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Little Red Riding Hoodie by Taleth
Little Red Riding Hoodieby Taleth
17 year old Scarlet Redmond has a secret, and that secret is the beautiful, smart, goody-goody popular girl Jacqueline Hunter. Living in Deep Wood, a rural farming town...
Thinking of You by EEN1130
Thinking of Youby EEN1130
A collection of poems dedicated to those we love most in our lives.
observe. by lmaoooomo
#3 🌈🌸MO🌸🌈
an observant closeted bisexual with a boyfriend observes her also bisexual best friend whom she has a crush on
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Love is love is love  by zoeandgang
Love is love is love by zoeandgang
A tale of the forbidden love of two American heroes, and the betrayal of another
Some times I wish I didn't do what I did!! What did I do....  by Teakwoodsvalue
Some times I wish I didn't do Teakwoodsvalue
When I was at a low point he would call nd say "talk".. nd I didn't know what to say bc I wouldn't know what he was talking about.
Mute! Jamilams! by LAMSandJAMILTON
Mute! Jamilams!by LittleMissRachel
Alexander Hamilton became mute after his mother died when he was 12. He has a very dark past that no one knows. He has PTDS, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and a...
Love. Just Love. | A LGBT+ Poem by XxStarlessStormxX
Love. Just Love. | A LGBT+ Poemby Lane's my name
A wrote this and realized I still had time for Pen Your Pride.
The Mansion On The Hill  by SandOsSuperStories
The Mansion On The Hill by SandOsSuperStories
You looked up and your attention got stolen by the news on the tv, there was static, "L-Lock your doors because children around the world are being stolen by some t...
A Sleeping Angel by Evanisawesome147
A Sleeping Angelby Evan Hansen
This is a book with a diversity of races, sexualities, and genders. If you do not accept the LGBTQ+ community please move on to the next story. This is a story about a g...
Falling for You by zander_m
Falling for Youby Zander
Hope is just a normal kud living in Perdido, Florida until her and her family make the big move to Cooperstown New York. From living in a little town to a even smaller t...
SPECTRUM: The Emergence by JosephPampliega27
SPECTRUM: The Emergenceby JosephPampliega27
Zeus disheartened by the sacrifice of his faithful messenger, Iris, granted to his favored mortals the powers of the rainbow to continue her (Iris') mission, the promise...