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Please, let me die. by ok_im_trying_my_best
Please, let me die.by ok_im_trying_my_best
Bakugou thinks a lot. Maybe too much. Absolutely too much. He comes to hate himself for all that he has done to hurt. Pushing others away, he insists that he is fine but...
The dark waters| ✓ by SushiBor
The dark waters| ✓by SushiBor
I won't survive. I'm sure of it. Strong wind ruffles through my clothes and hardly allows my eyes to remain open. I'm surprised that I'm still standing on the rock and...
Storm, Breeze, and Gust by MintySocks
Storm, Breeze, and Gustby Bee Vee
It was just the three of them, since they were little, growing up in Sandgem Town. Yes, they have saved the world a few times together. Yes, they have comforted one anot...
Lowkey Romance by pxlmtrxxs
Lowkey Romanceby pxlmtrxxs
"Well baby, looks like we're gonna have to keep it lowkey." Goal: 750 Reads!!
Shy Smiles by books_are_my_life55
Shy Smilesby Essie
All because of a pair of bright blue high tops. Shy Smiles - A Short Story
Transferred to the "World Of Tanks" by Yolo1234543212345
Transferred to the "World Of Tanks"by RC_Arsenal
What would happen if an avid World of Tanks (Blitz) player suddenly got transferred into the game itself? Well, that's exactly was happens to 16 year old High School stu...
Whitehaven: A New World by marioly216
Whitehaven: A New Worldby marioly216
With all that's happened in her past, the daughter of the strongest specialist from the paramilitary academy of Noryce, and the 2nd strongest witch of Blutora, has anoth...
House of Memories by pyrokiinesis
House of Memoriesby Quinn
Luke doesn't understand what was going on. People are disappearing left and right from Fort Redwater. His sister Taylor tells him not to worry, but he's paranoid about i...
The Ex-Con and the Strange Stranger by jaded-misfit
The Ex-Con and the Strange Strangerby MJ
A retired art thief meets an eager fan and possibly bites off more than he can chew. Very short story I wrote based on a randomly generated prompt.
Peer Pressure by munin_
Peer Pressureby munin_
The Bakusquad is growing up, but there's still a lot of work left.
Vile Vices by WhoopsYouSlutt
Vile Vicesby Alicia
A young god's story can only begin and end with one thing. Tragedy.
TCTOB by bishwatsap
TCTOBby elibananasplit
This song has been in my head for weeks and it never gets old So, I thought it would be fun to make it as a story ( and sorry about "iwoulddieforyou", the boo...
Happier by blackdust
Happierby blackdust
All she could feel was impending doom as she sat on the plush carpet holding hands with someone she shouldn't be holding hands with. ~*~ Meet your friendly neighbourhood...