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Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi x Male Kaiju Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi Victor Hernandez
Kobayashi's life has turn upside down when she found and made new dragon friends alongside with hers, Tohru, Kanna, Elma, Fafnir, Lucoa,and Ilulu....Tohru was the first...
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Prince of Two Factors by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
Kyle is a fusion breed of dragon factors and also the prince of both factors. His parents sent him to the human world to find a princess to marry. Knowing that their are...
The Bookworm and the Goddess (Male Reader x Lucoa) by Winter_Wanderer
The Bookworm and the Goddess ( Grandpoggers
(Y/N)'s always been a rather cold and workaholic person, so much so that he fills his schedule with work because he has no one to spend time with. The only thing remotel...
Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon by SuperSodaPie
Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss SodaPie
A office worker and programmer by the name of Kobayashi had a normal life by herself, until one day she took in a boy two years ago. Her normal life became somewhat less...
Welp we have a Dragon Maid now... (Dragon Maid x OC/Male reader) by zer0420
Welp we have a Dragon Maid Zer0420
Nhazul Kobayashi works as a freelance photographer, and as well as living with his sister as they share an apartment together. But one day, when his drunken sister saved...
Dragon Maid / Lucoa x male reader by xXGrimsleyXx
Dragon Maid / Lucoa x male readerby DarkDokkan Rosé
based off of several fanfics I'll put my own twist on them to give you the optimal experience. yes there will be some lemon juicy scenes however they won't be there for...
 A Serpent Amongst The Dragonmaids (Futa!Reader X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by Dark1o
A Serpent Amongst The Dark1o
((A/n): just a heads up I'm writing this on around the main manga not the anime. So if it feels off I don't blame you, this is how I felt when reading the manga after wa...
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by lol_ninikun
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon Moe
A oneshot book of your favorite side characters: Fafnir and Takiya. Open for requests! "And they were roommates!" #1 Fafnir AYOO #1 misskobayashi #2 dragonmaid
Property of the Dark Lord (Fafnir x Fem!Reader) HIATUS by MistyMari1
Property of the Dark Lord ( Mari
You've been good friends with Kobayashi and Takiya since your first day working in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. Everything was normal until Kobayashi got a maid...
dxd highschool x neglected reader by pokemonUB
dxd highschool x neglected readerby pokemonUB
you are the younger brother of riser pheonix but you are not loved by the family and so you ran away and came across a dying dragon ad they gave you a gift you gave your...
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneShots! by explodingemos
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Jay
Why aren't there any more books about this anime??
My Dragon Maid Acidemia by DannyPhantom75
My Dragon Maid Acidemiaby DyKaiowyn Kincaid
After the death of his mom, the expulsion from UA, and backlisted from hero schools just he used to be quirkless, he didn't know what to do until he met Kobayashi. Made...
Baked to Perfection - {Elma X OC} by SDeoNite
Baked to Perfection - {Elma X OC}by Miso Ramen 🍜
Ren's life becomes a tad more exciting when he meets a girl with a seemingly insatiable appetite (She's actually a dragon!)
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Lover by Izadora2600
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Loverby Izadora
After a drunk night in which Kobayashi sleeps with Tohru Kobayashi falls for the dragon and it is a beautiful story with plenty of funny moments
Lucoa x Teenage transfem reader one shots  by elegantadelaide
Lucoa x Teenage transfem reader Adelaide
trans girl reader x Lucoa from Dragon Maid
Forgotten Dragon  by Niroah
Forgotten Dragon by Niroah
"Hey, Tohru" "huh? what's the matter, miss Kobayashi" puzzled at what her mistress wanted "Do dragons ever forget?" asked Kobayashi Tohru t...
Alien Son and Dragon Maid by humatrix-X-24
Alien Son and Dragon Maidby humatrix-X-24
After the Omni force event, the new Bens have been sent off to their new universes. This Ben has been sent to a new world, and this one is relatively normal by certain s...
(OLD) Kobayashi x Male!Reader - (spiderman fic) by obamasdad_
(OLD) Kobayashi x Male!Reader - ( obamasdad_
Dead fic. Old description: "There's an extreme lack of kobayashi x reader, so i decided to make this. Enjoy! (also I might throw in a big twist here and there, be p...
『Kobayashi, Chorogón』(MAID DRAGON) by rainy_vergas
『Kobayashi, Chorogón』(MAID DRAGON)by Rainy Vega
『¿Enserio pensabas que con cinco dragones y 6 humanos conviviendo una sola ciudad de japón lo más loco que ocurriría sería la aparición de un hombre con barba y alas gra...
Goku and Kobayashi-san no maid dragon by elpitonazo
Goku and Kobayashi-san no maid elpitonazo
goku en el mundo de kobayashi no mas si quieren saber mas lean la historia hdsptm xd