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Homestuck Scenarios by dynamiteTrickster
Homestuck Scenariosby this got popular?
(=.^W^.=) Miaou! A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. It's basically how your relationship changes over time. ❇✴COMPLETED✴❇
Afraid (A Nepeta x Karkat story) by -The-Dark-Angel-
Afraid (A Nepeta x Karkat story)by MikaYuu Trash
Yo I'm a horrible author trying to write a story. I'm writing this on my iPod, so it's not gonna be very neat, sorry. ---- My name is Nepeta Leijon... I really like Kark...
Kankri x Karkat lemon by FandomFreakLover
Kankri x Karkat lemonby Strong Bitch
Karkat is just starting highschool when he meets his older brother. When he looks back in his past his brother was a nerd but NOW. WOW!!!
Homestuck x Pet!Reader by ItsPsychaPanda16
Homestuck x Pet!Readerby ItsPsychaPanda16
So, this is a new series I've been wanting to make for a while and just now finally got around to doing. I'm not sure how I'll go about this, so I'll love if you guys gi...
Our Secret Silence by RinRinChan1414
Our Secret Silenceby All_The_Dokis
Meulin and Kurloz were two very different trolls. Meulin was raised in a nice family. Her mother, the Disciple, was dating the one and only Signless, the leader of a reb...
meowrails oneshots by equius-simp
meowrails oneshotsby equius-simp
omg a homestuck fan in 2020??? I could never but like this is oneshots of equius and nepeta being meowrails and maybe some headcanons so yeah that's basically it and I...
Homestuck Theme Songs by KillerFruitcake
Homestuck Theme Songsby Tez
This is all the trolls and humans, my friend and I came up with these
Why Don't Red & Blue Clash? (A Sadstuck Nepeta fanfic) by EarlGray
Why Don't Red & Blue Clash? (A Sad...by EarlGray
Why? That was all she wondered. Why couldn't he love her?
Karkat Vantas (Sadstuck) by animdi
Karkat Vantas (Sadstuck)by Alex
You were on a date but then something happend
IMPORTANT LEADER BUSINESS - Fluffy Kareta by clockworkKankri
IMPORTANT LEADER BUSINESS - Fluffy...by ~*Alec Lightwood*~
Nepeta bothers Karkat during his 'important leader business' and manages to RP with him for a bit...little fluffy I guess.
Homestuck x Reader Drabbles by shesnoman
Homestuck x Reader Drabblesby turntech-Testified
CHALLENGE: 500 Words for every chapter that I make. What more can I say?
Kurlin oneshots by CronusKinnie
Kurlin oneshotsby actuallyAmpora
Kurloz X Meulin (I don't know if they actually have a ship name but that's what me and my moirail call them) Again. Description is literally the title. They'll probably...
Dancestors Oneshots by SonChidel1
Dancestors Oneshotsby SagittarianRose
Horuss/Rufioh Meulin/Kurloz Mituna/Latula
Ask Meulin Leijon by Meulin_Leijon_
Ask Meulin Leijonby Meulin Leijon
(=^•w•^=) < ASK ME ANYTHING! I'M ALL EARS... WELL, I'M ALL EYES? I DUNNO JUST ASK ME SOMETHING! (i don't own Meulin or any other character from Homestuck Andrew Hussi...
Let's Backtrack (Karkat x Reader) by KanrisHive
Let's Backtrack (Karkat x Reader)by Kanri
So I made another reader insert, except this one will be a series. owo Hopefully you guys like it! :D
Homestuck x Grub Reader (REWRITE) (ON HOLD) by NappingDemon
Homestuck x Grub Reader (REWRITE)...by Napp
THIS IS A REWRITE! This is about you being a grub and a certain person finds you and them and their family takes care of you (Art and Videos belong to their rightful own...
Cure by giggityg99d
Cureby Karkat is the name
Cronus Ampora was your average teen. Surviving high school, trying to find love. But then, the apocalypse happened. Unexpectedly and left him stranded without his belove...