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The Newest Looney Toon! by izzysalt
The Newest Looney Toon!by Izzy’s stories
Meet Rory Bunny who is Bugs and Lola's daughter. She's super looney and ready to be apart of two great movies. Looney Tunes Back In Action and Space Jam A New Legacy. As...
Looney Lovers (Bugs Bunny x Reader) by Mina_Yvonne
Looney Lovers (Bugs Bunny x Reader)by Mina Yvonne
{DISCONTINUED} "Porky, who is this lovely lady?" "(Y/N) W-w-w-Wolf sir." I'm sure everyone has a certain person that their head over heels...
looney_tunes the trial of pepe le pew by welderofdawn
looney_tunes the trial of pepe le...by welderofdawn
now before anyone says anything I prefer Penelope with slyvester show this is sorta my version of Pepe being fired
Multifandom Oneshots by Blue-Mushroom-Life
Multifandom Oneshotsby -Miss-Book-Lover-
Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite characters from different universes collided in a whirlwind of stories? Look no further! Welcome to a collection where f...
The Adventures of Ed Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show by 2023Leonardoiscool
The Adventures of Ed Edd n Eddy Bi...by 2023Leonardoiscool
When a scam that the Eds made, it turns out to be the worst of all when everything went horribly wrong and leaves the neighborhood kids hurt and furious, the Eds embark...
Murder Drones: Back in Action (A Looney Tunes Fanfic) by OrangeIdol12
Murder Drones: Back in Action (A L...by Orange Idol
I don't really know why I made this (Warning: this fanfiction contains mild language, censored strong language, mention of polarizing historical figures, & ANGST) Murder...
💕 Looney tunes boyfriend scenarios 💕 by MrBurnsfangirl
💕 Looney tunes boyfriend scenario...by ♡ Patty ♡
Preferences where you can be with your favourite looney tunes boys, all written by me. Updates are slow but sure and requests are open.
Bugs Bunny x Reader Space Jam by potatoperson946
Bugs Bunny x Reader Space Jamby Ava Wins
Y/n L/n is a Looney Tune and is also best friends with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. What happens when Y/n and Bugs realize their feelings towards one another when their li...
As the World Caves In (Marvin the Martian X Reader) by lemonlimegum
As the World Caves In (Marvin the...by lemonlimegum
You knew of Marvin's existence before and never took him seriously, after what Daffy Duck and what Bugs Bunny said about him. However you didn't realize that he was capa...
Cartoon Elementary: The First Season by SonicJohnz924
Cartoon Elementary: The First Seas...by SonicJohnz924
My Biggest Crossover Yet! My favorite Characters will all go to School together (In Different Classes and Grades, ofc) to learn stuff and Stand up to Bullies! NOTICE: Th...
Love Without Limitations: a Baffy (BugsXDaffy) Fanfic by ShadowAngel56
Love Without Limitations: a Baffy...by Nadia Rahman
After so much frustration and anger, Bugs decides to time travel forward into the future to be rid of his annoying neighbor Daffy. Only to end up stuck in the 24th centu...
Looney Town High (BugxDaffy): A Baffy high school AU by ShadowAngel56
Looney Town High (BugxDaffy): A Ba...by Nadia Rahman
Life in Looney Town High seem to be good so far for Daiki 'Daffy' Datshu. He may not be the most popular kid in school, he has his friends to keep his life going and tha...
Cartoon Elementary Season Two: Spring Semester by SonicJohnz924
Cartoon Elementary Season Two: Spr...by SonicJohnz924
This Content is Rated G for Depictions of Fantasy Violence. The Students are BACK! Join your favorite Cartoon Characters as they go through the Second Semester of their...
Dibujos Wile E. Coyote / Roadrunner (Looney Tunes) by FlorAguirre868
Dibujos Wile E. Coyote / Roadrunne...by Flor Aguirre
Esta vez se tratan de mis personajes favoritos de los Looney Tunes, el coyote y el correcaminos. habrá yaoi y muchas cosas mas! Espero que les guste. :)
Cartoon Elementary S5: The Second Spring by SonicJohnz924
Cartoon Elementary S5: The Second...by SonicJohnz924
This Content is Rated G with Mild Instances of Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor, and Comic Mischief. The Students are returning for the Spring SemesterSemester of their Se...
Cartoon Elementary S4: The New School Year by SonicJohnz924
Cartoon Elementary S4: The New Sch...by SonicJohnz924
The Students are BACK from Vacation, Ready to start a brand-new Year of School! Join your favorites such as Bugs Bunny, Bluey, and all the other students as they go thr...
Cartoon Elementary Season 6: The Adventure Continues by SonicJohnz924
Cartoon Elementary Season 6: The A...by SonicJohnz924
The Students are Back for another year! But what's this going on?! Is it really the Final Year of Cartoon Elementary, the kids beloved School?! Join Bugs Bunny and all o...
Love and Lattes by ShadowAngel56
Love and Lattesby Nadia Rahman
Everyone knows how Bugs and Daffy originally met. But what if it was never at the post office at all. What if they cross each other's path on different terms? In this Co...
Arts and Trades 4 by Braydenwarren639
Arts and Trades 4by Haloflood
This is the arts and trades part 3 for everyone you can barrow my picture if you want also you all allowed to take my pictures on yours story's