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Sarah On Life

Sarah On Life

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Sir Miffington Quack Quack By SirMiffington Completed

Sarah's never been average. Okay, that's a lie, of course she has. But for the past three years she's been doing everything she can to avoid it. Sarah's given up men, she's given up love, and... she's never been happier. Imagine that. Top of her classes, and with true success only a few years away, she planned to be big. Way big. The David Tennant of Finance. 'Course, her plans kind of went down the drain the day she joined the chess club... The day she met Mark Ubersmife.

NatNat_LuvsYou NatNat_LuvsYou Jul 16, 2013
this seems really cool :)
                              fun fact!
                              if you search up 'quack', this is the second result :D
SirMiffington SirMiffington Apr 23, 2011
@junebee Hey, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate the way you're able to be picky, 'cause it's probably one of those stupid typos I wouldn't have picked up on otherwise! Thanks again!
SirMiffington SirMiffington Apr 21, 2011
@Mublerking Thanks so much!  David and Rose for the win! <3  I'll start yours now. :)
SirMiffington SirMiffington Apr 20, 2011
@her_pendant Thank you so much. :) Haha, yeah, it just kept bothering me, you know? So one day I was just like 'screw it!' haha
SirMiffington SirMiffington Mar 16, 2011
@Sofifi5 Haha, thanks so much! The hat idea was something I actually tried once, and let me tell you, it gets you a LOT of weird looks. :P
Sofifi5 Sofifi5 Mar 14, 2011
I really liked this chapter! :) I like the idea of a paper pirate hat... I'll definetly have to try that someday :) jk anyway loved the chapter!!!