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💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙 by TooMinty
💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙by Ramen_Noodlesssss🤤
A wonderful (maybe) bundle of Klance oneshots. This is my first oneshot book, so tell me if there is any mistakes. Fluff, Angst, and smut. I hope you guys enjoy reading...
Dark pasts, bright futures [Keith X OC] by lxmosstories
Dark pasts, bright futures [ lxmosstories
*UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN* Once she was just a regular girl who went to the Galaxy Garrison with her best friend, her sister already worked there and she lived a simple l...
Stupid Deep// Klance Au by Spaghetti_no_sauce
Stupid Deep// Klance Auby your klance is served
[COMPLETED] Lances anger flushed away with that smile, Keith's eyes holding deep secrets and soft truths, and Lance wanted to unfold all of it, but he also felt a strong...
Otherworldly (Lancelot soulmate au) by wog-woman
Otherworldly (Lancelot soulmate au)by wog-woman
In a world where you're soulmates name is written on your wrist, everyone awaits the fateful day where they meet their soulmate. But what happens when Lance's soulmate i...
Finding you (soulmate au and mute! Lance) by P7upuyt7
Finding you (soulmate au and Introverted Tears
The first words your soulmate says to you is written on your skin, at least, that's what we learned in school. Keith was born without his soulmates first words, so ever...
💙❤️✨2 Klance Oneshots✨❤️💙 by TooMinty
💙❤️✨2 Klance Oneshots✨❤️💙by Ramen_Noodlesssss🤤
Ahh, A new klance one shot has been born! A possibly wonderful Klance oneshots. This is a part two and you know if you haven't read part don't have too lmao. Th...
A Klance Fanfic - For Him by netnikkiread
A Klance Fanfic - For Himby netnikkiread
It was a typical Friday for Keith. Go to school. Hate school. Leave school. Maybe occasionally the Omega would be chased by a dumb group of Alphas. Lance was also havi...
Voltron Texts ✔️ by cartoonlover373
Voltron Texts ✔️by yuuri katsuki ⛸
Just the gang texting. Inspired by my bestfriend <3 Go follow them @thatagenderkid DISCLAIMER! I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! ALL RIGHTS GOT TO THE OWNERS! Started: 23.04.19 ...
We Are Not Treasures by skittle724
We Are Not Treasuresby Skittle724<3
As an emperor, a wife for the next hire to the throne or even multiple wives for satisfaction and to show off. But zarkons wives have had enough of being forced to think...
VLD || ONESHOTS AND PREFERENCES (editing and/or rewriting) by A_Galacticregion
A Voltron Legendary Defender oneshot and preference book of any kind! ---- I DO NOT OWN Voltron Legendary Defender Voltron Legendary Defender is owned by Dreamworks
You're my home ~ Klance by void_valdez
You're my home ~ Klanceby void_valdez
[ COMPLETED ] "We're going home." ~~~ The team had defeated Lotor and left him amongst the quintessence, and were now returning to Earth. Many of them thought...
'A waters drop, a feathers touch ~ power au by Victor_phantomhive
'A waters drop, a feathers touch victor_phantomhive
lance has a secret, but can he keep it? power au, but only lance has powers (except for allura of course) some langst, ill warn for triggers
Meeting At The Universe  by StarryGalactical
Meeting At The Universe by StarryGalactical
What if when Team Voltron came back to Earth, Sendak didn't capture Earth? What if Adam didn't die? Everything was Fine? What would that be like? (Manly Shadam/Adashi M...
The heart in the dark(KeithxLotod) by red_fox21
The heart in the dark(KeithxLotod)by anime_b¡+ch
Lotor and Keith 2 opposites. Keith was an assassin and an omega completely chaotic Lotor à gang leader and an alpha was one of order They were polar opposites. I mean wh...
Lured (Klance) by SquemonWrites
Lured (Klance)by Squemon Lares
When Keith and the team go on a fishing trip, they don't expect not only to come back missing one person, but the knowledge of a new mystery creature no other than a sir...
Take me away by skittle724
Take me awayby Skittle724<3
If earth didn't know they where here; neither would the galra. It was a safe way. The paladins return to earth cautious of the ways their home planet has become, deser...
Keith oneshots by Peanut_0
Keith oneshotsby Peanut_0
Es una recopilación de historias de "Voltron Legendary Defender", en su mayoría en torno a Keith Kogane. Se incluyen varios tipos de historias así como diversa...
Levitate | Klance Voltron Au by RazzleLanceDazzle
Levitate | Klance Voltron Auby Jared, 19
Keith a young werewolf without a pack, He is attacked by a hybrid in the forest. Lance a half witch half vampire hybrid is hungry for blood and happens upon Keith. Afte...
Voltron: Because I love You by Art-in-heart
Voltron: Because I love Youby Art-in-heart
Keith Kogane has been in love with Lance McClain since the eighth grade. Very in love. So much that he threatened students who even batted an eyelash at the Cuban boy, b...
Voltron Preferences/Imagines/Headcannons/One Shots by RobertfrostInspired3
Voltron Preferences/Imagines/ RobertfrostInspired3
Read the Title and the First Chapter. I take requests Updates Every Week (Friday) #3 in mattholt (28.12.18 - 01.01.19) #2 in acxa (05.26.19 -) #10 in romelle (01.01.19...