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Ishqiya 2 (Continued) by _ma_belle_
Ishqiya 2 (Continued)by Ma Belle
Continued story of "Ishqiya" Pakistani drama. Will Rumi fall in love with Hamza again or would Hamza's past mistakes will not be forgiven and they will move on...
Regrets | ✔ by diordrabbles
Regrets | ✔by dried out ink
Adeel Ahmed's egoistical behavior and constant torment was what caused his wife, Rana, to leave him. But after going on a path of redemption, he has changed to be a bett...
Penning My Fairytale by TahiraTales
Penning My Fairytaleby S. Tahira
A seperate scenarios of Farjaad and Umeed.Come with me to have a bundle of joy, happiness, saddness, romance and more. Give your feedback, if you love it 😀 #Farmeed #...
AN ACT OF LOVE ✔ by Rahilak_rubab
AN ACT OF LOVE ✔by Rahila K. Rubab
Hussain Asif, a famous married actor using his acting skills perfectly in his Reel and Real life and fooling people around most her own wife Amaya. Amaya is punjabi musl...
Monster by dhoomie_oye
Monsterby dhoomie_oye
He was practically a monster. A monster who made me cold hearted. A monster who cared for me, who loved me, but just in my dreams. He didn't changed, my love wasn't powe...
Pakistani/Indian Celebrity imagines by _ma_belle_
Pakistani/Indian Celebrity imaginesby Ma Belle
Pick any celebrity you like! Send me a message to do your favorite celebrity! This is a series of chapters of mine and yours favorite celebrity imagines. As you read, yo...
Love Chronicles: Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha by WahajEnthusiasts
Love Chronicles: Mujhe Pyaar Hua Alizay 🤭
Dive into a collection of heartwarming and captivating one-shots inspired by the enchanting world of the beloved show 'Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha.' Join us as we explore the in...
Killer Words ✏ 📖 by AmalKhan7
Killer Words ✏ 📖by Am Khan
These are the collections of my favourite dialouges & heart-touching lines from Tv Serials, Movies and Novels. And the favorite quotes I love ❤❤❤. . . The dialouges whi...
Covers [ON HOLD] by PagalDhoomie
Covers [ON HOLD]by oyeamnos
Hii! Well as I asked for your opinion on should I publish a book just for covers and most of you said yes soo here it is. A place where you can request covers. All types...
Dukh Bhare Din Beete by IiSsHhAaaa
Dukh Bhare Din Beeteby FlyAway🦋
Hey, guys. So this book is basically gonna have translations of Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, ect. songs. Enjoy😚
Ramblings of a Socially Awkward Teenager. 📝 by xchaoticthoughtsx
Ramblings of a Socially Awkward S 🥀
Socially Awkward is the word that describes me the best. If you chat with me on the internet and we're well familiar then you would think of me as a cool person but if I...
Surkh Chandni ( Red Moonlight )  by Isabelliac
Surkh Chandni ( Red Moonlight ) by Iva
Never keep a snake in your house if you know it's going to bite you one day, yet for Shahmeer, he just can't seem to let Amira go, even if it means the beginning of his...
Ajeeb by amna_says
Ajeebby Amna Khan
With the passage of time marriage becomes whatever helps you provide. For Amir it was his love for another woman - his therapist to be exact. After that ends, he felt hi...
Malkiat - a tale of priceless possession by sidhu01
Malkiat - a tale of priceless Tickle Muse
Malkiat is a fanfiction inspired by the popular pakistani drama 'Gul-e-Rana'. The story has a twist to the plot and explores the psychological paranoa of the main leads...
It All Started With An Accident | An Unpredictable Love Story ✨| #AmbassadorsPK by chipmunknoor
It All Started With An Accident | 🌸MAHNOOR🌸
Accidents are a part of life, some are good and some are bad. But have you ever came across such accident which can change your whole life? your thinking? your emotions...
Fan Fiction by mah_catz
Fan Fictionby mah_catz
A story based on fan fiction... combination of Bollywood and lolly wood plus spices of Hollywood!! You will love to read trust mw..