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The Burning Desire by AutumnChe
The Burning Desireby AutumnChe
Kalos Region. Serena has just turned 17 and moved into Kalos. She now gets assigned to go on her own adventure exploring the Kalos region. Serena still does not know wha...
Pokémon boyfriend scenario x reader by I1dont
Pokémon boyfriend scenario x readerby A bucket of hope
titel describes it's self right? The story might get a mature rating at a certain chapter if anyone wants that chapter.
Pokemon - Traumatised by waterlemon999
Pokemon - Traumatisedby 이츤
After the incident with Team Flare, Ash is traumatized from being held captive and abused by Lysandre. Everyone but Ash himself is blaming Alain for being a coward and s...
Crisis In The Rising( ON-HOLD)  by ShinyOshawott69
Crisis In The Rising( ON-HOLD) by ShinyOshawott69
Ash and Goh are researchers in The Cerise Laboratory. Prof.Cerise has assigned them to Kalos for some tasks. New and Old friend appears! Ash has decided to reunite with...
- Blessed by Divinity - by arjun_snm
- Blessed by Divinity -by ARTIST
A young prodigious trainer sets out in the hopes of reaching the stars. One day, he has a fateful encounter with his soon to be lifelong partner. But the journey isn't a...
Pokemon - Human Android by waterlemon999
Pokemon - Human Androidby 이츤
Ash's friends discover his biggest secret after Lysandre's attack, and it changes everything. Does Ash himself know the secret?
Pokémon: Kalos Chronicles by _--Aaron--_
Pokémon: Kalos Chroniclesby Aaron
Calem, a skilled Interpol prodigy is assigned to investigate the problems that have arisen in his previous home region of Kalos. With permission from his parents Calem g...
Pokémon Antagonist Parent Scenarios by Little_Hopeful_Loner
Pokémon Antagonist Parent Scenariosby Smoll
I've tried my best to make you gender nuteral but it's not perfect and I always go back to fem! Pov so sorry if you see that. The characters I have are: -Giovanni -Maxie...
From Another Dimension by duydanle
From Another Dimensionby duydanle
Pokemon. Amazing creatures that have changed how people live in the Pokémon world. But what if, hundreds of years before Ash Ketchum started his journey around the world...
A Boy and His Dragon Book 3: The Gates of War by LunarPlayer16
A Boy and His Dragon Book 3: The LunarPlayer
So this is the final book of A Boy and His Dragon. I'm so happy I got to make this for you guys. Anyways I should get to a synopsis right? Also the maturity rating will...
Pokemon - I Am So Scared by waterlemon999
Pokemon - I Am So Scaredby 이츤
Lysandre's cruel plans to prevent Ash from stopping him take a turn when it reveals what Ash is really like and what he has hidden. Time in Ash's world turns back, and i...
A season for us || LysandrexSucrette by MrsDarcy562
A season for us || MrsDarcy562
A Lysander x Sucrette Regency romance . . . For the first time, Marjorie will be in London for the Season, where she shall make new friends, attend balls and dinner part...
Amor Doce - Preferências by Charliemxm
Amor Doce - Preferênciasby Charliemxm
Aqui estão algumas preferências sobre os paqueras (mais alguns personagens) de Amor Doce. Eu faço as mesmas preferências no meu Tumblr. https://amordoceldaryabr.tumblr.c...
-Blessed by Divinity: Eternity- by arjun_snm
-Blessed by Divinity: Eternity-by ARTIST
The sequel to 'Blessed by Divinity'. All hopes of an early retirement are lost for Aaron as he is called on, once more. This time, he is to venture to the Sinnoh region...
Manon & Alan Bond of Friendship - If you have no other choice by RisingSun95
Manon & Alan Bond of RisingSun95
[Note I don't own Pokémon] What will happen when Alan finds out about the true goals of Fleur-de-lis? Plays right after the third mega evolution act.
Pokemon Academy: Champions, Rivals, and Love by Almaster09
Pokemon Academy: Champions, Almaster2021
Set in an AU world, Ash Ketchum and his big brother Alain 'Blaze' Ketchum are attending an academy for pokemon trainers in Lumious City in the Kalos Region. Along the wa...
Drawings And Stuff by Tagarilaghost
Drawings And Stuffby Taga
Well, here I post some drawings (Most of it gonna be Luigi's Mansion related yeah), stuff, announcements and so on. Note: This will be properly tagged. If you came here...
Betrayal hurts ( An Ash betrayal story ) by PokemonFan10987
Betrayal hurts ( An Ash betrayal Examsss
Ash returns home from Cerise Lab for vacation only to be betrayed by his Pokémon and friends. He escapes with his Pokémon which remained loyal to him but in doing so, he...
The Queen of Beauty - Yandere Lysandre x reader by Kimmy-Kimtek
The Queen of Beauty - Yandere Kimberly White
You wake up in a room you don't recognize and your memories are hardly more than blurry pictures. Only one person you can remember clearly: Lysandre. [Update: Now with L...
Amourshipping || Life And Destruction by Typovo
Amourshipping || Life And ≽ 𝚃𝚢𝚙𝚘
"He lives ignorant and blind, that man." She looked over at them with her pale, sky blue eyes. "He's going to destroy the world." ...