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Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar) by __CardiB__
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar)by
In a battle with A pack of Villains Raven gets kidnapped 3 days later Star tries to go and find her but she gets kidnapped herself but they kidnapped by 3 Villains Red X...
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The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!) by PepperRavenBat
The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!)by I am Many People.
Welp, looks like I'm TOO obsessed over the HIVE... Enjoy anyways! :D DISCLAIMER: So before you go into reading this book, I would like to make it clear that I do not ow...
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Why do some people ship Raven and Kyd Wykkyd? by oRavenRoth
Why do some people ship Raven oRaven
Hey people, This is another short story based on why do people ship Raven and Kyd Wykkyd. Hope you enjoy reading this. This will be short since we don't really know a wh...
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Breaking by A-Cold-Burn
Breakingby Rachel
"She- she left," He finally managed, the shock of Gizmo's outburst overpowering his sadness. "She left forever. She joined the Titans." / H.I.V.E Fiv...
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Bats Don't Like Aliens by Cheshire_WhiteRabbit
Bats Don't Like Aliensby Cheshire and The White Rabbit
Bruce Wayne has always been a solo act. He separates himself from everyone to ensure that he won't crumble when they eventually leave him. Clark Kent surrounds himself w...
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Teen Titans and Karaoke by Emutant
Teen Titans and Karaokeby Emutant
You don't need one except of pairings. KF/Jinx, Jeri/Kole, Rob/Star, Red Star/OC(Tina), Cy/Bumble Bee, HotS/Argent, Speedy/Cheshire, and BB/Rae.
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More Than a Team by ChildofHephaestus
More Than a Teamby Pietro Maximoff/Sam Wincheste...
This is a story about the Hive Five and how they are not just a team but a family.
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We Live in a Wykkyd World by -MidnightKat-
We Live in a Wykkyd Worldby -MidnightKat-
Finishing of my story with help from a cool person -KittyKat
His Words by Cacogenic
His Wordsby Cacogenic
Kyd Wykkyd fanfic request for a friend;; It was gard writing this on an empty stomach, to be honest. Hope you like it! To think this is my first story here on Wattpad.
Kyd Wykkyd X Angel part one by Depressed_Raven
Kyd Wykkyd X Angel part oneby Sam Winchester
This is just a fan fiction I wrote because I'm like, obsessed with them as a couple. XD please enjoy!^^
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Paris, Something Wykkyd, and Ice Sculptures by nocreativename
Paris, Something Wykkyd, and Ice nocreativename
This story takes place in Paris, France after the epic battle with the Brotherhood of Evil. The team was recently ordered to moniter the frozen villains in the Brotherh...
Teen Titans: From Jump City With Love by NeversideFaerie
Teen Titans: From Jump City With NeversideFaerie
After it is discovered that Mad Mod is conducting another fiendish plan, the Teen Titans are sent on a top secret mission to figure out his next move. Unfortunately, the...
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Loving You All Over Again (BBRae) by justwhatevah
Loving You All Over Again (BBRae)by justwhatevah
Raven was hiding making sure BB and Terra won't see her. "Terra..." BB said. "Yes?" "I'll clear things out, I still love you but--" he was...
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