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The Hunters and the Hunted // RDR2 by FanficsForDayz
The Hunters and the Hunted // RDR2by FanficsForDayz
*Slow updates* Oc x Sean , oc x Charles , oc x Arthur Bounty hunters, partners in crime, professional badasses; all fitting titles for the country's favorite duo. Nyx an...
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // Arthur Morgan X Reader|| by FeedMeFryes
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // 🕊☁️
(Arthur Morgan X Female Reader) 'Love in a hurricane, Playing a Dangerous game...' You are a newly adopted rescue into the Van der Linde gang after being held hostage b...
My bosses wife by parrillas_gang
My bosses wifeby parrillas_gang
Emma is a single mother to 4. Dani, Henry, max and Camilla. Her husband died a few years ago and she never wanted to fall in love again. She is a floor trader and her bo...
Red dead redemption II imagines  by arthurmorgansbitch
Red dead redemption II imagines by arthurmorgansbitch
I did not write these!! These are all from tumblr!! I just figured we could use more red dead All the imagines will have the tumblrs users name
Royal Blood by Ouatobsessed
Royal Bloodby Ouatobsessed
Daring, mysterious, smart, cunning, overly rich and most of all; breathtaking. Men in every realm wish to be with the Unseen Princess. Some seek fame while others seek t...
Outlaw Queen Shorts by TheSideOfTheAngels
Outlaw Queen Shortsby Emma
A series of outlaw queen one shots/short fics, in different times and places. Feel free to leave prompts in the comments (:
Awoken//OutlawQueen  by lanasparilla
Awoken//OutlawQueen by A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Its been two Weeks Since Robin Sacrificed Hisself for Regina and took in the Darkness; Regina tried everything already but there seemed no way to get him back; or was th...
Him and I//OutlawQueen  by lanasparilla
Him and I//OutlawQueen by A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills is new in Storybrooke and has her Last year at Storybrooke High; but what if Things Don't turn out like she imagined it as she meets Robin Locksley, a Known...
Never Really Alone by onceuponaquotes
Never Really Aloneby Victoria B.
This is a story that takes place in the Once Upon a Time universe. It focuses on Regina and Robin, OutlawQueen, but all the characters make an appearance. I own none of...
Teasing//Outlawqueen by lanasparilla
Teasing//Outlawqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills is the assistant of Robin Locksley at 'Locksley industries'. She thinks she'll have a great time there-until she actually meets her boss. How will her life...
Outlaw - Born & Bred by MichelleTorlot
Outlaw - Born & Bredby Michelle Torlot
Casie Mallard is 12 years old. She's only ever know the life of an Outlaw with her Father. When her Father is Hung by the Sheriff in Valentine who holds a grudge. She ha...
Silver Lining by reginasevilregal
Silver Liningby reginasevilregal
Regina's life, set in a land without magic. An abusive relationship breaks Regina, but she manages to change her fate after meeting Robin. What's next for them? Warning...
My Idol (COMPLETE) by SawyerMaddisonGrey
My Idol (COMPLETE)by Sawyer Grey
Clary Gray has been abused. From foster home to foster home everything just gets worse. That is until she meets a certain somebody. Who is that somebody, you ask? Read t...
𝙳𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚢 𝙾𝚏 𝙰 𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐 || Merlin BBC by Bee_Bot
𝙳𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚢 𝙾𝚏 𝙰 𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 Shevy
**NEW** Ruelle Hood, Robin Hoods younger sister has to leave Locksley and seek protection under the orders of King Uther. Her brother being the reasoning of it. Ruelles...
Pitch Perfect-Javier Escuella X Fem!Reader by AnotherChildOfGod
Pitch Perfect-Javier Escuella X JaviHoe#9999999
Y/N L/N, Samantha Gates and Jessica Hendricks. Partners in crime along with a small group of singers. The three woman all knew each other since diapers to adult hood...
Boss Lady by madeingreece14
Boss Ladyby madeingreece14
This is an Outlaw Queen story. Robin works as a lawyer for "Miller's Books" but now his boss is dying and he has to take the counsel in his hands. His boss' da...
Everything Has Changed by onceuponaquotes
Everything Has Changedby Victoria B.
What if Regina and Zelena were full sisters? What if the curse happened years earlier? Who are the real villains? Who is the Savior? And what if True Love isn't strong e...
The Law of Love ~ #Wattys2015 by _lanaspiration_
The Law of Love ~ #Wattys2015by _lanaspiration_
This is an Outlaw Queen AU fanfiction. It is set in New York City. Regina is a pediatrician who owns her own private practice. Robin is a co-owner of a law firm. How do...
dust in the wind | arthur morgan by gottaramble
dust in the wind | arthur morganby z | she/her
estella gómez is a wild, young gunslinger and a proud member of the van der linde gang. like anybody else, she has her flaws. her hamartia: her everlasting, irrational g...
Lana Parrilla's daughter?! by lparrillax
Lana Parrilla's daughter?!by lparrilla.xx
Allison is a 15 year old girl and finds out that Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire are her parents. How will her life be with her real parents back in her life?