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Marcus and Martinus imagines by GunnarsenBaess
Marcus and Martinus imaginesby GunnarsenBaess
Hey! First things first, I'm not a writer, I just like trying new things and this might be one of them:) For now, requests are closed, just so you could see my first ima...
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Addicted To Her(M&M-english version) by AKMM_05
Addicted To Her(M&M-english A.K.
"In the battle of love and loss, it was love that made me struggle to breath" "I fell In love the way you fall asleep: slow than all at once" "I...
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sparkles | marcus gunnarsen by shinegunnarsen
sparkles | marcus gunnarsenby marcus & martinus <3
they forgot her. they seem to not care about her anymore. but she does. a lot. sparkles. a marcus & martinus fanfiction. ©by shinegunnarsen; 2018/2019 started posting: 1...
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Marcus & Martinus Imagines by coffeerosie
Marcus & Martinus Imaginesby dreamer
gif imagines about these two Norwegian boys :) (they can be very bad, I'm sorry :p) started: 07/16/18 finished: -
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5 Simple Ways to make him love you by annie_gnr
5 Simple Ways to make him love youby Annie
We were so fucking close to each other again. Some of his friends saw us like this and they came closer to us. Marcus' friends; Hey Marcus. Why you didn't tell us you ha...
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can you see me? ///m.g by blurryfandom
can you see me? ///m.gby blurryfandom
all emilie wants is for martinus to feel the same way she feels about him. she wants to make him see her the way she sees him...
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Just Childhood Love ||Marcus & Martinus|| by Vanjaa_1015
Just Childhood Love ||Marcus & Mrs.Gunnarsen
Isabela is just a normal girl from Canada. She have a sister who is MMer. One day she got the news that they are moving. For her sister thats a heaven, but what is that...
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Rumors by annie_gnr
Rumorsby Annie
I woke up and I saw Martinus looking at me. Me; You scared me! What happened? Martinus; I'll find out what is happening to you. If you want, you can tell me now. If you...
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what if mac bullies her only 'cuz of his girlfriend?? what if mac's girlfriend manipulates mac??what if mac falls in love with a girl called 'freak' and the one he bulli...
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How to be a Good Girl by annie_gnr
How to be a Good Girlby Annie
Me; Leave alone. One teacher wants to talk to me. Mia; What did you do again? She laughed. Me; Fuck you. She smiled and I smiled too. Mia; Bye. She left, laughing. I wen...
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eclipse [m. gunnarsen] by blurryfandom
eclipse [m. gunnarsen]by blurryfandom
she is like an eclipse. when you see her beneath the dark shadows she is hiding under, she's the most beautiful thing...
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Student Exchange (FINISHED!) by fanfictionsxxo
Student Exchange (FINISHED!)by Alanna ❤️
When I travel to Norway for a student exchange, I didn't think I could fall in love with a pop star...
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Hvorfor? | Martinus Gunnarsen  by NikolGunnarsen
Hvorfor? | Martinus Gunnarsen by Devries 💜✨
,, Můžeš mi říct proč?!" řekla jsem s ubrečenýma očima. ,, nevím, prostě to tak přišlo.." řekl úplně v klidu. Jako by se nic nestalo.
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murderer // martinus gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
murderer // martinus gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
when a peaceful summer night turns into a nightmare. cover by daddymactinus (ig)
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Double Love || Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen  by Dya_didi101
Double Love || Marcus and Heyy🙈
*completed* What happens after hate turns into love? •••••• The twins Roza and Roz are on their first day at school. They meet another set of twins Marcus and Martinus. ...
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marcus and Martinus fanfic by tinus2-21-02
marcus and Martinus fanficby Katelyn Spottedelk
this is about the two most talented boys I have ever heard and seen in the world I honestly love them both so freaking much and this is what I think it would be like if...
Marcus and Martinus lyrics by AKMM_05
Marcus and Martinus lyricsby A.K.
here you can find all Marcus and Martinus songs and lyrics❤ #1 in gunnarsen #1 in Norway #1 in trofors #1 in marcusandmartinus #1 marcusmartinus #1 martinus #1 mmer
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Marcus And Martinus-Is This True Love? by mmer4eva
Marcus And Martinus-Is This True Mactinus😍
Is This True Love?OMG Who Should I Choose, Marcus Or Martinus? 😱😍❤ Read&Vote For More!
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If only... (A Marcus And Martinus Story) by Marwazz
If only... (A Marcus And Marwa💓
If only she knew before she left... What happens when Skylar, the 15 year old girl meets her idols Marcus and Martinus? Read to find out! Started publishing: June, 19...
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Heartbeat ~ Marcus and Martinus ff by melli_there
Heartbeat ~ Marcus and Martinus ffby Melli
ABGESCHLOSSEN Heartbeat- das ist alles, was in Andrianas Leben noch zählt. Trotzdem geht sie auf das Konzert von Marcus& Martinus, um ihre Lieblingssänger endlich persön...
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