and I'm already hooked you're an amazing author
xXShinreiXx xXShinreiXx Mar 16
Wow just a glimpse? Magic! That's what they call anime logic😂😂
Linda means beautiful in spanish if I'm not mistaken, if you know spanish or is spanish please do correct me.
iwaibloomi iwaibloomi Jun 09, 2017
linda was the name of my grade 2 teacher back in primary grade school
87firestrike 87firestrike Sep 29, 2016
Pretty descriptive for barely making out her features😂😂
Alexandra03161 Alexandra03161 Dec 28, 2015
So cool.I wonder who the girl is and how did she get on a pirate ship without being noticed by somebody?