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Saved by the Bad Boys by bookworm101702
Saved by the Bad Boysby bookworm101702
Blaire Willian has lived with her dad ever since her mom died, suffering from physical and emotional abuse at his hands. She never thought she would get out, let alone h...
  • highschool
  • shygirl
  • savedbythebadboys
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I am Perfect To Be With HER! by Min_Weyn
I am Perfect To Be With HER!by Mj Amado Rizo
Please read
  • teenromance
  • action
  • fictionalcharacters
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Secret of the Two Kings (UPDATING and EDITING) by coolness_fabulous
Secret of the Two Kings ( LambWriter
Winner of 1st Ohana Awards - Historical Fiction Category This story marked the beginning of a forgotten era that has never been told in Korean History. Sae Joo and Sae...
  • secret
  • ancientkorea
  • politics
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My Biases lol by flowerybrian
My Biases lolby ❀Kun❀
I just ugh also there's gonna be multiple ones for most of the groups, so many of them are just irresistible and idk what it is but I love them.
  • bias
  • lol
  • kpop
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18 years old Amelia has always found life to be extremely tough, ever since she was conceived and left at the door step of an orphanage called Madison's House For Underp...
  • newadultromance
  • friendship
  • wattys2017
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The Billionaire Ex Wife by selenascarlet608
The Billionaire Ex Wifeby selenascarlet608
"I didn't cheat on you! Why won't you believe me!" I screamed at him. He scoffed bringing out a picture of me on a bed, with a unknown guy, What? I don't reme...
  • exwife
  • baby
  • billionaire
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Why are you texting me? || Imallexx ❤️ by mimigeders1
Why are you texting me? || mimigeders1
Alex gets a random texting him...who on gods planet could it be? And what will happen when he finds out? Contains... Fluff Smut People that Alex is friends with. And...
  • canibewithimallexxandjamesmarriotyt
  • ilove
  • mamum
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hope and heartaches : a poetry collection by iwanteditall
hope and heartaches : a poetry iwanteditall
a collection of poetry over 14 years of pain and happiness
  • pain
  • 2019
  • joy
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Unfamiliar _ by drishti2005
Unfamiliar _by devotee of silence
self made quotes
  • love
  • quotes
  • self-made
Cara Wilson by _keepingupwithkaley_
Cara Wilsonby Kaley
Cara Phipps, might be Cara Wilson, is dating "the world's best gamer." What will happen when he breaks his thumb permanently? Will they still get married whi...
  • gamer
  • thumb
  • gaming
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Are you there by TimeDemon2000
Are you thereby TimeDemon2000
poems .... a collection of sad romantic poem
  • lesbian
  • love
  • romantic
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Red handed by puppy_pawter
Red handedby puppy_pawter
Fact 1: I wear gloves while doing my job Fact 2: I enjoy my job Fact 3: I need to do my job Fact 4: for once I feel bad for a victim Fact 5: I can't.
  • mystery
  • killer
  • mystery-thriller
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Azure by PureAster
Azureby PureAster
He didnt know that his sky was wounded. He couldnt mend the damage which was caused. But he vowed to himself, he would try his utmost to stop it from being wounded any f...
  • clear
  • cute
  • pure
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Their Encounter With Fate by salmaa_saf
Their Encounter With Fateby salmaa_saf
The noise of a siren echoed in my ear, The cries everywhere, Covered with a white kaffan. The heart-wrenching scene. Taking her away. No! No! No! Drenched in sweat, I w...
  • theirencounterwithfate
  • broken
  • marriage
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My Meister And Her Troubled Mind! | Death The Kid X Reader by Mayday_Deathday
My Meister And Her Troubled Mavis Kage⚠✌
What's her strange connection to stein? When she is taken in by the mad scientist, she discovers new friends, new relationships, new enimes. New secrets brought out by...
  • fallinginreverse
  • liz
  • patti
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You're mine (yandere X reader ) by satoshikjlss
You're mine (yandere X reader )by AGUST D
"y-you're mine right y/n?! TELL ME MY LOVE! YOU'RE MINE~!" the persons talking is full of blood on his clothes in make you scared especially the things he is...
  • yndere
  • yandere
  • forcelove
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The Girl I've Known Before... (A collection of my poems) Vol 3. by Visual_Complexity
The Girl I've Known Before... (A Visual_Complexity
Vol 3 (Still in progress) the newest volume of my poetry that talks about love, hate, sadness, loneliness, and enigma. Please read my other volumes as well! (this will b...
  • emotions
  • poemcollection
  • visualcomplexity
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while we're young | shawn mendes by SPIDEYHOPE
while we're young | shawn mendesby nami
"we should just do whatever we want and tell everyone that we fell in love with each other that we found the one in one another" | social media
  • media
  • facetime
  • love
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the lie by fariha2908
the lieby fariha2908
this is a story of bihaan whom two girl love
  • thahaan
  • bihaan
  • love
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Fate Strings [multimedia story] by _akichoi
Fate Strings [multimedia story]by Aki
Red Thread Of Fate: A Japanese myth about the red thread that connects two people who are meant to be. It is tied to everybody's pinky finger and it can't be cut however...
  • love
  • shortstory
  • teenfiction
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