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Byakuya and Hisana love story by WolfPanda95
Byakuya and Hisana love storyby WolfPanda95
(on hold till further notice sorry. 3/12/13) so what happens if the one that you love thought that you where dead and your not. Whaty happens if your a slave and the o...
  • stars
  • hisana
  • anime
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Hopeless love (Dolan Twins) by DARKWISHES__
Hopeless love (Dolan Twins)by Greta
Does he know how hot he looks when he's being awkward?!?
  • best
  • kiss
  • romance
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Double Trouble || Jack and Finn Harries (Watty Awards 2013) by the_girl_nextdoor
Double Trouble || Jack and Finn the_girl_nextdoor
Elizabeth is falling for Finn Harries. Priya is smitten for Jack Harries as well. The only problem is that Elizabeth and Priya are the same girl. Though she knows it'...
  • lee
  • marcus
  • betrayal
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Satan's Pet ~Completed~ by cottonwool
Satan's Pet ~Completed~by cottonwool
Serena has always had a hard life. Her parents and brother despise her and she has not friends. Oh... and she can also tell when people are about to die. When Serena die...
  • aimee
  • god
  • friend
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When A Bad Girl Falls In Love by shivybells
When A Bad Girl Falls In Loveby Miss Author
Levi Coax, she was a sucker for love, a fool even. Until she realized she had enough of everyone's game and fully took over herself and learned from different perspectiv...
  • one
  • justin
  • bad
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SasuSaku┆One-Shots(Modern AU) by slutty-momo
SasuSaku┆One-Shots(Modern AU)by 🏹-Sᥣᥙttყ ୭̥⋆*。
Just some small little one shots cause I just feeling some type of way (a perverted way). Hope you enjoy~
  • teasing
  • make-out
  • one-shot
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Not My Fault by MACstories
Not My Faultby Marissa
  • water
  • friends
  • night
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Bathroom Break (boyxboy) by DustAddsCharacter
Bathroom Break (boyxboy)by Kat
Everybody needs a little tension-relief. ;) One-shot.
  • bathroom
  • break
  • lgbt
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Only A Dream? by EliWillis
Only A Dream?by Eli
Warning: Sexual Content This is a poem about 'being loved' by your significant other
  • make-out
  • love
  • kiss
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It Was Only A Kiss by KillEmAll666
It Was Only A Kissby Mikey Roulette
  • make-out
  • music
  • msi
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Complicated by AntonijaA
Complicatedby Antonija Avdalovic
Collage, fun, class, sex, love...uhm nope. I'm not sure that's even possible for me. I Chastity Chambers never have and never will fall for a guy that's just not my thin...
  • intimate
  • sleep
  • sleepover
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Kim's Journey Of A Lifetime by mrjay2010
Kim's Journey Of A Lifetimeby mrjay2010
''I'm tired of this s...!" That's what words were sounding over and over in Kim's head. She was tired of this life that GOD had for her. She had been trying for a w...
  • town
  • make-out
  • stranger
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Because You Live (Student/Teacher) [ON HOLD] by MyOwnReality
Because You Live (Student/Teacher) Jen
Who would have thought that one stranger could flip your whole world upside down? One day Tessa Wilkens opens her door to the sexy, arrogant Scott Tennings. So her dad s...
  • senior
  • crying
  • make-out
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One Direction - One Shots (Collaborations) by OrignalKerrotLuver
One Direction - One Shots ( OrignalKerrotLuver
You may think you know One Direction: but what if there was a secret side to them that you didn't know about... follow them through numerous bromances that will make you...
  • r-rated
  • live
  • ziam
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Why would you hurt me? by AliceSinclai
Why would you hurt me?by a.s
Why would you cheat on me with her?.
  • girlxgirl
  • love
  • make-out
Scarlett Blood by fantasywriter67
Scarlett Bloodby Ellie Hawkins
Scarlett turned seventeen over a year ago. It isn't uncommon for wolves to not find their mates straight away and Scarlett knows that the big meet up could lead her to h...
  • blood
  • pack
  • shift
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The Devil and The Dogs by Ezzie_melon
The Devil and The Dogsby Ezzie_melon
A story I came up with some of my friends. featuring the devil, her gender fluid partner, her daughter and a pack of werewolves. Enjoy!
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • gay
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