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⚝Φ☽♰Owned♰☾Φ⚝ by simp4cass
⚝Φ☽♰Owned♰☾Φ⚝by Sage
She was a pet to them. She didn't matter. Her life was already over. It hadn't even begun. Her life wasn't hers. She might as well have not existed. Nova Izami. That was...
If you'd only notice  by dragonprincess1996
If you'd only notice by dragonprincess1996
Being edited A maid Zena after being Lady Dimitrescu's pet for months is cast aside for a new pet little does Lady Dimitrescu know she could lose more than just someone...
It's Always You by saphhosfriend
It's Always Youby Sappho's ''friend''
All she wanted was her sister. Her protector. Her family. The one who left her. After seeking out Mother Miranda, they work to prepare the ceremony and hunt down the one...
Her littlest one by Theirprincipessa
Her littlest oneby Theirprincipessa
18 year old Ymir grew up on the outskirts of a small Romanian village. On her 18th birthday she sought out to run away from home when things haven't exactly went her way...
Re Village Oneshots by bluepocketknife
Re Village Oneshotsby s
Bunch of Re Village stories ! (cover isn't mine)
Dommy-Mommy (male child reader X yandere mother Lady Dimitrescu) by CRProductions
Dommy-Mommy (male child reader X CRProductions
This story will not follow the plot of Resident Evil.
From Dusk Until Dawn by saphhosfriend
From Dusk Until Dawnby Sappho's ''friend''
Castle Dimitrescu has many secrets and rumours. Most true, some false. Whether or not it's from desperation or curiosity, those who enter rarely ever leave. For years, t...
Finding Home  by dragonprincess1996
Finding Home by dragonprincess1996
Ali is running back to her home village with her daughter for safety The only place she can think of the very place everyone fears It offers them safety and warmth but m...
A Cat Among Vampires (Female OC x Dimitrescu Daughters) DISCONTINUED by simp4cass
A Cat Among Vampires (Female OC Sage
This is an AU where Ethan didn't kill the lords and Miranda. This is also a story with six of my OC's, who are hybrids. They're from America and love adventuring and exp...
Nether Love | Cassandra x Male!Reader    by eclipseonamethyst
Nether Love | Cassandra x Male! RêveurIncurable
"Good! the more scared you are, the thicker the blood!"
Âme Soeur | D.Dimitrescu by Greery_A
Âme Soeur | D.Dimitrescuby Greery_A
A story about Aloisia Héroux, under the care of Karl Heisenberg himself since she was a child. She is a werewolf but of a different form with extra power due to the expe...
The Dimitrescu Daughters (FEM reader) by MauriceHasDied
The Dimitrescu Daughters (FEM Maurice
Y/n hasn't had the best life but after some events she winds up as a servant to Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters. Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu have nev...
re8 fanart  by YourLocalGayTomboy
re8 fanart by GayBish
None of this fanart is mine I just found it and wanted to share it with you
My Little Baby Cat by FeliciaDimiLove
My Little Baby Catby FeliciaDimiLove
Kate is a young woman who regresses in age, she has the ability to change the age of her mind to that of a child or even a baby, she was lucky or unlucky enough to be bo...
Moonlight Shadow: Time Can Heal by saphhosfriend
Moonlight Shadow: Time Can Healby Sappho's ''friend''
Onyx Beneviento, a bright young boy who loves his family, will do anything to make his mother, Donna, smile. Ever since he could begin to think for himself, it had alway...
Revenge, and A Little Bit More  by QueenOfInsomnia
Revenge, and A Little Bit More by 🌑QueenofInsomnia
Alcina Dimitrescu x Lilith Amelia Blake. A loving yet psychotic witch has unfinished business with the infamous Mother Miranda. Taking place after the death of the Dimit...
resident evil 8 headcanons by LYCANScanDANCE
resident evil 8 headcanonsby ~LYCANwithWattpad~
there's this cool thing called a title, ever heard of one???
The Fourth Daughter X Lady Dimitrescu  by treecl_28
The Fourth Daughter X Lady treecl_28
**I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE, FOUND IT ON GOOGLE** You've heard the legend, the three daughters of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu...but did you ever heard a fourth Dimitrescu da...
The fourth daughter (lady dimitrescu x young fem reader) by zsofiaa7
The fourth daughter (lady zsofiaa7
You was a test subject, they kept you locked up since you were born, but one day you managed to escape. You got into a forest and got lost, you wander in the forest for...
The Daughter Of Karl Heisenberg by treecl_28
The Daughter Of Karl Heisenbergby treecl_28
Leanne is a carpenter and mechanic builder, she's well known in Village for her skills and she is well known for having a crazy mother, with a trouble history... One day...