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DC Scenarios (Villains) by HellOverlord
DC Scenarios (Villains)by HellOverlord
I had originally written a book like this but I didn't know if anyone liked it. I need a stress relief and this is it. Plus, I love DC villains. Currently, we have Music...
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Teentitans____ by _Moddy_
Teentitans____by _MAD MOD!_
I am going to write a story... It will probs suck... But whatevz
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Teen Titans: From Jump City With Love by NeversideFaerie
Teen Titans: From Jump City With NeversideFaerie
After it is discovered that Mad Mod is conducting another fiendish plan, the Teen Titans are sent on a top secret mission to figure out his next move. Unfortunately, the...
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Falling and Never Stopping by meganfoland
Falling and Never Stoppingby meganfoland
In the ever so fascinating part of the world, Jump City, you can find five crime fighters who protect it. Then again, what are heroes without villains? One villain in pa...
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Teen Titans: Another British Invasion by NeversideFaerie
Teen Titans: Another British NeversideFaerie
Mad Mod tries to rob the Bank of Perez and to keep the Teen Titans at bay he attacks them with an army of holograms that have a unique twist - they're modelled after 196...
Young Justice - Wendy and Karen in Mad Mod's World by SuperBaragon35
Young Justice - Wendy and Karen Godzilla Buddies
Wendy and Karen get captured by Mad Mod so he teach them a lesson.
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