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Million Reasons by Bullet-ProofLove
Million Reasonsby Bullet Proof Love
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
Love in the 21st ~ Jay Halstead by KylieeePalmer
Love in the 21st ~ Jay Halsteadby KylieeePalmer
Kylie platt, niece of Trudy Platt, is transferred to the infamous 21st district where she meets who could quite be her very own knight in shinning armour, but with their...
The Secret Sister by wosowosowoso13
The Secret Sisterby wosowosowoso13
Madison Horan, is the football (soccer) star, Lindsey Horan's sister who cut of all contacts 3 years ago. She's been through many ups and downs. Ok fine, she's been thro...
The 100 gay smuts by LexaIsAwsome
The 100 gay smutsby Alycia is babygirl
Just a lot of girlxgirl and g!p smuts
the living are hungry hodnes [ lexark ] by jrassickpark
the living are hungry hodnes [ alex
With the end of the world it brought Alicia Clark zombies, constant fear, always running and checking over her shoulders. It brought her danger and hunger like she has...
*no promises* Alycia Debnam-Carey one shots(Alycia/Alicia/lexa x g!p you) by digshit
*no promises* Alycia Ravens pinky toe
One shot book with Alycia debnam Carey Alicia Clark And maybe some lexa. All of these are probs gonna be gp you so if your not into that then don't read it. Feel free...
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞 by wilburnotfoundd
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞by ello ✌🏻
Katrina Severide is Kelly Severide's little sister, Kelly has always been protective, but what happened after Kelly finds out someone broke her heart, and after she fall...
Shy girl by AlyciaDebnamCareyyyy
Shy girlby AlyciaDebnamCareyyyy
Alycia/you imagine You and Alycia are enemies at first but you both began to get closer throughout the school year after being assigned chemistry partners. What happens...
A Detective's Daughter (Chicago PD) by SimpilyJessxo
A Detective's Daughter (Chicago PD)by Jess
Abigail Lindsey is the daughter of Erin Lindsey, Detective for the Chicago PD, in intelligence to be exact. Abigail has grew up around the police station with her mum be...
Don't give up ~ Linstead by writings-my-escape
Don't give up ~ Linsteadby Cj
When Jay helps a young girl of 15(Alex), get back on her feet they grow close with some help from Erin. Erin and Jay are falling for each other but no they can't go ther...
Stranded With Secrets Of Past Mistakes [Under Rewrite] by chellsey
Stranded With Secrets Of Past Chellsey
Arianna Hope is a child of a rich family, but doesn't act like it. She spends her free time volunteering, contributing to charities, keeping a perfect GPA, and working f...
Linstead.  by 1chicagofan
Linstead. by 1chicagofan
Jay and Erin are partners in the intelligence unit at the 21st district for a while now, but Jay has recently developed feelings for Erin but does Erin feel the same abo...
Baseball Princess by ElenaSmith1
Baseball Princessby Elena
Lindsey Adams does not want to do a spring sport in her Freshman year. However, she needs something to do with her free time. Then it hits her: manage a team. But which...
SKY FALL ━ spencer reid  by sweetvinyls
SKY FALL ━ spencer reid by ◡̈
home is wherever i'm with you. CRIMINAL MINDS . . . season four ─ seven fem oc x spencer reid
Trickster on the Island | Heather X OC by Quiet-Hoshi99
Trickster on the Island | StarrySilence
Book One of the Trickster series. Nadia was a self-proclaimed trickster who signed up for Total Drama Island just for fun. She has her fun but ends up catching feelings...
The Ghost's Diary 👻 ✓ by mszame
The Ghost's Diary 👻 ✓by .
Shoot your own shots by lovechicago23
Shoot your own shotsby lovechicago23
Jocelyn shay, Leslie shays cousin comes back to Chicago to start a new life after her father dies and her mom becomes a drug addict but does Jocelyn find interest in her...
I wanna be famous by magic_writer808
I wanna be famousby Magic_writer
Wendy cooper; straight A student, beautiful singer, model worthy, and over all perfect. Perfect. A strange word to wendy because deep down she knows that shes not. She h...
Lady (Rated M) by imaginary_lover
Lady (Rated M)by imaginary_lover
Her eyes were so beautiful, burned into his head as he starred down at her sleeping face, shocked at how innocent she looked in this one moment, fearing it'd go away as...